‘Something we want to fix’: Just 7 women enrolled as freshmen in the computer science honors program

Unlike most universities, UT Austin offers 10 distinct honors programs that vary in their academic emphasis rather than having one overarching honors college or program:

A demanding four-year undergraduate curriculum is offered by Texas CSB with the goal of preparing students for top technology careers. For students interested in careers in today’s business world with a strong focus on technology, the Texas CSB offers distinct advantages. University officials anticipate that it will draw talented students from across the country who have strong quantitative and technical skills. For students interested in data and marketing analytics, financial engineering, and leadership positions in tech companies, the program is an especially alluring opportunity. ”.

Rest assured that the selection process is extremely rigorous. The CSB will need to come close to meeting the requirements of the Business Honors Program and the Turing Scholars Program. “Turing denies 85% of valedictorian applicants. Therefore, it’s crucial that you show a broad and deep level of dedication to computer-related activities. “The BHP’s average SAT is north of 1500, and the CSB’s is also Only about 12% of applicants gain admission to the BHP.

According to the website, “Our top-rated faculty push students to think outside the box and learn the varied business and computer science disciplines.” The 44 classes in the curriculum expose students to all facets of business and computer science, and each class has between 30 and 40 students.

To finish the program in four years, the majority of CSB students must enroll in at least one summer session and take 17 credits on average per term. The CSB curriculum alone appears to be almost full-time. Here is a link to a sample four-year course schedule. It is not for the faint-hearted.

Students must also complete the university’s core requirements, which include government, history, and composition courses.

How do I apply?

High school seniors who choose computer science as either their first or second choice major can apply to the Turing Scholars Honors Program in addition to the standard UT Austin application. After submitting the UT Austin application, applicants can complete the honors application process, which consists of short-answer questions and an expanded resume, within the ApplyTexas or Common Application or on UT Austin’s MyStatus page.

We’re looking for students who are incredibly motivated and have solid backgrounds in math and science. An advantage is if the applicant has demonstrated an interest in computer science through coursework or independent projects. It also helps to show leadership through significant extracurricular involvement.

For more information about applying to freshman honors, visit the Texas Admissions page.

For Current UT Students

If you have excelled in your current UT CS and math courses and are interested in joining the Turing Scholars Honors Program, please take a look at the following choices:

Join the Turing Scholars program

At the conclusion of each semester, current CS majors can submit an online application and send a resume to the address provided on the application to be considered for admission to the Turing Scholars Honors Program. Applications for students wishing to start the program in Spring 2023 will be accepted until December 5, 2022.

Enroll in individual honors courses

There are typically few spots available in our honors CS courses for students who are not Turing Scholars. Students who want to transfer into the Turing Scholars Program should take honors courses because they provide the admissions committee with a great opportunity to assess your potential.

Since the choices are made by the specific professors who teach the course, you should apply separately for each CS honors course that you want to take. Sometimes professors will ask you to schedule an interview as well.

Department of Computer Science, Turing Scholars Honors Program The University of Texas at Austin 2317 Speedway, Stop D9500 Austin, TX 78712 honors@cs utexas. edu.

Calvin Lin, Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Turing Scholars Honors Program, GDC 5 512.

Turing Honors


How do you get into UT Turing Scholars?

Join the Turing Scholars program Current Computer Science (CS) majors may apply for admission to the Turing Scholars Honors Program at the conclusion of each semester by completing an online application and emailing a resume to the address provided on the online application.

How many Turing Scholars are at UT Austin?

Programmer Level. The current class of freshmen Turing Scholars has 215 students, 32% of whom are Texans 35% of these students are women.

What is the lowest GPA UT will accept?

A grade-point average (GPA) of at least 3. 0 (on a 4. 0 scale) or an equivalent GPA in upper-division junior- and senior-level courses, as well as in any prior graduate work, is also required.

What is Turing UT Austin?

A Unique Educational Experience. The Turing Scholars Program is an honors program for exceptional undergraduates in computer science. The program is housed in the 8th-ranked computer science department in the country, and its goal is to offer the best possible CS education.

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