University of Washington (UW) Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

Therefore, the transfer acceptance rate for Washington State University (WSU) is 77.29%. This indicates how hard it is to transfer into Washington State University (WSU).

University of Washington Transfer Acceptance Rate

The most recent University of Washington transfer acceptance rate, along with earlier data, are shown below.

The University of Washington received 4,754 applications in the fall of 2021 and admitted 2,299 of those applicants. This means that the University of Washington transfer acceptance rate is 48%

The acceptance rates are as follows when we divide this by gender:

  • Male transfer applicants: 46%
  • Female transfer applicants: 50%

The University of Washington favors Washington residents in the selection process, as they did for first-year admissions. A few years back, their acceptance rate for applicants from WA-based community colleges was 66% U. S. students from out of state were admitted at a 20% clip International students only had a 7% admit rate.

It is crucial to consider past data when attempting to get a full picture of how challenging it is to transfer into a specific school. The acceptance rate for transfers varies wildly from school to school. However, University of Washington has been remarkably consistent in recent years, and this is not the case there.

Historical transfer rates are as follows:

Year Acceptance Rate
2020 49%
2019 47%
2018 46%

University of Washington Transfer Deadline

The university provides a transfer option in the fall, winter, and spring (for specific programs only). For fall applicants, the University of Washington’s transfer deadline is February 15 Application deadline for the spring semester is December 15 (again, only for specific programs). The deadline for winter applicants is September 1.

UW Transfer Requirements

The University of Washington transfer requirements are as follows:

  • The University of Washington uses their own application
  • final transcripts from your high school (if you have fewer than 40 quarter credits)
  • Official college transcripts
  • SAT/ACT (optional)
  • No letters of recommendation are required or permitted

The following is what applicants with the best chances of getting into the University of Washington have done:

  • are working to finish at least 40 quarter-credit hours.
  • Have completed their major’s stated Course Requirements.
  • aced their first year of a community college or four-year institution with flying colors.
  • Attending a community college within the state of Washington is the best way to get into the University of Washington.

University of Washington Transfer GPA

The university reports that the average transfer GPA was 3 a few years ago. 53. However, for non-residents, a 3. 75 or better puts candidates in a much better position. Out-of-state applicants will undoubtedly strive to have as many As on their transcripts as possible.

University of Washington Transfer Writing Supplement

The transfer application for admission must be submitted with a personal statement written by each applicant. The personal statement ought to be a thorough narrative essay outlining significant events in your academic and personal history, especially those that give background to your academic accomplishments and educational choices. A meaningful and pertinent personal statement (750–1,000 words) depends on the caliber of writing and the depth of the content.

You should address the following topics in your personal statement. Write only about the topics that are significant to your life and experiences within each subtopic, such as Academic History. Do not feel compelled to address each and every question.

Required elements

Academic History

  • Tell us about your college experience so far, including your grades, career path, and decisions.
  • Describe any circumstances that may have significantly impacted your academic progress or curricular choices in either a positive or negative way. Explain any multiple transfers, prolonged breaks from your studies, or changes in career.
  • What specific reasons have you given for wanting to leave your most recent college, university, or study course?

Your major & career goals

  • Tell us about your intended major and career aspirations.
  • Explain your plans to prepare for the major. What motivated you to choose this major? Why? If you’re still unsure, why? What prerequisite courses do you expect to finish before transferring? What kind of career are you most likely to pursue after completing your education?
  • How will the UW aid you in achieving your academic, professional, and personal objectives?
  • If you chose a competitive major, you have the option of selecting a backup major in case your top choice is not accepted. If applicable, please discuss your second-choice major’s major or career goals.

Cultural Understanding

We frequently define ourselves and our individual worlds through our families and communities. Your cultural group, extended family, religious organization, neighborhood, school, sports team or club, coworkers, etc. are all examples of your community. Describe your background and how it might contribute to the University of Washington’s commitment to diversity.

UW Transfer Decision Date

Decisions regarding transfers at the University of Washington are made between May 1 and June 30 for those wishing to begin in the fall. November 1 through December 15 are the dates for the winter notification period.

Final Thoughts – University of Washington Transfer Acceptance Rate

Typically, 30% of incoming transfers attended a community college. It’s crucial to be aware that among community college transfer students, those with academic associate degrees and those who have completed 90 transferable credits in preparation for a professional academic major are given the highest priority for admission. When early transfer is advised, applicants with fewer than 90 credits may be admitted, but the number of such transfers will remain low. ”.

Few spots are available at the University of Washington for applicants who have not yet finished 40 quarter hours. Make sure you first earn those many college credits if you’re serious about attending this institution.

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What GPA do you need to transfer to Washington University?

Transfer Admission Guidelines Successful applicants present at least a 3. 5/3. 6 GPA in courses from a wide range of academic disciplines from a two- or four-year college Some of our academic divisions have requirements for specific course grades.

How hard is it to get into University of Washington as a transfer student?

The most recent University of Washington transfer acceptance rate, along with earlier data, are shown below. The University of Washington received 4,754 applications in the fall of 2021 and admitted 2,299 of those applicants. This means that the University of Washington transfer acceptance rate is 48%

Can I get into WSU with a 2.7 GPA?

Minimum GPA: There is a minimum GPA requirement of 2. 5 (on a 4. 0 scale) for transfer admission consideration. Official Transcripts: We may ask you to send your high school transcript (or GED) to WSU if you have less than a full year of college credits to transfer.

What is the easiest college to transfer to?

Transfer Admission RatesUniversity of Wyoming %E2%80%93 97%Washington

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