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Update my information The Wright Institute admissions officers have received your application. Your submission to the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology has been received.

Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology / Berkeley, California is home to the urban Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology.

The Wright Institute Clinical Program Frequently Asked Questions

Applications and all other required materials must be postmarked by January 5 of the year you are applying for admission in order to be considered. Applications received after the deadline will be taken into consideration based on space availability.

Do I need an undergraduate degree in psychology?

No. An undergraduate degree in psychology is preferred but not required.

Are there any prerequisite courses?

Yes. Statistics, human development, and either theories of personality OR abnormal psychology are required as prerequisite courses. Human development, theories of personality, and abnormal psychology are not required of students who have received a bachelor’s or master’s degree in psychology.

What if I haven’t taken all of the required prerequisite courses?

Before beginning the program, you can take the necessary prerequisite courses during the spring or summer. For you to matriculate in the fall after being accepted into the program, the Wright Institute needs to receive transcript proof that you finished the required courses before September 1.

Do I have to take the GRE general test?

Due to limitations caused by COVID-19, the GRE is optional for Clinical (PsyD) Program applicants for enrollment in the 2022-2023 academic year. If you wish for us to use your GRE scores in the review process and if you have taken the GRE in the past five years, you do not need to take it again. Contact the GRE Board at 1-888-473-7267, or www.ets.org/gre, and ask to have your test scores sent to the Wright Institute. The Wright Institutes GRE code is 3057.

Do I have to take the GRE psychology subject test?

No. The GRE psychology subject test is not required.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

Yes. a minimum overall GPA of 3 for undergraduate or graduate study 0 on a 4. 0 scale is required.

What if my GPA is below the minimum?

All applications are given full consideration regardless of GPA. Under exceptional circumstances, applications from candidates who fall short of our minimum GPA requirement may still be accepted. Please submit your request for a waiver of this requirement using our online application. The decision-making process takes into account all components of each application, including essays, recommendation letters, GRE scores, coursework, clinical experience, volunteer work, and/or work experience.

What other materials are required to complete my application?

You can view the entire list and description of the necessary application materials here.

Do you offer application fee waivers?

Participants or alumni from the following service organizations are eligible for waivers of the application fees: McNair Scholars, Gates Millennial Scholars, and Peace Corps in-country volunteers. To request a fee waiver, please contact admissions@wi. edu prior to submitting your application.

Do I have to send all of my transcripts and letters of recommendation in at one time?

COVID-19 Update: Please upload all materials to your online application to hasten the processing of your submission. Sending official transcripts via regular mail will cause your application to be processed later. Individual records, such as transcripts and letters of recommendation, that are not uploaded in the online application will be kept in a file with your name on it until your online application has been submitted. You will be able to see what we have on file in real time through your online account at wi at that time after all application materials on file have been processed by scanning them into our system. edu/applicants. The admissions committee won’t receive applications until all necessary materials have been received and processed.

Can I send additional materials in support of my application?

Please do not send us any publications, certificates, or other materials that are not specifically requested or related to your degree. They won’t be submitted for evaluation by the admissions committee.

What is the status of my application?

Using your online application account at wi, you can check the status of your application at any time. edu/applicants. Once you have completed and submitted your application, please allow one business day for an update to your status. Follow-up status emails are sent as necessary.

How will I know when my application is complete?

As soon as all application materials are received and processed, you will receive an email notification. In your applicant account at wi, you can also view your completed status. edu/applicants.

When will I know if I am invited to an interview?

Interviews begin mid-January and typically end mid-March. You will receive an email inviting you to schedule a convenient time using our online scheduling system if you are chosen for an interview.

If I am from out of state or out of the country, do I need to interview in person?

All applicants who are invited for an interview are strongly encouraged to attend in person, and every effort will be made to accommodate their travel plans. If an on-site interview cannot be scheduled, arrangements can be made for a live online interview via Skype.

When will I find out if I am accepted?

Applications that meet the deadline of January 5 will be notified by April 1 at the latest. Applications received after January 5 will be reviewed as soon as possible; however, most applicants will not be notified until after April 15 in most cases.

