Uc Irvine Computer Science Acceptance Rate

The University of California Irvine is ranked third in the US among the universities that receive the most applications. You must be aware of UCI’s acceptance rate, transfer acceptance rate, and admission requirements if you intend to pursue higher education there.

This article offers advice to increase your chances of success as well as comprehensive details on the UCI acceptance rate in 2021. First, let’s have a quick overview of the university.

With an acceptance rate of 30%, UC Irvine is one of the most selective schools in the country.

Is UC Irvine difficult to get into?

UC Irvine can be extremely selective when it comes to admissions, but getting in is still possible. What else would you expect from one of the top 50 colleges in the country, which receives thousands of applications each year?

It’s ironic that you can check off every box and still be rejected or placed on a waitlist. Since UCI does not believe they are a perfect fit, some people accuse the university of yield protection.

The majority of applicants have sufficient grades and GPAs, so focusing on strengthening their essays and extracurricular activities seems to be the best course of action. Just be more competitive.

There is also the option of transferring, which will lower your costs and improve your chances of admission, particularly if you attend a community college in California. For example, a 3. You must have a 40 unweighted GPA to be eligible for the TAG program; a first-year applicant cannot.

Finally, your major will determine how challenging it is for you to get into UCI. You need to have more than just great grades to succeed in competitive majors like nursing, computer science, and others.

UC Irvine acceptance rate

The UC Irvine acceptance rate for 2022 is 20. 99%. This implies that only 21 out of every 100 applicants are accepted.

For the class of 2026, it received 22,843 transfer applications and 119,165 applications from freshmen. This sums up to over 142,000 applications.

Year Acceptance Rate
2019 26.5%
2020 29.9%
2021 28.9%
2022 21.0%

Based on residency, UC Irvine’s out-of-state acceptance rate is 73. 9%. The acceptance rate for international students is 37. 8% while that of California residents is 20. 1%.

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UC Irvine transfer acceptance rate 2022

UC Irvine has a transfer acceptance rate of 40. 7% for 2022 with a 30% yield. According to this, only about 41 out of every 100 transfer applicants are accepted, and of those, 12 accept the admission offer.

We found a 13 percent increase at UCI in the transfer admit data for 2022 compared to the prior year. 7% decrease in the number of transfer applications and a 3% increase in the transfer acceptance rate

Note: Prior to applying, 60 UC transferable semester units must have been finished. Additionally, it’s crucial to specify your major in your application.

UC Irvine acceptance rate by major

Major Acceptance Rate
Aerospace Engineering 25.2%
African-American Studies 24.5%
Anthropology 33.2%
Applied Physics 51.8%
Art 29.0%
Art History 45.2%
Asian American Studies 27.7%
Biological Sciences 34.9%
Biology/Education 22.3%
Biomedical Engineering 36.7%
Business Administration 16.5%
Business Economics 28.6%
Business Information Management 8.0%
Chemical Engineering 58.3%
Chemistry 30.6%
Chicano/Latino Studies 18.6%
Chinese Studies 34.1%
Civil Engineering 29.0%
Cognitive Sciences 38.0%
Comparative Literature 42.9%
Computer Engineering 32.3%
Computer Science 7.1%
Computer Science and Engineering 40.4%
Criminology, Law, and Society 23.7%
Dance 49.8%
Data Science 26.8%
Drama 31.1%
Earth System Science 61.2%
East Asian Cultures 39.1%
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 31.2%
Economics 22.2%
Education Science 31.7%
Electrical Engineering 30.9%
English 29.9%
Environmental Engineering 40.4%
Film and Media Studies 19.0%
French 35.1%
Global Cultures 38.1%
History 13.4%
Informatics 20.0%
International Studies 39.1%
Literary Journalism 29.0%
Mechanical Engineering 22.1%
Music 34.6%
Nursing Science 1.6%
Pharmaceutical Sciences 51.5%
Philosophy 38.2%
Physics 52.6%
Political Science 34.0%
Psychology 28.6%
Social Ecology 32.1%
Sociology 34.2%
Software Engineering 22.4%
Urban Studies 36.1%

Who gets into UCI?

These are the individuals who are offered admission to study at UC Irvine for the fall of 2021, per UCI’s admit data.


