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Last year, 1,497 students filed appeals, out of which 70 cases, or less than 5 percent, were then admitted as undergraduates, said Vu Tran, director of undergraduate admissions.

Before You Submit an Appeal

Admission decisions are rarely overturned because all applicants are so thoroughly evaluated in numerous in-depth reviews. An appeal must disclose new academic and personal information, as well as information about extenuating circumstances, that was not included in the application for it to have merit.

Information that was not previously presented in the original application is what we refer to as “new” information when we talk about presenting it (e g. classes that should have been listed as AP or Honors but weren’t, additional coursework, etc. information that amplifies prior evidence and demonstrates the student’s strength Since decisions are based on academic information that was available at the time of application, high grades received in the senior year, recent awards, or additional extracurricular activities are not grounds for reversing a decision.

Rarely, students may need to travel to Los Angeles due to a personal hardship. Since there are numerous other colleges in the Los Angeles region, this alone does not justify changing an admissions decision. An additional review of an applicant would be possible based on the applicant’s academic qualifications and the specific hardship listed. Please be prepared to provide documentation if you base your appeal on an emergency or sudden need.

Online submissions for appeals are accepted from April 1 through April 15 (5:00 p m. ).

As many institutions require applicants to commit by May 1, please be aware that we cannot guarantee a response by that date. We urge applicants to carefully weigh all of their educational options.

Attending UCLA as a Transfer Student

Entering UCLA as a freshman is not your only option. Additionally, transfer students who have finished their first two years of college at another institution are welcome to apply.

While we welcome applications from students attending other four-year institutions, we give priority to UC transfer students and students from California community colleges. Numerous of these schools offer unique programs to assist students in getting ready to transfer to UCLA or other four-year universities.

Fall 2023 UCLA Appeal Process


Does appealing to UCLA work?

Appeals to Freshman Admission Decisions. UCLA does not reserve seats in our class for applicants who file an appeal. As a result, even though each appeal is evaluated individually, few decisions are typically overturned on appeal.

How long do UCLA appeals take?

Typically, UCLA responds to appeals within three (3) weeks of receiving them. We cannot, however, promise a response by May 1, the deadline many institutions set for applicants to commit. We encourage applicants to consider all of their educational options.

How do I appeal a UCLA admission decision?

An appeal must present new information about the applicant’s academic standing, personal characteristics, and extenuating circumstances that were not included in the application for it to have merit. This new information must demonstrate the applicant’s greater strength than was previously demonstrated.

Is it worth it to appeal an admission decision?

Even though reversals are uncommon, some colleges give students the chance to appeal rejections, so it might be worthwhile to do so. There’s a chance your appeal will be successful if the circumstances surrounding your initial admissions have significantly changed and you believe you have a strong case.

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