World Bachelor in Business Program

The application process for the World Bachelor in Business is unlike any other program. Here’s why.In order to be accepted into the WBB program, you must be accepted by the University of Southern California, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,

Usc Wbb Acceptance Rate

I searched long and hard for the WBB acceptance rate and could not find it anywhere. Now, being a part of the program, I have a general number. Around 10%. My process began the day I found out about the program, 11 July 2017. After completing my campus tour, I began research. I watched every video on YouTube, read every blog post, and went through everything on each of the websites, twice. This didn’t take very long- the program is extremely new and there is a lack of information online. The USC website is the page I used to gather most of my information.

I will admit, I was scared after research. I became aware of the program’s prestige and how challenging admission can be. I debated whether or not to apply for months because I genuinely didn’t think I had a chance. I was aware that I had to give it my all or give up. In the final month, I decided to go for it.

Thanks to my procrastination, it was crunch time. You submit an application through one of the three institutions, which then forwards it to the others. I chose to submit my application through the common app since I was already applying to USC on it.

The application is extensive. In addition to the standard USC application requirements, there are four additional WBB-specific essays and an online interview. I answered a wide range of questions, from “What is your favorite food?” to “How will you succeed in a non-traditional learning environment?” I had my essays edited by my mother and my AP Lang teacher, two people whose writing judgment I most respect. The application’s interviews were by far the most nerve-wracking component. A video is played, a question is posed, and you have 30 seconds to create a 2 minute video response. Repeat that four times.

After the interviews, I felt confident in myself and certain that I wouldn’t be admitted. The four month waiting period had begun.

Spoiler alert: I made it!

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Hello! My name is Kaela, and I’m a student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology who is enrolled in the World Bachelor in Business program. I enjoy spending time with friends, my family, and my friends while traveling and taking pictures. Thank you for visiting my blog!.

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I GOT INTO MY DREAM SCHOOL!! (USC World Bachelor in Business)


What is WBB program USC?

The World Bachelor in Business (WBB) Program provides students with the chance to complete an immersive business education at three prestigious business schools, one in each of the world’s three major economic and cultural regions: the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

How to apply to WBB USC?

WBB applicants will apply through the Common Application. Complete all four application components:The Common Application. World Bachelor in Business Written Prompts and the USC Writing Supplement are both attached to the Common Application.

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