Why Is Tulane Acceptance Rate So Low

Tulane University is rumored to have two mottos: “work hard, play hard” and “non sibi, sed suis” (“Not for oneself, but for one’s own”). These messages appear disjointed and inconsistent, but they actually capture Tulane’s essence.

Tulane University is regarded as one of the best schools in the South due to its outstanding academics, noteworthy research profile, and elite faculty. You can count on working hard while attending Tulane University. But academics alone are not the only attraction. The campus is situated in uptown New Orleans, one of the country’s most dynamic and diverse cities, famous for its delectable Southern cuisine, music, and Mardi Gras. With that said, Tulane students also play hard.

But school is not just about studying, Crawfests, and hanging out with friends. The official motto underscores Tulane’s demonstrated commitment to public service. It is one of the few universities with a strict requirement for community service. Students at Tulane have completed more than 780,347 hours of community service thus far!

Tulane’s supplement is technically optional, but Tulane’s admissions blog tells a slightly different story.

There is no such thing as an optional supplement, as we have long maintained. Incomplete supplements convey to colleges your lack of concern and priority for attending X school. However, because applying is so simple, many students choose not to complete supplements when they are optional. The idea of “throwing your hat in the ring” can be applied in a matter of minutes. This hugely drives up the number of applicants.

We did some digging on Tulane’s admissions blog, where the director of admissions doles out advice. There is a blog post called “The Why X College Statement.” It takes the reader through a hypothetical scenario during which he is choosing between two applicants: one student completed the supplement, and the other didn’t. Not shockingly, he said that he would admit the student that wrote the essay. He then provides tips on how to write “any” college supplement.

This means, in our opinion, that the supplement should no longer be listed as optional if the admissions team is urging applicants to complete it and even suggesting that it could make or break your application.

We think there is a third reason why so many people are applying to Tulane after talking about it internally. That reason is status. We’ve been trained to think that the Ivy League and selective colleges are the top universities in the world. When acceptance rates go down, more people apply. A lower acceptance rate indicates value and prestige to some.

As always, we counsel our clients and readers to create their college lists by considering factors other than rankings and acceptance rates.

This blog post is not intended to discourage you from applying to Tulane if you meet the requirements and the school provides the programs you’re interested in. We are attempting to clarify the application process, which necessitates further investigation into the reasons behind these trends.

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Why Is Tulane Acceptance Rate So Low

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Is it harder to get into Tulane or university of Miami?

Tulane University is more difficult to get into if you only consider the acceptance rate.

Why is Tulane ranked low?

Lack of prestige. Tulane seems super competitive to students, and it certainly is selective, but I think that 11% admissions rate is a clever trick They offer a free application, which encourages many students from the South to do so just for fun. Although it has a T25 admissions rate, it is not as well-known among academics.

Is Tulane actually prestigious?

Tulane University stands out as a top university not only for its dedication to academic excellence but also for its dedication to fostering a better society, earning rankings of number 42 in national universities by US News and World Report and number 27 in Southern Universities by Forbes.

Is Tulane or Vanderbilt harder to get into?

You have a good chance of being accepted since Tulane%27s transfer acceptance rate is 38% and Vanderbilts is 25% These are only slightly more difficult than entering them straight out of high school. 18% for Tulane and 10% for Vandy.

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