Tsinghua University Acceptance Rate

One of the institutions that doesn’t provide information on acceptance rates is Tsinghua University. This might occur because a university offers courses in which enrollment is contingent only upon meeting admissions requirements and not necessarily on competition with other students.

Based on admission data from closely ranked nearby universities with comparable research profiles that do publish such data, we estimate the aforementioned acceptance rate.

Chinese and International Admissions

Because there are so many students in China and Peking and Tsinghua Universities are the top two universities in China, the competition for Chinese students applying to Tsinghua and Peking Universities is fierce. Because there is less competition than there is for Chinese students, the application process for international students is a little simpler.

However, because the admissions standards are higher at Chinese universities, the application process is still much more challenging for international students. Only the best of the best will be accepted by Tsinghua and Peking. Qualified international students applying to Tsinghua or Peking University who are recommended through China Admissions%E2%80%99 services have over a 95% acceptance rate MBA and MBBS programs are the most difficult to get into, while Chinese language programs are the easiest.

Due to the large number of highly qualified foreign applicants, international graduate-level programs like the Yenching Academy and Schwarzman Scholars at Tsinghua and Peking University are also quite competitive.

Your chances of enrolling in prestigious Chinese universities like Tsinghua or Peking can be improved by:

  • Using the application services provided by China Admissions to help you determine your eligibility for a top university and create a strong application
  • Preparing all documents correctly
  • Applying early so you have time to manage the application
  • Achieving good grades and experience in your current school/home country

Our Services

Attending Peking or Tsinghua is the dream of many students. That’s why we developed our Top University Consulting Service, which was created to assist ambitious and high-achieving students in preparing for admission to these demanding programs.

Services include:

  • Starting years or months in advance, we provide individualized and thorough assistance with applications and essays.
  • CV and academic advice tailored to your goals
  • Regular contact with our award-winning China Admission experts
  • Sample university-level projects to enhance your application
  • Preparation courses to adapt and find success at top universities

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7 Tips to Get Accepted into Tsinghua University!


What GPA do you need for Tsinghua University?

You will need a minimum cumulative GPA of 4. 5 to study at Tsinghua University. As a minimum entry requirement, students must achieve HSK Band 6 (old) or 5 (new) in order to enroll in Chinese language courses.

What is the Harvard of China?

Pinyin for Tsinghua University is qnghuá dàxué (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; abbreviation THU) is a national public research university in Beijing, China. The university is funded by the Ministry of Education.

What is the hardest university to get into in China?

1. Fudan University. Being a member of the C9 League, Fudan University is one of China’s most prestigious and exclusive universities. One of the most difficult universities to get into

What gaokao score for Tsinghua?

Students needed a score of 676 or higher and a minimum rank of 178 to be admitted to Tsinghua University.

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