What happens if I am accepted for admission?

You will receive a letter and an email notification, along with a deadline, to respond. If you accept our offer of admission, you must send a $500 nonrefundable deposit to the Wright Institute by credit card (preferred), check, or money order. This deposit is non-refundable should the student decide not to matriculate and will be applied to your first-trimester tuition.

Why wasn’t I accepted?

The Institute regrets that due to the difficulty of the evaluation process, a rejected applicant cannot be informed of the factors that led to the admission committee’s decision.

Can I reapply to the Wright Institute?

Yes. If you already have a Wright Institute online application account, you can log in using your current email address and password. If your email address has changed, or if our automated system is unable to help you reset your password, please contact admissions. Instead of creating a new account. Unsuccessful applicants’ application materials are kept on file for two years before being destroyed. If nothing has changed since you last applied, transcripts may be used.

Can I attend the Clinical program part-time?

No. The program is designed for full-time students only.

What is the average size of the entering class?

The Wright Institute receives about 350 applications a year, with an average of 60 students in each entering class.

When are classes held?

Students only need to attend classes two days a week for required courses.

Is it possible to work and go to school?

It would not be possible to work full-time and still be a member of the Clinical program because it is designed for full-time study. Many of our students work up to 20 hours per week at extracurricular activities, but they must also attend classes for 12 to 13 hours a week, participate in fieldwork for 12 to 14 hours a week, and spend numerous hours reading, writing, and studying.

How long does it take to finish the program?

While some students complete the program in four years, the typical student completes the course of study in between five and six years.

Is the Clinical program APA accredited?

The American Psychological Association’s Commission on Accreditation has granted full accreditation to the Wright Institute’s clinical program.

Do you accept transfer credits?

Although we do not accept students with advanced standing or transfer credits, some students may be able to forego some of the prerequisite coursework. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis. It must be graduate-level coursework from a regionally accredited institution that has been finished within the last five years and is deemed to be equivalent in unit and content to a Wright Institute Clinical course in order to qualify. Before the Wright Institute makes a final decision, a copy of each course’s syllabus must be delivered to the registrar.

We don’t have a cap on the number of courses that can be waived, but it’s important to remember that doing so won’t make the Clinical program shorter because the Wright has a 3-year residency requirement before the fourth and fifth years, which are set aside for the dissertation and internship requirements.

Please be aware that only if a candidate is accepted into our program will we evaluate their prior coursework.

Do you offer a PhD?

No. There is no PhD program at the Wright Institute.

Do you offer an MA?

Our “terminal” masters degree program leads to MFT/LPCC licensure, but students also earn a master’s degree as part of their doctoral studies. Visit this page to learn more about our Masters in Counseling Psychology program.

Do you have a distance-learning program?

No, all classes are held at the Institute.

What is the cost of tuition?

A flat-rate tuition is charged at The Wright Institute based on a full course load. Regardless of whether a student enrolls in more electives or drops a required course, they must pay the flat rate. For more information about tuition, click here.

As an international student, do I need to provide proof that I have the financial resources to attend the Wright Institute?

International students accepted into the program who are unable to receive financial support from American funding organizations are required to complete a Wright Institute Verification of Finances form (download it here) and submit supporting documentation.

What types of financial aid are available?

Information about financial aid can be found here.

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How hard is it to get into Wright Institute?

a minimum overall GPA of 3 for undergraduate or graduate study 0 on a 4. 0 scale is required.

Is The Wright Institute competitive?

The average GPA at The Wright Institute is 3, so what grade point average (GPA) are you required to have? 15. The Wright Institute does require GPA. The Wright Institute is currently selective.

Is The Wright Institute APA accredited?

The Commission on Accreditation of the American Psychological Association has granted full accreditation to the Wright Institute’s clinical program.

What is the difference between a PsyD and a psychologist?

The Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree, like a PhD in psychology, prepares students to practice psychology in a variety of clinical settings. However, a PsyD places more of an emphasis on clinical practice than research. This degree takes less time to complete because it requires fewer research and statistics courses.

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