Ut Austin Cap Program Acceptance Rate

Eligibility to Choose UTSA

  • When a student applies to UT Austin, they are in compliance with the CAP enrollment requirements.
  • Additionally, by May 1st, students must pay UTSA a $70 application processing fee.
  • Students must complete an online orientation course and be Rowdy Ready.
  • Students must enroll in UTSA in the second 5-week summer term (July 6–Aug. 9) to begin.

Enrollment Requirements

Class Rank
Top Quarter OFFERED
Second Quarter OFFERED
Third Quarter NOT OFFERED
Fourth Quarter NOT OFFERED
Non-Ranking School OFFERED

CAP Application Processing Fee

All CAP applicants, including those who have previously applied directly to UTSA and paid the processing fee for that application, are required to pay a $70 application processing fee.

Through UTSA’s student portal called ASAP, you can pay the fee online using a credit card or electronic check. ASAP-paid CAP application fees will be processed in 1-2 business days.

  • Log into ASAP with your myUTSA ID and Passphrase*
  • Follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the Main Menu
  • Click on the “Future Roadrunner” tab
  • Click “Check your Admission Status” for applicants
  • Select term “Summer 2022”
  • The payment button is at the bottom of the screen as you scroll down.
  • The University of Texas at San Antonio Office of Undergraduate Admissions One UTSA Circle San Antonio, Texas 78249-0616 is where you should send your payment if you decide to pay by check or money order. If you do this, be sure to include your myUTSA ID in the check’s memo line. Processing for this payment method could add up to 5 more business days.

*Your myUTSA ID must be activated before you can use UTSA’s student portal, ASAP. You should have received an email from “myUTSAAccount@utsa. edu” with a link to claim your account. Log into your student services portal, ASAP, at asap after activating your myUTSA ID and password. utsa. edu.

Please let UT Austin know if you’ve decided to withdraw from the CAP program by using the MyStatus portal.

Your First Year at UTSA

Students must attend UTSA in the summer, fall, and spring terms in order to complete their CAP requirements to transfer to UT Austin. The possible schedule for a CAP student is shown below. Please be aware that UTSA CAP students must begin in the second summer 5-week term (July 6–August 9).

Summer (second 5-week term): must take 6 hours
  • Students enroll in two courses (minimum 6 credits; maximum 7 credits available).
  • Second 5-week course of the summer runs from July 6 to August 9.
  • Online course options may be available. Please be aware that UT Austin will only accept UTSA courses that have been approved.
  • On campus housing is available for those with exceptional need. Contact Housing and Residence Life for more information.
  • Financial aid is available (submit 2021-2022 FAFSA).
Fall: must take 9 hours
  • Students enroll in 3 courses, totaling a minimum of 9 credits and a maximum of 11 credits, if necessary.
  • On campus housing is available.
  • Financial aid is available (submit 2022-2023 FAFSA).
Spring: must take 15 hours
  • Students take 5 courses (15 credits).
  • Last semester to fulfill UT Austin’s CAP requirements.
  • By June 1, UT Austin must receive a final, official transcript outlining your work at UTSA. Successful CAP students will transfer into the College of Liberal Arts at UT Austin.

To process your admission after choosing UTSA as your school, you must pay a $70 application fee to UTSA by May 1. Due to the limited number of spots available at UTSA, we advise paying your fee as soon as possible.

No, you don’t. UT Austin will send the application materials to UTSA if you complete and submit the online CAP agreement. A final high school transcript with your graduation date must be submitted to UTSA.

Yes. The application process for CAP and UTSA are entirely distinct from one another. We occasionally have CAP-accepted students choose to enroll through UTSA RoadRunners instead of CAP. Additionally, enrollment in the UTSA CAP program is not assured by enrollment in UTSA. There are two pathways to entry.

The Pell Eligible RoadRunners process is different from the CAP process. To enroll in the UTSA CAP program, each CAP student must pay a CAP application fee.

Unfortunately, until you pay the CAP application fee, we cannot finish your CAP application.

No, a student cannot participate in CAP unless they have applied to UT Austin, have accepted an offer to participate in CAP, and have submitted the online CAP agreement.

There is no waitlist. If UTSA was not an option for you, you can select another CAP school that participates or apply to UTSA as a non-CAP student. Only a few spots at UTSA are open to eligible CAP students. UTSA accepts agreements on a first-come, first-served basis. The window for submitting the CAP agreement closes once UTSA receives the agreements needed to reach the limit. Before the June 1st deadline for freshmen, you can enroll at UTSA as a non-CAP student by submitting an application for admission and the necessary documentation.

Yes, it is. You will have to go online to www.fafsa.gov and submit a FAFSA for 2021-2022 aid year. UTSA’s school code is 010115. The deadline to complete this is June 30, 2022. You will be eligible for federal aid based off your Student Aid Report.

Depending on the type of aid you receive, the amounts may differ by only a fraction. Enrollment hours typically affect grant money by prorating it to the portion of hours enrolled, meaning if you are enrolled part-time in 9 hours you will receive three-quarters of your grant. As for your loan awards, those do not get affected by being less than full-time. Which allows you to receive the full amount awarded. For more information, click here.

