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Update my information Admissions officers are waiting to hear from you at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Your application has been sent to Gillings School of Global Public Health.

Gillings School of Global Public Health is situated in a suburban environment in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Highlight skills, public health focus in application

The online [email protected] is an interdisciplinary degree, Rice notes, just like any other undergraduate or graduate public health program. Instead of emphasizing their prior experience, applicants should emphasize why they want to focus on public health.

Rice says that rather than a very specific level of undergraduate training, “we’re looking for skill attainment.” “We have students who have majored in French history. Since undergraduate public health is a relatively new field, some of our students have chosen to major in it. ”.

Although students from all over the country and the world attend the online program, most of them reside in North Carolina. Since we are a state institution with a strong regional focus, a majority of our students are from North Carolina, even if they are not from the Raleigh-Durham region, according to Gihlstorf.

The online MPH program at UNC allows students to enroll part-time, in contrast to the residential MPH program. These students are typically older than the residential students because many online MPH students are working professionals. Some 90% of online students attend the program part-time.

According to Gihlstorf, most students either want to enter the field of public health or want to keep their current job while gaining public health skills.

Gihlstorf states, “We have a number of professionals who want to have that public health focus, whether they are dentists, doctors, physical therapists, or EMTs.” “They might get a promotion, but their goal was to stay put while expanding their knowledge,” ”.

There is no cap on the number of students the [email protected] program can accept because it is an online program. According to Gihlstorf, if a student meets the requirements for admission, they will be accepted, and we have the capacity to scale the program to accommodate that number of students.

Expect the online [email protected] program to mimic the residential experience

If you believe that the online MPH program at UNC is simpler than the residential program, you should reconsider.

According to Rice, the entire curriculum is identical to that taught in residential settings. “There really is no difference. We haven’t created different classes just for our online format. This is the same training that students get residentially. ”.

In the “flipped classroom” model used by UNC’s online MPH program, students complete asynchronous pre-work on their own time during the week before meeting online once a week for live sessions with classmates and an instructor.

The live session instruction is typically handled by instructors who are practitioners and can enliven the curriculum with real-world examples. Full-time Gillings instructors create the curriculum and record the asynchronous learning materials. Each student is also given a faculty mentor who provides advice and feedback on their academic work and career choices.

Students can take up to five years to finish the degree program and move forward at their own pace. Most students graduate after seven terms on average, which, with three terms of 13 weeks each, equates to about two and a half years. However, students concentrating in dietetics are an exception, and they follow a two-year lockstep program.

Gihlstorf claims that working professionals benefit from the online program’s flexibility. “You don’t have to quit your job,” she says. You can complete this at your own pace, taking one, two, or three classes each term. ”.

Review scholarships and financial aid options available to applicants

As with most of the master’s level programs at UNC, the financial aid available to online MPH students is primarily loans. Applicants fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form through UNC’s financial aid office, which calculates potential need. Some military affiliated students utilize military education benefits to help fund their education. A smaller group have access to employer funding or tuition reimbursement from their employer.

The program also offers discipline-specific or funder-sponsored awards for which students can either be nominated by their concentration or they can self-nominated if they meet the award’s criteria. These awards are competitive and are offered on an annual basis. In past terms, UNC has offered a $12,000 blanket scholarship to [email protected] attendees; while that funding has now expired, similar funding may be available in the future.

The ability to work while pursuing an online MPH degree can lessen the financial burden, even though most students end up paying for it. Additionally, students who choose to attend school online don’t have to give up on the program’s academic rigor.

The Gillings School of Global Public Health: We’re on it!


Is UNC Gillings a good school?

The Gillings School is one of the best public health colleges and programs, according to U S. News since the publication’s 1987 initial ranking of public health institutions

Is UNC-Chapel Hill grad school hard to get into?

Graduate school admission is competitive, and candidates are chosen based on their academic aptitude, ability, and program fit. For some programs, an on-site preadmissions interview may be required. Early communication with your desired program can help you with application preparation.

What is UNC-Chapel Hill acceptance rate?

Aim for a GPA of at least 4. 39, a 33 on the ACT, or a 1470 on the SAT. UNC-Chapel Hill does not require test scores, so if you don’t get one you’re happy with, you need not submit it with your application.

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