Wharton program for high school students provides a leg up, but not a foot in the door


The acceptance rate for Wharton’s undergraduate program is just 9% (see Acceptance Rates For The Top 50 Undergraduate Business Schools).

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It is well known that you must submit a competitive college application in order to be accepted into a selective college. This typically includes a high GPA, excellent test results, and a long list of noteworthy extracurricular activities. But it doesn’t stop there.

Colleges are increasingly looking for applicants who will make the most of their summers. Several even make this a specific question on their admissions applications. While it may be appealing to spend your summer curled up on a beach chair, you should take more initiative if you want to stand out on college applications.

There are many options for summer activities. Some students work to pay for their education, supplement their income, or support their families. Other pupils enroll in college, look for internships, or pursue research opportunities. Some people might take part in a summer program or a service project.

There are now pre-college summer programs available in almost every subject. There are STEM programs, art programs, and foreign language institutes. Many students enroll in government or political programs, and even more are drawn to business.

You have probably heard of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania if you are interested in a career in business. The graduate and undergraduate business programs at Wharton are consistently ranked among the best in the nation, making them some of the most competitive programs for prospective business students to get into. However, did you know that Wharton also provides a summer program for students in high school?

Students in high school who are considering enrolling in a business undergraduate program should think about applying to the Leadership in the Business World summer pre-collegiate program at Wharton. Some of the nation’s top business professors provide instruction and mentoring in this demanding business and leadership program. Continue reading to find out how to apply to Wharton’s Leadership in the Business World program.

What Is Wharton’s Leadership in the Business World?

A four-week summer program called Leadership in the Business World is sponsored by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. It takes place every July. Occasionally over the years, the program has run at two different locations for a portion of the program before coming together at UPenn, but most recently, the program is run entirely at UPenn for the duration of the program.

An intensive summer program called Leadership in the Business World is targeted at a small group of incoming high school seniors. These students ought to be enthusiastic about pursuing an excellent undergraduate business education and the chance to hone their leadership, teamwork, and communication abilities.

Some of the best business-minded high school students in the nation will have the chance to learn about leadership in 21st-century organizations through a combination of classes with Wharton professors and business leaders, company site visits, and team-building exercises as part of the Leadership in the Business World program.

The cost of the program in 2017 was $7500, which covered housing, most meals, activities, and tuition. Financial aid is available and admissions are need-blind.

What Do Students Do At Leadership in the Business World?

You can anticipate to attend lectures and presentations from Wharton faculty and guest speakers during the four-week intensive program, participate in classroom discussions about fundamental business topics, entrepreneurship, and leadership, and visit businesses. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to interact with prominent figures from a variety of fields, including finance, entrepreneurship, entertainment, real estate, and more.

Throughout your program, you will also take part in a team project. All students are divided into teams for this project, and these teams are led by Resident Team Advisors, who are typically rising Wharton sophomores. Each team must produce a business plan, which they must present to the entire program at the end of the month. A group of venture capitalists and business experts then assess the plans.

How To Apply to Leadership in the Business World

You are eligible to attend Leadership in the Business World the summer that you are a rising high school senior. You must apply online through the Wharton School’s Leadership in the Business World application.

You must also submit a high school transcript, two teacher letters of recommendation, a brief essay, and a school profile, which can be obtained from your school’s office or guidance counselor. The school profile provides a brief overview of your school and its program.

The essay has traditionally emphasized your leadership abilities and asked you to describe your leadership experiences. This will be a key element of your application.

A $75 application fee is additionally required, though it may be waived in cases of financial hardship.

Standardized tests scores are not required but are recommended.

The application may only be submitted online. To send transcripts, suggestions, or any other materials, email LBW-inquiries@wharton. upenn. edu or by mail to:

Leadership in the Business World

610 S. Henderson Road

King of Prussia, PA 19406

By the application deadline, which is typically in early February, all applications and supporting documentation must be submitted. Admissions decisions will be released at the end of March.