Your eligibility for federal aid will not change, so even though you are a CAP student, you can still receive federal Stafford Loans and the Federal Pell Grant if you meet the requirements. However, if you were awarded a Distinguished Presidential Scholarship, only UTSA students are eligible to use these to further their education.

A UTSA Financial Aid representative will contact you after you complete this form. Make sure your email address is correct so we can get in touch with you and respond to your inquiry.

Orientation & Enrollment/Course Questions

Early in March, the Orientation Reservation System will go live, and you’ll get an email reminding you to register for your online orientation. You cannot access the orientation reservation system until your CAP agreement and application fee have been processed. Your UTSA “ASAP” student portal will allow you to register for online orientation. Please be aware that the online orientation fee is nonrefundable and must be paid at the time of signup. Contact orientation@utsa with any inquiries or for more details about new student orientation. edu or (210) 458-4724.

Your first semester at UTSA must be Summer 2022 if you intend to enroll in the UT CAP program. Online course options may be available. The second summer 5-week session of classes begins on July 6, and the second summer 4-week session of classes begins on July 12. Please be aware that UT Austin will only accept coursework from institutions that are listed on the online list of UTSA-approved courses.

The 30 hours required for CAP cannot include any time spent outside of UTSA. The 30 hours all need to be taken at UTSA.

UT Austin maintains an online list of approved courses for CAP students. All of the courses on this list have been approved by UT Austin and are recognized transferable credits to UT Austin. Advance Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and dual credits may be transferable to UT Austin and applicable to your intended major there, upon successfully transferring to UT Austin.

Housing is available for those with exceptional need. We recommend contacting Housing and Residence Life for more information.

One or more credit hours are assigned to each college-level course. Transferable credits are the credit hours that other universities will accept. All of the courses on the designated CAP list have been approved by UT Austin in terms of transferable credits and are ensured to be accepted as transfer credits to UT Austin. Please be aware that CAP requires a minimum grade of “C-” in order for the course to be accepted as transferable credit at UT Austin.

No, all CAP participants must abide by the participating university. This includes following any prerequisites.

Although Advance Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and dual credits might be appropriate for your intended UT Austin major, they cannot be applied toward the necessary 30 credit hours once you have successfully transferred to UT Austin. Participants in CAP must successfully complete 30 transferable credit hours of courses from the approved CAP course list at the participating university during the CAP year. Before selecting your final courses, you should always speak with an academic advisor at your participating CAP university.

Please be aware that your UTSA advisor is responsible for providing advice on the approved list of courses as per the CAP agreement. They do not advise on UT Austin majors. Please contact UT Austin with any inquiries regarding majors.

Before enrolling in other courses, you must successfully complete some of them first. The former are referred to as prerequisites. Classes on the approved CAP list serve as prerequisites for courses needed for UT Austin majors. Participants are urged to look up these courses and determine with their UTSA advisor whether they qualify to enroll. Please be aware that your UTSA advisor is responsible for providing advice on the approved list of courses as per the CAP agreement. They do not advise on UT Austin majors. Please contact UT Austin with any inquiries regarding majors. Other classes on the CAP list require prerequisites before being taken, while some courses serve as prerequisites. To register for these courses, all UTSA students, including CAP participants, must satisfactorily complete the necessary prerequisite(s).

The CAP agreement states that participants shouldn’t enroll in college-level coursework right before their CAP year because doing so could result in their exclusion from CAP. (This excludes any already completed AP, IB, or dual credits. ).

For instance, if a CAP year starts in the Fall of 2022, participants should only enroll in college-level courses at their chosen participating CAP university during the Summer of 2022, not at any community colleges or other universities. Participants may enroll in college-level courses the summer following their CAP year.

Yes, including CAP students, all incoming freshmen are required to enroll in this academic inquiry course. This course can potentially fulfill the signature course requirement at UT Austin because it is on the list of CAP-approved courses. Additionally, this implies that AIS 1203 will transfer to UT Austin and count toward the necessary 30 credit hours. During the orientation for participants, more details regarding the course itself may be provided.

Is the UT CAP Program Worth It?


Does everyone get offered cap at UT?

No, a student cannot participate in CAP unless they have applied to UT Austin, have accepted an offer to participate in CAP, and have submitted the online CAP agreement.

How many people get into UT CAP program?

Each year, more than a thousand students participate in CAP. Only one-third of them return to UT Austin for their sophomore year after finishing the CAP requirements.

Is UT Austin cap program worth it?

CAP can be a fantastic option for students who want to major in the liberal arts because, upon successful completion of the program, CAP students are guaranteed admission to the majority of majors in the UT Austin College of Liberal Arts.

Who gets offered cap at UT?

If a Texas resident high school graduate applying for freshman admission is not granted regular admission to The University of Texas at Austin, they are given the option to attend one of the other general academic institutions participating in the University of Texas System’s Coordinated Admission Program (CAP).

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