University College London Acceptance Rate For International Students

The University College London has grown to be the third-largest university in London since it was founded in 1826 in London, United Kingdom. It’s also interesting to note that UCL was the first university to admit female applicants. Famous thinkers like James Mill and Henry Brougham, who took the initiative to found the university as a secular rival to Oxford and Cambridge, are among its founding members. It is a member of the Russell Group of Universities, which is a group of research universities known for their academic excellence. To help you decide whether it would be worth your time to apply to University College London, let’s look at its acceptance rate.

UCL Acceptance Rate 2021

The best university in London and one of the best in the world is University College London (UCL). University College London is the top multidisciplinary institutes in London. The University of London was the first university to admit women and applicants from all religious backgrounds. For some of the most popular courses to study in the UK, UCL’s acceptance rate is low. The QS World University Rankings for 2021 place University College London at number 10 out of the top 20 universities in the world. Students’ individual merit scores are taken into consideration when determining their admission to University College London. Therefore, the acceptance rate University College of London is 48%. (i. e) Out of 10 applicants only 5 will be selected. The acceptance rate for international students at University College London is competitive.

University College London Acceptance Rate for International Students

  • UCL acceptance rate 2020 was 48%. Even though UCL has a moderate acceptance rate, it can be difficult for international students to get accepted into any of the degrees.
  • UCL acceptance rate for postgraduate is 38%. This acceptance rate is valid for all taught and research postgraduate programs. Two of the five applicants for a program have a chance to receive their University of London admit cards.
  • The University College London acceptance rate undergraduate is 47. 9% which means that out of 10 students, 5 students will get admission in UCL

University College London Acceptance Rate for Masters

Master’s acceptance rates at University College London are higher than those at other UK universities. The acceptance rate for masters in University College London is 38% The most difficult courses at UCL are those in banking, with a 6 acceptance rate. 2%. Least Competitive Courses at UCL is MBA which has an acceptance rate of 92% Acceptance rate for Physics in UK is 89%. Accordingly, there is a moderate level of competition for the master’s degree that the university will award, according to statistics from the University College London acceptance rate.

Masters in Banking 6 MOST COMPETITIVE UCL MASTERS ACCEPTANCE RATE UCL OFFER RATE 2% Masters in Architecture in UK 7% Biology in UK 8% Statistics in UK 9% Financial Risk Management in UK 9 3% Masters in Economics in UK 10% Mathematics in UK 11% Masters in Data Science in UK 13% Masters in Machine Learning in UK 13% Creative Writing in UK 14%

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There are many reputable taught and research-focused postgraduate programs at UCL. It has more than 190 research-oriented programs in Ph. D.

MOST COMPETITIVE PhD ACCEPTANCE RATE AT UCL UCL OFFER RATE Artificial Intelligence in UK 5% Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience in UK 5 7% Psychology in UK 4. 8% Biomedical Science in UK 9% Economics in UK 14% PhD Law 19% Physics in UK 21%

University College London Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Programs

Fine arts in the UK 4 to 6 MOST COMPETITIVE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON UNDERGRADUATE ACCEPTANCE RATE UUCL OFFER RATE 2021 1% BSc Architecture 6. 1% BSc Computer Science 13% Law in UK 17% BSc Economics in UK 21% Statistics in UK 21% Psychology in UK 23% Biomedical Science in UK 27%

The requirements for admission to University College London may change depending on the master’s program chosen in the UK. One of the top universities in the UK for international students is UCL. Therefore University College London acceptance rate 2021 is moderately competitive. Students have better chances of selection if they have a clear understanding of the University College London acceptance rate for undergraduate programs. Still, call our GoUK experts right away if you have any questions about the University College London acceptance rate. We will aid you in realizing your desire to attend University College London and direct you as you navigate the application process.

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University College London Acceptance Rate For International Students

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Is it hard to get into UCL as an international student?

Information for international students considering enrolling at UCL in London We have 18,000 international students, and many of our instructors are top academics in their fields.

Does University College London accept international students?

Prior to enrolling in UCL, you should typically have completed or anticipate completing two years of university-level study. A cumulative GPA of 3 is typically the minimum requirement for admission. 3 / 4. 0 (or equivalent), but some subjects call for a minimum of a 3 7 and may have additional prerequisites.

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