University Of San Francisco Nursing Acceptance Rate

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First-Year Nursing Admission Statistics
Term Applications Admit Rate
Fall 2021 2,434 21.04%
Fall 2020 2,086 23.35%
Fall 2019 2,454 22.87%
Fall 2018 2,148 22.72%

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Each BSN class includes a significant number of transfer students, and admission is extremely competitive. Here’s everything you need to know to prepare.

We are grateful that you are considering joining the USF nursing community. There are a few elements that are well explained below, despite the fact that there is no exact formula for the ideal application.

We want your application to highlight both your academic prowess and your potential to become an understanding nurse. Knowing who you are and what you stand for is the first step toward changing the world, according to USF students.

Nursing is an intense course of study, requiring heavy focus. While our minimum eligibility GPA is 3. 3. Typically, we’re looking for students who go above and beyond the minimum standards.

The ideal applicant will have attained high academic standing in all of their college courses. Additionally, they will have passed with the highest grade possible on the first attempt all four prerequisite nursing courses (Anatomy with Lab, Physiology with Lab, Microbiology with Lab, and Intro or General Psychology). You’re welcome to attempt prerequisites again for a higher grade, but we’ll keep track of your retakes. We favor students who successfully complete these prerequisite courses in the first attempt with grades of B or higher.

With a preference for those who have most recently attended a community college, our BSN program is designed for students seeking their first bachelor’s degree. Consider our Masters Entry – Master of Science in Nursing (ME-MSN) program if you already hold a bachelor’s degree and are interested in studying nursing at USF.

There’s no one-size-fits-all pathway to being called to nursing. A personal statement and a nursing short answer question are required. We enquire further about your interest in working with veterans for the Sacramento program. Your opportunity to communicate with us in your own voice and share information that grades and scores cannot is provided by the required written responses. You should provide evidence of your compatibility with both our program and the nursing profession. These essays factor heavily into our selection process.

We also allow you to upload a resume optionally. You can tell us anything else you want by including a resume with your application, whether it be volunteer work, professional experience, or extracurricular activities. Although there are no requirements for volunteer experience or hours, we do want to learn more about you as a person outside of the classroom.

Nursing Admission Statistics (San Francisco)

We are a highly selective program, and each term we receive far more applications than there are openings. There is no set procedure for admission. Here are admission statistics from past years:

Term Applications Offered Admission Admit Rate GPA
Spring 2022 440 106 24% 3.80
Fall 2021 541 61 11.2% 3.79
Spring 2021 444 119 26.8% 3.85

Nursing Admission Statistics (Sacramento)

Term Applications Offered Admission Admit Rate GPA
Spring 2022 127 24 18.8% 3.65
Fall 2021 185 28 15.1% 3.57
Spring 2021 152 27 17.7% 3.63

USF uses a single application for the transfer nursing process if you are eligible. For both programs and both terms, applicants should:

  • By the application deadline, submit a transfer student application (select “Undergraduate Transfer” when beginning the application) along with the non-refundable application fee. The Common App is not accepted for the transfer BSN program.
  • Choose your program in the application: nursing for Sacramento or nursing (Veterans Affairs Partnership Program) for San Francisco.
  • Thoroughly answer the required personal statement and short answer questions.
  • Send individual transcripts from each college or university you have ever attended, regardless of whether you received course credit for them or not. The registrar’s office should send these documents directly to our Office of Admission.
  • A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be submitted if you want to apply for need-based financial aid.

We do not require or review the TEAs test. Letters of recommendation are not accepted.

Admission to USF’s BSN programs is highly selective. You must satisfy the following eligibility requirements in order to be admitted:

  • Your first bachelor’s degree should be your goal (students with a bachelor’s degree already should apply to USF’s Masters Entry – Master of Science in Nursing (ME-MSN) program).
  • possess a minimum of 30 semester or 45 quarter units of college-level coursework.
  • Have earned a minimum cumulative college GPA of 3. 0 for our Sacramento program and 3. 3 for our San Francisco program.
  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Have successfully completed or are currently enrolled in the following courses with a grade of B or higher within the last seven years: Microbiology with lab; Anatomy with lab; Physiology with lab; General or Introductory Psychology; Introduction to Statistics; Introduction to Sociology; (applicable only to Sacramento applicants applying for fall 2022 and beyond).
  • Have taken at least seven Core Curriculum classes by the time you apply (they can be listed as “in progress” on your transcript) for Spring applicants in Sacramento and San Francisco.

