Uic Architecture Acceptance Rate

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Chicago, Illinois is home to the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts, which is situated in an urban area.

Approximately 40-60 percent

Applicant FAQs

Which program should I apply to?

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BSArch) and the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Architectural Studies are the two undergraduate degrees offered by the School of Architecture. The four-year pre-professional BSArch program consists of eight semesters of studio coursework. Students should apply to the BSArch program if they know they want to study architecture and would enroll as first-year students.

For juniors and seniors, both those who are currently enrolled at UIC and those who are transferring from another institution, the BA is an upper-level program. The BA program prepares students to pursue a professional (graduate-level) degree while introducing them to the design studio and culture of architecture.

Both programs’ graduates can find employment in architecture and related fields, but BSArch students are more likely to be hired in design-focused positions because they have significantly more design studio experience.

Do I need to have a portfolio to apply to the School of Architecture’s undergraduate programs?

No portfolios are required for first-year applicants to the Bachelor of Science in Architecture or Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies programs. Only candidates seeking advanced placement in the undergraduate architecture studio sequence are required to submit a portfolio. Refer to the portfolio requirements page for guidelines on portfolio content and format.

Should I write an essay and what should it cover?

Yes. Two essays must be written as part of your application. One essay will be written in response to a general question about your motivations for applying to the university, and the other will be focused on the particular program you are applying to. Our admissions committee places a lot of weight on your program essay; use it to discuss your unique interest in architecture as well as your academic and career aspirations in the field. We carefully analyzed these essays to learn more about you as a creative student.

Do I need experience in architecture to be accepted?

We don’t require students to have any prior industry experience before enrolling in our undergraduate programs; in fact, we welcome students who arrive without any preconceived notions. Please be aware, though, that Arch 200 is a requirement for admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies. Arch 200 is a prerequisite for BA applicants who are currently enrolled at UIC; those who are transferring from other institutions can take Arch 200 during their first year here.

Program FAQs

What types of technology are needed for the program? Do I need any prior software experience before I begin?

No, we don’t demand that students enter our courses knowing a certain level of technology. Each semester, instructors will get in touch with you with more details about the tools and software you need to complete each course.

What should I know about the instructors and the faculty?

The school gets a lot of its inspiration from its distinguished, international faculty, 40% of whom were born or received their education abroad. Every year, the majority of our faculty teach studio classes to undergraduate students. The faculty to student ratio in studio courses is typically one to twelve. On our Faculty and Staff profiles page, you can read more about the interests and research of each faculty member.

What will I learn in studio classes?

The first-year studio curriculum introduces methods for analyzing and designing at architectural and urban scales using analog drawing, models, and digital software. Students become familiar with ideas like form, space, proportion, and scale through design exercises that emphasize critical observation and thinking techniques and build on one another. Eight studio courses, one per semester, are required of BSArch students in a special sequence that is intended to advance your design skills and give you a competitive edge when applying to professional master’s programs. Because of their studio experience, our Bachelor of Science graduates can manage design projects and succeed in the workplace without a master’s degree. BA students take the first two studios in the sequence.

Will I be able to get an internship?

Yes. Although internships are not required, the school and the greater Chicago area architecture community offer a wide range of opportunities.

What can I do with my degree?

What if I want to get licensed?

Our undergrad graduates must earn a professional Master of Architecture degree in order to be licensed because the school’s undergraduate degrees are pre-professional. Due to UIC’s studio-based curriculum, BSArch students are better prepared to apply for advanced standing in professional programs, which may necessitate a shorter time commitment than the typical three years. The three-year Master of Architecture programs, like the one at UIC, would be pleased with the portfolio that graduates of the BA in Architectural Studies program would have. Our graduates attend the most prestigious universities in the nation, including Princeton, UCLA, the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Columbia, and MIT, with about one-third of them being graduate students.

UIC College of Architecture Design


Is UIC a good Architecture school?

UIC Architecture Rankings The bachelor’s program at UIC was ranked #47 on College Factual’s Best Schools for architecture list. It is also ranked #1 in Illinois.

Does UIC have an Architecture program?

Highlights of the Program A pre-professional education in architecture, the four-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture program combines liberal arts courses with an eight-semester studio sequence in architecture and urbanism. The sequence is supported by coursework in technology and theory.

Is UIC architecture accredited?

The School of Architecture offers three graduate degrees: an academic Master of Arts in Design Criticism (MAD-Crit), a professional Master of Architecture degree (MArch) with NAAB accreditation, and a post-professional Master of Science in Architecture degree (MSArch).

What GPA does UIC require?

A minimum 2. For transfer applicants, a minimum GPA of 50 across all attempted college courses is advised. Please be aware that while it is not a requirement for admission, we do recommend it as a minimum when thinking about applying to UIC.

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