Trinity School in Manhattan, NY

Trinity School
Founder William Huddleston
Head of school John Allman
Grades K–12
Gender Co-educational

The Manhattan private school kindergarten that’s almost three times harder to get into than Harvard

One of America’s most prestigious schools has acknowledged that Harvard admissions offers students a better chance of acceptance.

According to Trinity School in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, students who have no prior connections to the school only receive a 2 percent graduation rate. 4 per cent chance of getting a place.

The odds of getting into Harvard, by comparison, are 6. 2 per cent.

Trinity School Acceptance Rate

Applicants to Trinity School in Manhattan without prior connections have just a 2 percent chance of admission. 4 per cent chance of getting a place. It is 6. 2 per cent at Harvard.

Due to pressure from parents, Trinity, which charges $36,870 per year for a Kindergarten spot, has agreed to interview hundreds of prospective students and their parents rather than the previous 80.

However, there are still only 62 spots available, making it nearly impossible for those without a connection to the school to enroll.

This year, 756 children applied to Trinity, but of the 62 spots available, 33 were taken by siblings of students who were already enrolled, according to data in the New York Times.

The following 11 seats went to alumni’s children who were admitted first, leaving 17 seats for those without a connection to the school, a 2 percent increase. 4 per cent chance.

After the application form was first made available online, the application process recently became even more complicated, resulting in a mad rush to complete it as soon as possible.

Trinity School Acceptance Rate

Ivy League: Trinity School in Manhattan is more difficult to get into than the oldest university in the nation, Harvard University.

It was supposed to be available online at midnight on Labour Day, but by 11 p.m., according to Rajeev Bhaman, a portfolio manager who wanted to send his daughter to Trinity. It was already up when a friend called him at 45 p.m.

NEW YORK’S PRICIEST KINDERGARTENSRiverdale: $38,500 Ethical Culture Fieldston: $37,825 Dalton: $36,9 Trinity: $36,870 Brearley: $36,800 Saint David’s: $36,300 Spence: $36,200 Buckley: $35,900 Chapin: $35,100 Mandell: $33,750 Sacred Heart: $32,474

He told the New York Times that this is actually New York.

In addition to not waiting until midnight, there are also users online at that time.

One of the best educations available in America is waiting for parents who are fortunate enough to enroll their children at Trinity.

Trinity is the fifth-oldest co-educational school in the United States, serving 980 students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. S. and was founded in 1709.

Students follow a distinctive curriculum that includes calculus, Latin, and Spanish literature in addition to a wide range of sports options, such as volleyball and lacrosse.

Humphrey Bogart, Larry Hagman, John McEnroe, and Ivanka Trump are among the school’s notable alumni. The school’s motto is “By hard work and virtue.”

The best U.S. high school for preparing students for college, according to Forbes magazine, was Trinity S. and for education quality, it has consistently been in the top three.

Trinity School Acceptance Rate

Trinity School Acceptance Rate

Trinity School Acceptance Rate

John McEnroe, Ivanka Trump, and Humphrey Bogart were all notable graduates of the Manhattan-based Trinity School.

Despite the high tuition, Trinity is not the most expensive school in New York; that distinction belongs to Riverdale Country School, where students must pay $38,500 per year for just Kindergarten.

Business Insider claims that the Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland, which charges an astounding $75,782 per student to board there for a year, is the most expensive school in the world.

The school, which was founded in 1880 on the grounds of the fourteenth-century Château du Rosey close to the town of Rolle, is so wealthy that it even has two campuses: one for the summer and one for the winter.

Elizabeth Taylor, John Lennon, and Winston Churchill are just a few famous people whose kids have attended this school.

Rock band The Strokes was founded after musicians Julian Casablancas and Albert Hammond, Jr. met there.

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Is Trinity School NYC good?

Located in NEW YORK, NY, Trinity School is a highly regarded private Christian school. With 1,001 students in grades K–12, there are 6 students for every teacher. Tuition is $47,965 for the highest grade offered. After graduation, 100% of students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college

How do I get my child into Trinity School NYC?

offering its students a world-class education that includes challenging academics, outstanding athletic, artistic, community service, and international travel programs,

What makes Trinity School in NYC so special?

Fee amount for 2022-23 school year is $5,900. A before- and after-care program called Trinity Extended Day (TED) is available for a fee. Students may be dropped off as early as 7 a. m. and picked up as late as 5:30 p. m. Fee amount for 2022-23 school year is pending.

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