Wharton Lbw Acceptance Rate

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How to Get Accepted

The Leadership in the Business World summer program at the Wharton School is extremely competitive. Only around 160 students are accepted each summer. In 2014, the program received 700 applications and accepted roughly 20%, with the admitted students representing 25 states and nearly 20 different countries

Selections are based on a number of criteria. Successful candidates have a track record of academic excellence, proven leadership abilities, and an honest desire to advance their business leadership capabilities.

You need to have strong academic credentials, such as standardized test results in the 97th to 99th percentile and a GPA that places you among the top students in your class, in order to be taken seriously as a candidate. And this isn’t all you’ll need for acceptance.

The business world also places a lot of value on demonstrated leadership abilities and distinctive experiences. Many of the accepted students are international students, and many others have unique abilities or interests that make them stand out. If this applies to you, make sure these facts are prominent on your application, whether they are presented in your essay, recommendations, or list of extracurricular activities.

The application’s essay section specifically emphasizes leadership abilities. Even if they aren’t directly related to business, you need to be able to talk about your demonstrated history of leadership. Even if they didn’t result from a formal leadership position, be sure to write in-depth about your leadership experiences. Sometimes, taking charge when a formal leadership position is absent, demonstrates even more initiative than a conventional role.

Similar to competitive college admissions, having a strong academic record may get you in the door, but you’ll need more to receive an acceptance letter. Similar to this, a poor academic history may completely disqualify you unless you can demonstrate some compelling skills and experiences that make you stand out from other applicants with a similar profile.

You should ask a teacher who is familiar with you and can attest to your leadership abilities and aspirations for a recommendation. Similar to how you would approach a recommendation for college admissions, you can approach this one. Read more in CollegeVine’s Getting the Best Recommendation Letter.

In conclusion, qualified candidates will demonstrate strong academic records along with distinctive leadership and life experiences, as well as a genuine interest in learning more about business and the Wharton School.

Am I Guaranteed Acceptance at Wharton if I Attend Leadership in the Business World?

Attending Leadership in the Business World does not guarantee admission to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Wharton emphasizes that there isn’t a direct correlation between the programs’ acceptance rates.

Having said that, attending Leadership in the Business World and making a good impression there do increase your likelihood of being viewed favorably by the Wharton School admissions committee. After all, they’re searching for applicants who will succeed at Wharton, and successful Leadership in the Business World graduates may have already demonstrated their aptitude.

Out of the 140 students who participated in Leadership in the Business World in 2014, about 30 went on to enroll in Wharton. That is a matriculation rate of about 21%. General undergrad applicants are admitted at an acceptance rate of 9% and about 6 4% of all applicants end up attending. Additionally, participants in Leadership in the Business World report that their month-long business immersion gave them an academic edge over their Wharton peers who did not take part in the program.

While enrolling in Leadership in the Business World is not a guarantee of admission to Wharton (in fact, some Leadership in the Business World alumni are turned down for admission), it is a good way to learn more about the undergrad experience there, and alums are generally accepted at a higher rate than other applicants. But keep in mind that this pool of candidates included graduates who had already been accepted to Leadership in the Business World, making them highly qualified.

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How competitive is LBW Wharton?

The Leadership in the Business World summer program at the Wharton School is extremely competitive. Only around 160 students are accepted each summer.

Is Wharton LBW selective?

Admission to Wharton Global Youth programs is highly selective. Successful applicants typically demonstrate: Minimum 3. 3 unweighted GPA, or equivalent (minimum 3. For Leadership in the Business World and the Management and Technology Summer Institute, a 5 unweighted GPA is preferred. ).

Is the Wharton Global Youth Program acceptance rate?

The program has grown since its first year, when it had a class size of just 30 students. Last year, it received 700 applications and had a 20% acceptance rate, with the 140 admitted students coming from 25 states and nearly 20 different countries.

How selective is Wharton pre-baccalaureate program?

Admission to Wharton’s Pre-baccalaureate Program is highly selective. Selection criteria include a history of academic excellence, a desire to take on a challenge, and a display of intellectual curiosity. Eligibility includes: Minimum 3. 5 unweighted GPA, or equivalent.

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