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The University of Washington-Seattle may go unnoticed compared to other prestigious public universities like UCLA, UNC-Chapel Hill, UVA, the University of Michigan, and UT-Austin. But like the others, UW-Seattle is regularly rated as a top-20 public university in the United States. S. , possessing a magnetic pull that attracts high-achievers from all around the country and even world%E2%80%94Close to 40% of the Husky undergraduate population hails from out-of-state and overseas Even more impressive, UW-Seattle’s undergraduate business, engineering, and computer science programs consistently rank at the top of all lists. S. News shares a campus with institutions like Princeton, MIT, and Georgia Tech. Even so, the University of Washington acceptance rate remains at a not-so-terrible 53%

The 36,206 undergraduate students at this school, which is jokingly referred to as UDub, possess ever-impressive academic credentials. For instance, the typical freshman in 2022 earns pretty much an A.

Due to the increased level of selection, the following information is provided to inform potential UW-Seattle applicants:

Direct to Major, Computer science/computer engineering admit rates, autumn 2021
Residency type Admit rate
Washington resident 27%
U.S. nonresident 3%
International 4%
Overall 9%

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Washington!

The University of Washington has a number of excellent majors in technology, such as the Computer Science and Computer Engineering programs in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering.

Both computer science and computer engineering have a variety of admissions options. It is crucial that you consult details regarding your current admissions status. Freshmen admitted to UW who specified computer science or computer engineering as their preferred major received one of the following offers:

  • Please refer to the Direct Admission information you will receive from the Allen School for details on direct admission to the computer science or computer engineering major.
  • Pre-Science Admission: For information on your major and admission options, please read the remaining portion of this page.

Information for prospective Computer Science students offered Pre-Science Admission

The information on the rest of this page is for prospective freshmen who want to major in computer science but did not get direct admission to the field.

Across the country, including at the University of Washington, interest in computer science and computer engineering is rising quickly. The Washington State Legislature has provided funding for the Paul G. A second building for Allen School was built in recent years with funding from the legislature, the university, businesses, and individuals. It was finished in December 2018. Nevertheless, despite these noteworthy developments, the Allen School’s enrollment continues to exceed its capacity.

Three routes are available for high school direct admission, transfer admission, and current UW student admissions to the computer science major.

Currently, the majority of our majors enter via Direct Admission, and 15-20% of our majors enter via Transfer Admission While this leaves roughly 30% of our slots for Current UW students, we have significantly more applicants than we have student spaces, so admission to the computer science or computer engineering majors is not assured Students who develop a passion for computing after enrolling at UW are the primary target audience for current student admission.

If a student is accepted to the University of Washington but not given direct admission to the Allen School, they must consider their other options. We urge such students to think about attending the University of Washington and pursuing a variety of pertinent majors, such as Informatics, Applied Students who are 100% certain that they want to major in computer science or computer engineering and who are guaranteed a position in the major at a program elsewhere should consider whether that might be a better option for them

Please review this page before contacting us with questions. Please be aware that when you get in touch with us, we strongly prefer speaking with students directly, though parents are welcome to be added to CC lists on emails, be on the phone with their child, etc.

Why wasn’t I offered Direct Admission?

Your ability to succeed in this field is not indicated by the fact that you were not offered direct admission. Instead, it highlights the limited number of students to whom we are able to offer Direct Admission at this time. We are generally only able to offer to roughly 25% of Washington residents who apply These students had exceptionally high GPAs, participated in the most demanding extracurricular activities that their schools had to offer, and submitted compelling personal statements. Many highly qualified students were turned away when we tried to offer them direct admission. (We make a small number of DA offers to students from outside Washington, but the vast majority of DA offers are made to residents of Washington.) ).

I did not gain Direct Admission. What now?

As noted above, the majority of CS and CE majors enter through Direct Admission, and 15-20% of our majors enter via Transfer Admission This means that students who are coming to the University of Washington without a Direct Admission offer should create an academic plan that will prepare them for other majors. Pairing any other major with our non-major courses is one possibility.