  • 56.88% Female
  • 41.01% Male
  • 1.53% Undeclared
  • 0.58% Nonbinary


  • 50.29% California residents
  • 26.44% Out-of-state students
  • 22.11% International students


  • American Indian/Alaskan Native – 0.15%
  • Asian/Asian American – 29.52%
  • Black, non-Hispanic – 2.68%
  • Hispanic – 21.05%
  • Pacific Highlander – 0.10%
  • White, non-Hispanic – 15.59%
  • 2 or more ethnicities (URM) – 2.34%
  • 2 or more ethnicities (non-URM) – 3.71%
  • Unknown – 2.75%
  • International – 22.11%

SAT and ACT Averages

Some students still submit their standardized test results even though UC Irvine does not use them for admission or scholarship consideration.

Test Average Score
ACT Composite 27
ACT English 29
SAT Verbal 649
SAT Maths 676
SAT Total 1325

What GPA do you need to get into UCI?

California residents enrolled in their first year of college must have a minimum GPA of 3. 0 while non-residents need a 3. 4 GPA to apply. However, you need at least a 3. 95 GPA on a 4. 0 scale to get in.

On the other hand, in-state students need a 2. 4 GPA while non-Californians need a minimum GPA of 2. 8 to transfer to the University of California Irvine.

Students transferring from a California community college to UCI have a 3 median GPA. 80. That’s enough to apply for the TAG program.

What does UCI look for in applicants?

Here are some of the most significant selection criteria used by the UC Irvine admissions committee.

1. GPA. Your GPA is a very good indicator of how well you did in school, whether it was high school or another institution. Although the 15 A-G subject courses at UCI must be passed with a C or better, you need a lot of As to stay competitive.

Being the top student in your class may also give you an advantage over other applicants, especially if you live in California.

2. Residency. UC Irvine accepts more out-of-state students than California residents, despite the fact that most universities in the University of California system give preference to in-state students. As a result, it is among the UC system’s institutions with the best oos policies.

This might be because non-residents pay about three times as much for attendance as residents do, making them the cash cows. Note that this does not change the fact that a sizable portion of its student body is made up of residents of the state.

3. Personal Statement. Applicants must respond to 4 of the 8 questions on the UC application. Answers must not exceed 350 words each.

Most applicants ignore this section of the application and simply type a canned response they found online. Though mostly overlooked, it is an opportunity to distinguish yourself.

4. Extracurriculars. Activities that complement the academic program and are crucial if you want to get into UC Irvine include sports, educational clubs, community service, and the display of leadership abilities, among others. You might need to step up your game if you don’t have any extracurricular activities because most applicants do.

5. Honors credits. All schools in the UC system typically give serious consideration to students who enroll in rigorous honors courses like Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB). Students who do well on any of these exams will be given credit toward their UCI graduation.

6. English Proficiency (for international students). Proof of English language proficiency is required for admissions from international students who attended schools where English wasn’t the primary language of instruction.

IELTS, TOEFL, DET, and other exams are accepted by UCI for admission. Also, the score must be self-reported in the UC application.

By now, you are aware of UC Irvine’s freshman and transfer admissions requirements as well as its acceptance rate for the class of 2026. Nearly two times as many transfer students choose UCI as first-year students do.

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Uc Irvine Computer Science Acceptance Rate

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How hard is it to get into UCI Computer Science?

UCI acceptance rate Applications: 119,165. Acceptances: 25,023. Matriculants: ~9,300. Acceptance rate: 21%.

Is UC Irvine good for Computer Science?

UCI Ranked 24th in Undergraduate Computer Science Programs by U. S. News & World Report. The 2022-23 U. S. News

What is the easiest major to get into at UCI?

10 Easiest Majors to Transfer into UC IrvineMAJORMID-RANGE GPAADMIT RATEPhilosophy3. 26 – 3. 7366%Psychology and Social Behavior3. 25 – 3. 7366%Public Health Policy3. 25 – 3. 7071%Anthropology3. 20 – 3. 6466%.

Is it harder to get into UCLA or UCI?

If you’re only considering acceptance rates, UCLA is more difficult to get into than which school. However, each college seeks to enroll a diverse group of freshmen with a range of skills, backgrounds, etc.

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