Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for each major at UT Austin is detailed below, along with additional advice.

We will also investigate additional information regarding UT Austin’s most competitive and least competitive majors.

One of the most prestigious universities in the south and the entire US is considered to be the University of Texas at Austin. Top-ranked business and engineering programs at UT Austin are connected to Texas’s internationally renowned energy sector.

UT Austin is the best choice for high school students looking for a welcoming environment for learning with a fantastic opportunity.

Approximately 66,000 applicants applied to UT Austin, which is also very competitive, and only 17,000 were accepted. Half of all applicants accepted at UT Austin had SAT or ACT scores between 1210 and 1470 or between 26 and 33. One-quarter of the admitted applicant’s scores fell below these ranges, while the remaining one-quarter fell within these ranges.

With UT Austin acceptance rate at 32%, this shows how competitive it is to be admitted into UT Austin A higher GPA, SAT, and ACT score should be the top priority for applicants.

Therefore, if you are still in high school and have set your sights on attending UT Austin, your strong academic performance and test results increase your chances of admission.

It is a large institution with an enrollment of 37,404 undergraduate students. Admissions is fairly competitive as the UT Austin acceptance rate is 32%.

Summary of client outcomes from Fall 2017-2022

For Fall 2017 through Fall 2022, I have compiled and modeled more than 310 client outcomes. Here are my clients who have been accepted or rejected over the past five years, regardless of their major or place of residence. Since Fall 2017, 191 out of 313 first-time clients have gained admission (61%) Six out of twelve test-optional customers have been admitted (not shown).

Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

Texas Residents rank and test score minimum recommendations by college and school

When students fill out my questionnaire for a free consultation, I don’t think twice to let them know if they are very unlikely to be admitted. Every year, I also make a few mistakes with students who are delighted to learn they have been accepted. There are always exceptions in both directions.

These are the rules of thumb, conservative estimates. I created them using data from my clients, online community observations, general competition trends from prior years, the approximate number of spaces available, general competition trends from previous years, data from my clients, and forecasting a more competitive environment in coming years.

I use these to determine if my expertise could assist a student in obtaining admission. I decline far more potential clients than I do pitches because I only feel comfortable working with applicants I believe have a decent chance of getting in.

I offer below my best assessments of whether UT is worthwhile for applicants and consideration based on my three years at UT and five years of working with students independently.

Note: I include only Texas residents recommendations here. To consider UT a “match” school, international and out-of-state students should presumably have higher academic standards than these.

Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

Because the majors in fine arts have such diverse admissions requirements and levels of selectivity, they are not modeled.

Academic Minimum Cutoffs for Prospective Fall 2023 Clients

My recommendations for Computer Science, McCombs Business, Natural Sciences, and the most competitive Engineering majors like Biomedical and ECE have been gradually increased since my Fall 2022 forecasts.

I have a strict policy of not taking students outside of the top 15% or who score less than a 1400/31 on the SAT/ACT

Fine arts have been left out of this list because their application process heavily relies on an audition or portfolio. Since decisions regarding Engineering are made based on the major choice rather than the college or school, in contrast to most other UT programs, I have divided the field into similarly competitive groups.

STEM programs place more weight on the math/quantitative subscores, so there are exceptions to these rules of thumb which present only the SAT Composite. You can convert your ACT score using these tables.

Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

Applicants to competitive CS programs, more than those to any other UT majors, are absolutely required to have relevant coding and programming experience.

Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

The confirmed admissions rate in a recent admitted student information session for McCombs first-time freshman applicants is 17%, down from 25% from a few years ago

Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

Note: Top 6% Texas Residents are guaranteed Liberal Arts if they choose it first The top 2 and 5% rules of thumb are for OOS/Foreign applicants

Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

Cockrell School of Engineering Minimum Rank and Test Score

Below, I estimate how competitive engineering majors are relative to one another and offer general guidelines for UT Cockrell majors to be academically compatible.

Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

Competitive students for these engineering majors MUST have extensive relevant experience in order to be competitive, similar to computer science applicants. Chart also includes Environmental Engineering.

Ut Austin College Of Liberal Arts Acceptance Rate

These are the least competitive Engineering programs

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What to make of these recommendations?

My message isn’t to deter anyone from applying to UT. My hope is that before receiving their decisions, students and families will start managing their expectations. You risk future heartbreak by putting all of your emotional eggs in one college basket, especially one as selective as UT.

If you’re worried about your chances, it’s a good idea to at least have a family discussion about aiming for a different program because UT bases admissions decisions on a student’s first choice college or school.

Building a college list with “match” programs where you have a chance of being admitted requires having realistic expectations. All students need at least one %E2%80%9Cassured%E2%80%9D program where they will 100% gain admission based on their rank and test scores

Once more, these suggestions are conservative estimates as to whether UT is a viable option. Last year, I gained some clients that I probably wouldn’t take on this year, and I lost some that I was certain would gain admission.

College admissions is extremely uncertain and unpredictable. Variables like rank and test score are two among many.

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Trends In College Admissions at The University of Texas at Austin


Is it hard to get into UT Austin Liberal Arts?

Because admission to this school is extremely competitive, having high academic standing is essential. You’ll have a good chance of admission if you can achieve a SAT or ACT score of 1470 or higher. Completing the rest of your application will also help, especially for a school like UT Austin.

What is the least competitive major at UT Austin?

Liberal arts, undergraduate studies, social work, and education are some fields of study that will always have lower competition. the latter two because there aren’t as many applicants for them. Every applicant to these colleges and universities has lower test scores than the average applicant. Some, like Architecture, will always be competitive.

Is UT Austin Liberal Arts good?

Ranked at #7 in College Factual’s most recent rankings, UT Austin is in the top 1% of the country for liberal arts students pursuing a bachelor’s degree. It is also ranked #1 in Texas.

What is the easiest school to get into at UT?

Of course, students from outside Texas must pay much higher tuition than students from within the state. Therefore, the easiest college to get into among the schools in the UT System is the University of Texas at El Paso, with an undergraduate acceptance rate of 100%

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