Our recent efforts to increase the number of undergraduates we can accommodate have been successful in large part due to investments made by the Washington State Legislature and the university’s steadfast support of our program expansion. However, despite our growth, we will continue to face capacity issues for the foreseeable future. Our Current Student Admission pathway is currently at a 20-25% acceptance rate

Plans frequently change for college freshmen within the first two years. For instance, first-year students frequently discover a new academic passion. They indicate on their UW application that they prefer a particular major, but after taking an engaging introductory course in another, they reevaluate whether that major is the best fit for their strengths and objectives. Or students who originally intended to study one major may not be admitted to their first program of choice due to program capacity restrictions. Students with majors outside of the Allen School can still take our non-major courses, work as teaching assistants there, and engage in research there.

Below is a sampling of other UW majors you may want to explore, based on your interest in our program. Please note that most of these majors are also capacity-constrained and some students may not be admitted to these alternative options. We encourage students to consider open or minimum-requirement majors among their options (see here for a list of all UW majors).

Should I come to UW if I want to study CS or CE and was not Direct Admitted to the Allen School?

Only if you’re willing to take our non-major courses to pursue a computing concentration. If you feel you have exceptional reasons for attending UW as a non-DA freshman intending to apply to the Allen School, you should just make sure that you are considering all of your options and are open to related majors. There may be rare exceptions to consider (for example, you may have family obligations locally or be tied to medical facilities here).

Traits of successful UW students

We frequently get asked whether prospective UW students will be admitted through our regular admissions process, but this is impossible to predict. Regardless of whether they are admitted to their top-choice major or choose to take a different course, we can make the following general observations about students who are likely to succeed at UW:

  • Strong ability to manage time, self-regulate, and self-motivate
  • Ability to advocate for themselves
  • Personal initiative to ask for help and seek out resources
  • An openness to exploring alternative pathways to reach their goals
  • the capacity to get along with those from different backgrounds and viewpoints
  • A humble attitude (a 4. 0 high school GPA does not typically predict a 4. 0 UW GPA).
  • Be open to receiving feedback and advice. For instance, if a mentor tells you that your planned fall quarter schedule is too demanding, trust them.

Highlights of the Allen School undergraduate program

  • World-class faculty who prioritize research and teaching
  • An environment that is welcoming and inclusive of all students (for instance, we are a national leader in awarding degrees to women)
  • Flexible degree requirements that give students the chance to pursue a minor or a second major
  • Opportunities for full-time employment and meaningful internships through our Industry Affiliates program, which holds two hiring fairs annually with startup and established businesses looking for Allen School candidates.
  • Students can receive additional assistance from tutors, résumé review sessions, technical interview coaching, and Ph D. admission prep, daily drop-in advising.
  • courses that are challenging and exciting in subjects like data visualization, machine learning, and virtual reality
  • undergraduate students can work as paid teaching and research assistants.

Other UW opportunities and resources

There are numerous opportunities for students in the Allen School and other campus areas to pursue their interests in computer science and computer engineering outside of their major coursework. Examples include:

Can I appeal to be reconsidered for Direct Admission to the Allen School?

If you believe that important information was missing from your application, students may appeal to be reconsidered with this new information. Please read UW appeal guidelines here. Admitted UW freshmen are eligible to appeal if they requested CS or CE as their first choice of major. . If you appeal, we encourage you to continue planning as if your appeal will be denied while you wait for the decision.

You can also reach us by email at: [email protected].

UW Admissions – frequently asked questions


How hard is it to get into UW Computer Science?

Both majors are equally competitive because the CSE Admissions Committee evaluates all applications concurrently. Approximately 20–25 percent of applicants who apply via the current UW student pathway are accepted, but as we switch to a direct to major pathway, this will start to change.

What GPA do you need to get into UW Computer Science?

Competitive applicants typically have grades of 3. a strong cumulative GPA, as well as a grade point average of 0 or higher in the required math, science, and computer science courses

Is UW a good school for CS?

The University of Washington consistently ranks among the top global universities and offers an MS in computer science. Due to the University of Washington’s high graduate employability rate, foreign students favor this course.

How do I get into UW Computer Science program?

Three routes are available for high school direct admission, transfer admission, and current UW student admissions to the computer science major. Currently, the majority of our majors enter via Direct Admission, and 15-20% of our majors enter via Transfer Admission

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