Syracuse Transfer Acceptance Rate

Syracuse Acceptance Rate is 44. 4%. In 2021, the school received a record-breaking 39,342 applications from first-year students. This is a 24% increase over the prior year.

Total Faculty 1,019
Full-Time Undergraduate 14,169
Part-Time Undergraduate 629
Application Acceptance Rate 51%
Transfer Students 370

What defines a transfer student? Link

If you have a high school diploma or GED, are enrolled in a degree program at another college or university, and have successfully completed at least 12 credits, Syracuse University will consider you to be a transfer student. When you plan to enroll at Syracuse, you should apply as a first-year student if you have taken college courses without enrolling in a degree program or if you will have fewer than 12 credits. If you’re unsure of your status, please email transfertosu@syr. edu.

Can I still apply even though the deadline has passed? Link

Yes. Transfer applications are reviewed on a space-available basis. Please email orange@syr. edu to see if there is still room for the program(s) you are interested in.

When will I receive my credit evaluation to see which credits will transfer? Link

Within two weeks of learning of your admission to Syracuse University, you will receive your credit evaluation.

Do you accept credits from my college? Link

The courses you successfully completed at other accredited institutions will transfer to Syracuse University. Depending on the Syracuse school or college you apply to, different institutions have different transfer credit policies. Send questions about your specific situation to orange@syr by email. edu.

Can I reapply to Syracuse University? Link

Yes. You will need to submit a new application. In addition, if applicable, you must submit your most recent college transcript.

Do you have partnerships with community colleges and other institutions? Link

Syracuse University has partnerships with a select number of institutions. These collaborations, which include several “articulation agreements,” help with the transfer of coursework to programs similar to Syracuse.

Can I take courses on a part-time basis? Link

Yes, through the College of Professional Studies. Learn more about studying part-time at Syracuse.

How old can my transfer courses be? Link

Credits are transferable at any time and are not subject to any set deadline. Syracuse University will evaluate transfer credits on an individual basis.

What is the maximum number of transfer credits SU will accept? Link

Up to 66 credits from a two-year college and 90 credits from a four-year institution will be accepted by Syracuse University.

How many credits and what GPA do I need to be admitted? Link

Your admission to Syracuse is determined by a variety of criteria, not just your GPA. Regardless of the number of college credits they have already earned, students can apply as transfers.

Do I need to submit high school information and standardized test scores? Link

The majority of the criteria used to evaluate transfer students is their college-level work. You must also submit an official copy of your high school transcript along with the results of your SAT or ACT tests if you haven’t completed 30 credits of college-level coursework.

When should I apply? Link

By July 1st, transfer students who are applying for the fall semester must submit a complete application. However, as admission notification starts in late February, we advise you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Transfer students are encouraged to submit their finished application by November 15 if they are applying for the spring semester.

Applications received after these dates will only be taken into consideration if there is room.

Are there merit scholarships available for transfer students? Link

Transfer students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible for merit scholarships. Syracuse University offers merit scholarships up to $10,000 for transfer students. Students are automatically considered for these scholarships when their application is reviewed by the Admissions Selection Committee. Merit-based scholarships are available to all qualified applicants and members of Phi Beta Kappa.

Does Syracuse University provide housing for transfer students? Link

For transfer students who submit their applications on time, housing is possible but not guaranteed. In addition, transfer students have the option to live with other residents in one of our residence halls as part of Syracuse University’s Interest Housing Program.

If you have completed fewer than 40 credits, you are welcome to apply to reside in University housing unless you have a family (spouse/children) or plan to commute from the permanent home of your immediate family (parents/guardians). Housing for transfer students is located within the South Campus Skyhalls and on a space-available basis.

Can I earn a second bachelor’s degree? Link

Students may be able to obtain a second bachelor’s degree on a case-by-case basis. Please email orange@syr. edu for more information.

How can I submit additional forms/information separate from the Common Application? Link

Additional materials can be sent to orange@syr. edu or mailed to our Undergraduate Admissions Processing Center.

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What GPA do you need to transfer to Syracuse?

A 0 minimum.

How hard is it to get into Syracuse as a transfer?

At least 75% of all admitted students have GPAs in the top 50% of their high school class and scored over 1010 on the SAT or over 18 on the ACT Being accepted as a transfer student is somewhat challenging. In 2022, Syracuse waitlisted 8,898 students. Of those, 3,331 eventually got in.

Why is Syracuse acceptance rate so high?

The number of students who transferred out of the university over the past year, in part because of the institution’s COVID-19 restrictions and the burden of having online classes the previous year, can be attributed to the increase in the acceptance rate.

What is the easiest college to transfer to?

Transfer Admission Rates
  • University of Wyoming – 97%
  • Washington & Jefferson College – 95%
  • University of Tennessee at Chattanooga – 94%
  • Old Dominion University – 92%
  • University of Oklahoma – 92%
  • University of North Carolina at Asheville – 91%
  • University of Kansas – 90%
  • East Carolina University – 89%

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