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Step 4: Discuss the degree requirements for your intended major with a UH Transfer Advisor during your meeting with them.

Step 8: Immediately after receiving your acceptance package, register for an Advising and Registration for Transfers Session (ART).


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Transfer to University of Houston, a top-tier institution with over 120 degree options and eminent academics. When you enroll at UH, you join one of the most diverse student populations in the nation. Our forward-thinking faculty will support you in realizing your ambitions, whether you want to innovate as an engineer or improve lives through health care.

Review our requirements for transfer students if you’re unsure whether you should apply.

Keep Your Credit Hours.

The University of Houston accepts coursework from countless colleges and universities.

Transfer students at the University of Houston typically finish their degrees in one to two years.

The University of Houston’s tuition is less expensive than private universities because it is a public institution.

Our virtual admissions counselors are here to assist you as you navigate the transfer procedure.

You should be given as much credit as possible for the work you did at your previous employer. The University of Houston’s new Transfer Credit Estimator is here to help you determine how many course credits will transfer to your desired degree program.

Important Dates and Deadlines

*Supporting documentation consists of the application fee and official transcripts from all institutions attended.

Use ApplyTexas or the Common App to apply. Submit just one application.

Pay the $75 application fee. (It’s $90 for international students. It is possible to make payment in your myUH self-service portal or before submitting the admissions application.

Submit official college transcripts from all colleges or universities attended. Request that the registrar of your college or university send your transcript information electronically using an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system, e. g. Speede.

Check your application status in your my.uh.edu self-service portal.

Register for Transfer Orientation in your my.uh.edu self-service portal.

  • What are the prerequisites for admission for transfer students? Transferable courses are college-level courses from institutions with regional accreditation. The Office of Admissions will compute your cumulative GPA for all transferable college-level courses from all of the institutions you have attended in order to determine your eligibility. For repeated courses, the cumulative GPA will be calculated using the grades from all attempted courses. The cumulative GPA is only used for admission and won’t carry over to your UH GPA. Hours of College-Level Credit Earned Minimum Required Cumulative GPA Freshman Admission 0–14 Students must meet freshman admission requirements Assured Admission 15 or more Students must meet freshman admission requirements 5 Individual Review* 15 or more 2. 25 – 2. 49 *If you don’t meet the guaranteed admissions requirements, we may take other factors into account when making the decision to admit you. If we need additional supporting materials, we’ll ask you for them. Aside from the aforementioned requirements, some majors have additional ones. For more information, visit uh. edu/transfer-majors-ar.
  • The University of Houston will compute your cumulative GPA for all transferable college-level courses from all of your previous institutions. For repeated courses, the cumulative GPA will be calculated using the grades from all attempted courses. We do not count developmental coursework. The cumulative GPA is only used for admission and won’t carry over to your UH GPA.
  • Use our Transfer Credit Estimator, a brand-new tool created to assist you in estimating how your course credits may transfer to the major and degree program of your choice. Please call the Transfer Advising Program (TAP) at (832) 842-4632 for more details on transferable credit or advising assistance.
  • How much time will it take me to finish my degree program? Transfer students typically finish their bachelor’s degree in 1-2 years. The number of credits you transfer to UH affects how long it will take you to finish your degree. Start putting your degree plan together by utilizing our Transfer Credit Estimator.
  • Use our application term change request form to move your application to the following open term. Please be aware that only applicants (not students who have received decisions) may submit a request. Instead of submitting a new application, applicants must submit a request by the deadline for the new application term. Submit the Application Term Change Request form.
  • Living on campus is a great option if you want to learn and develop in your own space. We can’t wait to welcome you home with a variety of housing options to suit your campus experience!
  • Get Involved550+ student organizations. 35+ fraternities and sororities. 100+ multi-cultural organizations. 15 intercollegiate sports teams. Whatever your identity, we have a lot to offer. You’ll therefore have plenty to do between classes and creating lifelong memories.
  • Virtual Campus Visits with a GuideThe Office of Admissions now provides virtual campus tours. Sign up for the chance to have a UH student ambassador give you a live campus tour and have an admissions representative give you a quick informational meeting. This visit is approximately 30 minutes.

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Admissions Breakout: Applying as a Transfer Student


What GPA do you need to transfer to UH?

Minimum GPA: If you have a cumulative minimum GPA of 2, you are eligible to apply for a transfer. 5, you are assured admission. If your cumulative GPA is 2. 25-2. 49, admission will be based on individual review.

Is it easier to get accepted as a transfer student?

The first thing you should be aware of is that acceptance rates for college transfers are lower than those for freshmen. According to NACAC%27s 2019 State of College Admission report, the average admit rate for transfer students was 61% compared to 66% for freshmen

What is the easiest University to transfer to?

Colleges Transfer Acceptance Rates
  • University of Wyoming – 97%
  • Washington & Jefferson College – 95%
  • University of Tennessee at Chattanooga – 94%
  • Old Dominion University – 92%
  • University of Oklahoma – 92%
  • University of North Carolina at Asheville – 91%
  • University of Kansas – 90%
  • East Carolina University – 89%

Which University has the highest transfer rate?

Schools With Favorable Transfer Admission Rates
Rank School Transfer Accept %
1 Emory 33.7
2 Vanderbilt 17.6
3 UNC 46.9
4 Georgia Tech 40.7

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