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An online master’s degree in computer science positions graduates to take advantage of the incredible opportunities in the information technology sector.

The U. S. Between 2020 and 2030, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipates the addition of more than 660,000 new computer-related jobs. Some of the most sought-after positions among them can be attained with a graduate degree in computer science.

Graduates with a master’s degree are prepared for careers in big data, cloud computing, software development, and cybersecurity, some of the most vital and rapidly expanding IT fields. Here, we list the top master’s degree programs in computer science available nationwide. We also look more closely at the degree levels and computer science discipline.

1) What is the Online MCS?

A professional, non-thesis Master of Computer Science degree is available online with the Online MCS, which calls for 32 credits of coursework. The eight required courses for the Online MCS can be finished by students at their own pace in as little as one year or as long as five years. Students watch lectures on the Coursera platform, but Illinois professors and teaching assistants counsel and grade them on a demanding set of assignments, projects, and exams necessary for college credit.

2) What is the MCS-DS?

Data science courses can satisfy the requirements for the MCS-DS, a focused track of the Online MCS. The MCS-DS is a professional degree program based on coursework that develops expertise in fundamental areas of computer science like data mining, machine learning, cloud computing, and data visualization as well as statistics and information science.

3) What will appear on the diploma or transcript?

The diploma and transcripts will only say “Master of Computer Science” because the coursework for both the Online MCS and the MCS-DS track satisfies the requirements for our Master of Computer Science degree. (They won’t mention data science for MCS-DS or the online delivery method.) ).

4) How is the Online MCS offered?

The Online MCS is a 100% online degree offered through the Coursera MOOC platform Students must pass 8 credit-bearing University of Illinois courses worth a total of 32 credit hours in order to fulfill the requirements for their degree. Each credit-bearing MCS-DS course is offered over three semesters (fall, spring, and summer). Although some courses may be shorter, each course may last the full 15 weeks of a semester.

5) How is an Online MCS course offered using the Coursera MOOC platform?

Two shorter Coursera MOOC courses lasting 4-6 weeks make up each credit-bearing semester-based Online MCS course, along with additional credit-bearing elements like exams and/or projects. The two Coursera MOOC courses offer peer and automatically graded quizzes and assignments in addition to the lecture and lesson videos from the Online MCS course.

6) How are Online MCS courses different than typical Coursera MOOC courses?

The University of Illinois faculty and staff can evaluate submitted work in addition to the requirements of the Coursera MOOC courses thanks to the credit-bearing components for each Online MCS course. Students registered for University of Illinois credit receive direction, counsel, and criticism on submitted assignments, projects, and exams from faculty and staff.

7) Do the two Coursera MOOC courses need to be taken concurrently with the for-credit portion of an Online MCS course?

Although it is not necessary, we advise taking them all at the same time. Before finishing the Online MCS for credit course, a student can finish one or both of the Coursera MOOCs. When enrolling in the Online MCS offering of a course, any assignment that was only peer- or automatically-graded for a prior Coursera MOOC version of the course may be re-submitted for consideration by the faculty and staff to satisfy the requirements to confer university credit. However, the content of for-credit courses may be updated and revised for the purpose of improving the course, rendering previously completed MOOC assignments incompatible with the degree requirements. In these cases, students must finish their current assignments in order to meet the requirements of the for-credit course in which they are enrolled.

8) I completed a Coursera specialization. Will I earn graduate credit at the University of Illinois?

The Online MCS program’s associated Coursera MOOC courses and specializations cannot be completed by themselves to earn graduate credits for the degree. To receive graduate credit, students must be enrolled in semester-based, credit-bearing Online MCS courses at the University of Illinois.

9) Are students expected to be proficient in a particular programming language?

For admission to any Master of Computer Science program, students must be skilled programmers. At the master’s level, students are expected to independently learn new programming languages as needed in order to hone their ability to use the right programming tool to address a specific issue.

