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Graduates of the dual BA program are awarded two degrees: a bachelor’s degree in the chosen academic field from Trinity College Dublin and a bachelor’s degree in the major related to those studies from Columbia.

Yes, Columbia does grant credit for high school exams that have been approved. A-Levels, French Bac, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and Irish Leaving Certificate exams are among the ones that we currently evaluate. Once accepted into the program, your academic advisor can assist you in evaluating those credits.

At both Trinity and Columbia, dual BA students are fully integrated with the general population. Since you are enrolled in both universities concurrently, there are no separate Dual BA-only classes.

No. No two students complete the Core in the same way, and classes at Columbia include a mix of age groups and class years due to the distinctive undergraduate environment at Columbia.

Class size at Columbia varies from class to class. Classes are typically lectures or seminars, with a significant amount of written work required for courses in the humanities and social sciences and problem sets and exams for classes in more quantitative subjects.

As a Dual BA student you have access to career services at both Trinity and Columbia. Graduates become members of two global alumni networks, and also have access to graduate school application support.

Yes. Dual BA Program students are eligible to participate in a wide range of student organizations while at Trinity and Columbia. Both universities offer a wide range of clubs and societies in the arts, politics, identity, culture, sports and recreation, and more.

Students studying at Trinity must show proof of health insurance in order to register with the Irish Naturalization and Immigration service. Students may use insurance from their home country if it covers them overseas. This insurance may be used for the first year at Trinity, but in year two students must purchase insurance from an Irish-based insurance provider. More info can be found on the Trinity site.

While students are studying at Columbia in years three and four, they must obtain coverage with an American health insurance provider, either through the Columbia Student Medical Insurance Plan or, for some U.S. citizens and permanent residents, through their parents’ health insurance plan. Columbia University does not recognize international insurance plans for health insurance coverage while students are enrolled in Columbia classes.

All year long, we provide phone and in-person appointments with our admissions managers. You can schedule a meeting online to speak with an admissions manager.

No. At the time of application, you must select one of the nine STEM or arts and humanities programs.

No. There are no Early Action or Early Decision application options for the Dual BA Program. Other undergraduate institutions or programs at Columbia University (Columbia-Sciences Po Dual BA Program, Columbia College [CC] or The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science [SEAS]), including other international dual degree programs Additionally, candidates who applied to any of these divisions within the previous three years but were not accepted are not eligible to apply to the School of General Studies, including the Dual BA Program.

No. The application for the Dual BA Program between Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University cannot be found on the Common Application. Please apply directly through our website.

There are only a few scholarship grants available for Dual BA students at Trinity College Dublin.

Students in the Dual BA Program will pay tuition for the first two years of the program at Trinity College Dublin’s rate, and for years three and four at Columbia University’s rate. Visit the Tuition and Fees page for details on specific tuition costs.

Students enrolled in the dual BA program may be qualified for financial aid in the form of grants, loans, scholarships, or work-study opportunities. The GS, the federal and state governments, or private sources may provide financial assistance. For more information, visit the Financial Aid page.

Students enrolled in the Dual BA Program for the last two years of the program will pay tuition at Columbia University. Visit the Tuition and Fees page for details on specific tuition costs.

Through University Apartment Housing (UAH), housing will be available to dual BA program participants at both Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University.

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What is the acceptance rate for Columbia?

The Trinity Joint Honours programs give students the option to select two subjects to study.

Can you double major in Trinity College?

SIPA offers a number of dual degree programs with other Columbia schools, utilizing the resources of Columbia University. In these programs, students acquire knowledge, abilities, and perspectives outside of international and public affairs.

Does Columbia have dual degree programs?

If you want to take even more independent classes, we can assist you in designing your own major. About 25% of our students major in an interdisciplinary subject (like neuroscience, international studies, environmental science, or public policy and law), and 15% of them double major.

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