Upenn Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics

Ivy League University of Pennsylvania’s admissions statistics are average for all Ivy League Universities. The University of Pennsylvania’s acceptance rates have decreased over the past eight years and are almost certainly going to continue to do so in the future, following the trends at all top universities.

The Class of 2023 represented the most difficult admissions cycle in the history of the University of Pennsylvania. University of Pennsylvania received 44,960 applications for the Class of 2023, of which 3,345 were accepted, for an overall acceptance rate of 7. 4%. Overall applications increased by 1. 1% over last year (2022 to 2023) from 44,482 to 44,960

1,279 students were accepted through the early admissions process for the Class of 2023. Total early applications totaled 7,110, yielding an early acceptance rate of 18% Early applications increased by 0. 5% over last year (2022 to 2023) from 7,074 to 7,110

Ivy League Colleges Overall Accept. Rate Total Apps Accepted
Harvard 4.5% 1,950
Penn 7.4% 3,345
Princeton 5.8% 1,895
Yale 5.9% 2,178

UPenn Early Decision Acceptance Rates

Class of 2024 Class of 2025 Class of 2026
Total ED Applicants 6,453 7,962 7,795
Total ED Admissions Rate 19.7% 15% 15.6%

In an effort to shift the focus back to the students and away from low acceptance rates, several Ivy League schools, including UPenn, Princeton, and Cornell, have chosen to withhold the acceptance rate of the Class of 2026 regular decision results. Crimson calculates that UPenn’s Class of 2026 admission rate is approximately 4 based on the data available. 4%.

We celebrate their intellect, character, integrity, and persistence to achieve their goals amidst the very many challenges of our world right now. We’re looking forward to welcoming these students to the Penn community as they enrich our campus with their unique voices.

The Class of 2026, UPenn’s 270th class, received about 55,000 applications, which is 15,000 more than the Class of 2024 received. The accepted pupils submitted their applications during the Questbridge, Early Decision, and Regular Decision rounds.

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UPenn Reports Class of 2026 Most Diverse in History

The most diverse class of admitted students in UPenn’s history is the Class of 2026. Students in this class come from a variety of socioeconomic and racial backgrounds, and many are the first members of their families to enroll in a four-year university.

Additionally, more Philadelphia-based students than ever before were accepted by UPenn!

We wish to celebrate the students we have invited to the Penn community as individuals and in the ways that we got to know them, through their unique combinations of identity, accomplishment, and talent.

UPenn made the on Ivy Day, March 31, 2022.

UPenn Acceptance Rate and Admission Stats for Class of 2026

Number of Applications Accepted Students Acceptance Rate
Regular Applications Not Reported Not Reported Not Reported
Early Applications 7,795 1,218 15.63%

UPenn Regular Admissions Results for the Class of 2026

UPenn decided not to offer the Class of 2026 regular admission rates. The university made the decision to highlight the class’s diversity and accomplishments as a whole. UPenn reported that 40% of admitted students worked during high school, and 80% participated in community service About 30% did research during high school.

Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Admissions Whitney Soule said to The Washington Post, “We’re focusing not on how difficult we are to get into, but on who these young people are that we chose.”

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UPenn Regular Admissions Results over the Past Three Years

Compared to the Class of 2024 and Class of 2025, UPenn received about 15,000 more applications for the Class of 2026. The graphs below display the past three years’ application and acceptance rates for UPenn.

UPenn Overall Admissions Acceptance Rates

Class of 2024 Class of 2025 Class of 2026
Total First-Year Applicants 42,205 56,333 55,000
Admitted Applicants 3,404 3,304 Not Reported
Overall Admission Rate 8.1% 5.9% 4.4%

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Crimson Students Accepted into the University of Pennsylvania

32 students have already reported their acceptance to UPenn, and more are on the way.

All of the Crimson students accepted into the UPenn Class of 2026 deserve congratulations!

How Crimson Can Help you get into UPenn and other Top Universities

It is one of the most competitive schools in the world, according to US News. It will become more difficult to get into these prestigious universities as the population, particularly schools, grows.

Crimson Education helps gain admission to their . Crimson’s acceptance rates are rising despite sizable applicant pools and low acceptance rates at prestigious universities!

Here is a breakdown of the Class of 2026’s Ivy League acceptance numbers, which total more than 495 Crimson students.

  • 83 offers were made to the most competitive Ivies, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, and Penn, out of the 119 Crimson students.
  • UPenn extended several offers to its prestigious Huntsman Program and Wharton School of Business.
  • Stanford, MIT, UChicago, Duke, Northwestern, John Hopkins, and Caltech are among the 160 offers made to the top ten universities in the United States.
  • 81+ UC Berkeley and UCLA offers.
  • 399 offers to the US Top 25.

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Penn Class of 2027 Early Decision Acceptance Reactions


Will college admissions be easier for 2023?

Many degree-seeking students may discover that applying to colleges in 2023 is more difficult than in previous years. Especially at institutions known for their high selectivity level, trends like going test-optional, increasing diversity, and placing emphasis on demonstrated interest can make the admissions process competitive.

What is the easiest school to get into at UPenn?

Wharton (9% acceptance rate) is the most competitive school, while the UPenn School of Nursing (25% acceptance rate) is the least competitive of the four

What is UPenn acceptance rate 2022?

The total number of applications for the UPenn Class of 2022, when the Early Decision and Regular Decision pools are combined, is 44,482. In all, 3,731 of these students earned admission. This year’s overall acceptance rate for the university is 8. 4%.

Will Ivy Leagues require SAT 2023?

For the 2022–23 application cycle, all eight Ivy League schools will still have test-optional policies. High SAT scores are a plus, but colleges look at a number of other factors as well. Students should strive to achieve a score in the top 75 percent of those admitted.

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