Each of the courses will have specific programming language requirements. While Statistical Programming in R is also based on the R programming language but offers an introduction to it, Applied Machine Learning requires students to be proficient in the R programming language. Writing low-level kernel functions in Cloud Computing Concepts calls for students to be skilled in C programming, whereas calling library functions in Text Information Systems requires students to have a working knowledge of C. Python can be used to complete cloud computing applications, but Java is recommended because it is the main language used for production cloud application programming. Programming in JavaScript is used in Data Visualization, but before JavaScript is used in the course, students are given tutorials and time to learn it. Many other courses employ more advanced scripting languages like Python.

10) How do students apply for the Online MCS or MCS-DS?

Please see the application deadlines posted on our website.

11) What if my undergraduate GPA is less than 0 (on a 4.0 scale)?

University campus policy requires a GPA of 3. 0 (on a 4. Admission to any graduate program requires a GPA of 3.0 or higher for the final two years of undergraduate study, but candidates for the MCS degree typically have a GPA higher than 3. 2. Applications with GPAs that are on the edge but otherwise have a track record of exceptional accomplishments will be reviewed by the admissions committee. Although it’s more likely that applicants with GPAs below 3 Due to the competitiveness of the applicant pool and cohort size, it is anticipated that the number of students admitted to the MCS-DS program will be low. Before submitting an application, those who don’t meet the program’s minimum GPA requirements are urged to conduct a candid self-evaluation.

12) When do Online MCS classes start?

Online MCS classes follow the standard academic calendar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

13) What classes are offered for the Online MCS and MCS-DS?

Here is a list of the courses offered for the Online MCS. A list of courses for the MCS-DS is available here.

14) Will non-degree graduate students be able to take Online MCS courses?

Non-degree students may enroll in Online MCS courses, but enrollment will be capped at the available space once Online MCS students have registered.

15) Is financial aid available for Online MCS or MCS-DS students?

Illinois Computer Science does not offer research or teaching assistantships to students enrolled in our online programs, including the Online MCS and MCS-DS. Domestic students may qualify for Federal Student Aid.

16) Do international students in this program receive an I-20?

No. All requirements in the MCS-DS program are satisfied online. There are no prerequisites for any degree that force students to show up on campus. As such, no I-20s are issued.

17) How can I get more information about the Online MCS and MCS-DS?

Fill out Coursera’s Interest Form for the Online MCS or the separate Form for the MCS-DS to subscribe to updates. For specific questions about the Illinois degree options, email online-mcs@cs. illinois. edu.

18) I have reviewed all information on the website and have remaining questions. Can I speak with an advisor?

Please review all information available on our website. You can also email us at online-mcs@cs. illinois. edu. Except on campus holidays, an advisor will be accessible online every Friday from 10:00 to 11:00 UTC. S. Central Time to help answer your questions.

  • Due to campus holidays, advising will not be available on June 17, 2022, August 5, 2022, November 25, 2022, or December 30, 2022.

Several options are available to join these sessions.

  • Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:​
  • Or one-tap mobile: +16699006833,,537909850# US (San Jose) or +19292056099,,537909850# US (New York) .
  • Alternatively, call (for better quality, dial a number based on your current location): 1 929 205 6099 US (New York) or 1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose). The meeting ID is 537 909 850. us/u/aboFoPVVco .

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My Final Thoughts on the Illinois MCS Program


Is UIUC MCS worth it?

However, since a professional degree, MCS may not give you the research and publication opportunities that are a significant factor in determining your candidacy. As a result, after MCS, you will have a master’s degree, a stellar institution on your resume, and greater access to employers. I would suggest to go ahead.

Is University of Illinois online Masters good?

Comments: simply the best course I’ve taken. Well organized, the instructor is not reading off the script. A lot of work each week, an exam, a project, and an excellent learning environment overall Basic Machine Learning concepts are covered in this excellent introduction to data science and statistics course.

What is UIUC CS acceptance rate?

It%27s also worth noting that the admit rate to the computer science major at UIUC is roughly 7% That’s not to say you shouldn’t apply; just be aware that the program is extremely competitive.

How do you get into MCS UIUC?

If you graduated from Illinois with a 3.0 GPA in a CS or CS X major or minor 0 in your final two years of undergraduate study and a GPA of 3 You will be admitted to our online MCS or MCS in Data Science (MCS-DS) programs with a grade of 2 or higher in CS courses.

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