*If your college offers the anatomy and physiology courses in a sequence, we anticipate that you will have finished the entire two-semester sequence, for example, Anatomy and Physiology I and Anatomy and Physiology II. USF will accept an AP exam score of 4 or higher within the last seven years in lieu of a graded college course for the General or Introductory Psychology requirement.

You should have finished or be enrolled in these prerequisite courses by the time you apply to USF (i e. , listed as “in progress” on your transcript). Your admission offer is contingent on passing these courses with a grade of B or higher if you are admitted while they are still in session.

Keep in mind that meeting the requirements only qualifies you for consideration for the program; it does not guarantee your admission.

Transfer Nursing Dates and Deadlines

The application opens in August each year. We review all applications at the deadline. As early submission does not give you priority, we advise carefully considering your application rather than submitting it quickly. Applications that are received after the deadline or that are incomplete will still be taken into consideration for the upcoming term.

Fall Application Dates (San Francisco & Sacramento)

Fall Dates
Deadline to Apply March 1
All transcripts must be received by March 1
Decision Notification Begins Early April
Reply/Deposit Date within two weeks of offer*

Early April will see a roundup of all students’ admission standing. Before we run out of offers to make to candidates, we will continue to make offers.

Spring Application Dates (San Francisco & Sacramento)

Spring Dates
Deadline to Apply November 1
All transcripts must be received by November 1
Decision Notification Begins Early December
Reply/Deposit Date within two weeks of offer*

Mid-December will bring an update on each student’s admission standing. Before we run out of offers to make to candidates, we will continue to make offers. *In order to ensure that all enrollment-related next steps are completed successfully, you might be asked to respond to your offer within a shorter timeframe. Your deadline to accept your offer will be expressly stated in your admissions letter.

Transfer Credit Evaluator Image

Check out the transferable courses and how they relate to various degrees at USF. It will be easier for you to estimate your time on campus if you use this unofficial evaluation.

International students: This tool only evaluates credit from U. S. -based institutions. Please email international@usfca for more details on transferring credits from foreign institutions. edu.

  • We are unfortunately unable to pre-evaluate credit. However, each student is given a unique degree evaluation upon admission that outlines how credits transfer and what is still needed to receive a USF degree.
  • We are unfortunately unable to offer individual appointments. But we strongly advise you to go to a nursing information session!
  • You must submit a fresh application by the priority application deadline for your intended entry term in order to reapply. We will require updated official transcripts for those institutions if you have completed additional coursework since last applying.
  • The TEAs test is not a requirement for USF as part of the application procedure.
  • We do not offer an accelerated program in San Francisco. At a minimum, the program is three years (six semesters).
  • Students accepted into our San Francisco program in the fall will enroll in it for at least three and a half years. Students who are admitted in the spring will stay on our campus for at least three years. Sacramento Campus Students in our two-year Sacramento program attend classes in the fall, winter, spring, and summer terms, irrespective of their entry term.
  • Students must have received a D or better in the relevant course(s) in order for transfer credit to apply for Core Curriculum. Students must have received a C or higher in the relevant course(s) in order for transfer credit to apply to major coursework. Competitive nursing applicants have As or Bs in the following coursework, which is advised: anatomy with lab, physiology with lab, microbiology with lab, and psychology with lab. Repeated coursework is allowed for application purposes.
  • Yes, but priority goes to students seeking their first degree.

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Is it hard to get into USF nursing program?

Admission is competitive. Maintain a 3. 6 overall GPA. Complete the University of South Florida’s nursing prerequisite courses with a grade of “B” or higher.

Is University of San Francisco a good nursing school?

According to new rankings from U.S. News and World Report, USF graduate programs once again rank among the nation’s best. S. News & World Report. In the 2023 U. S. USF received high marks for its graduate programs in business, education, law, and nursing and health professions in the News Best Graduate Schools rankings released today.

Is SF State nursing hard to get into?

Since fall 1992, the SF State nursing program has been negatively impacted (more qualified students apply than the program can accept). Each academic year, 60 spots are typically filled from more than 1000 applications (20 in the fall and 40 in the spring). This program is for first degree applicants only.

What is the easiest nursing school to get into in California?

What is the easiest nursing school to get into in California? California State University%E2%80%94Bakersfield has an acceptance rate of 78%, which is higher than other schools in the state

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