Syracuse Honors Program Acceptance Rate

The Honors Program offers a home for students who want to challenge themselves, get the most out of their SU education, have a variety of interests and a wide range of curiosities, and are eager to put in extra effort because they enjoy seeing the benefits of that work for themselves and their communities.

If you are a high school student who received an email from us inviting you to apply to Honors, please read more about our program’s curriculum and what your experience might entail before using the High School Applicants link below to access our application.

Honors classes are led as small seminars. You’ll participate in lively discussions with your fellow students as faculty members present cutting-edge, frequently interdisciplinary topics. The hallmarks of Honors courses include experiential learning, field trips, and other enrichment activities. Professors Cathryn Newton and Jack Gramlich take their classes to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute to learn about shipwreck science, while Professor John Western takes his class to the Clark Reservation to learn about the natural history of Onondaga County.

The conclusion of a thesis project in your senior year is a defining feature of the Honors Program. This project is the culmination of your intellectual or artistic pursuits, and it frequently paves the way for your professional or academic path after SU.

Honors advisors provide excellent support through advising and one-on-one care because they are familiar with the opportunities and challenges that excellent students encounter. This includes guidance on academic requirements for Honors, professional and graduate school interests, as well as preparation for prestigious graduate fellowships and scholarships. Honors classes are intimate, and advising is personalized and focused on each student’s specific goals and interests. Students studying coastal life in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Two seminar rooms, the advising staff, a student lounge, and a separate computer lab are all located in the Honors Suite in Bowne Hall. The lounge and lab are open 24 hours a day to Honors students.

Admission to Honors for High School Applicants

Our goal is to attract a diverse and representative student body to Syracuse University. All University students are invited to participate in the Renée Crown University Honors Program, and the number of first-year students accepted into the program roughly corresponds to the number of undergraduate students enrolled in each SU school and college.

We can only admit a small number of incoming first-year students each fall because we offer our students excellent advising, small classes, and opportunities to interact directly with some of the best professors and instructors at the University; many excellent students may not be accepted to enter at the start of their freshman year.

We strongly advise first-year students to apply to Honors if they feel the program would be a good fit for them. We look for students who are committed to deepening their knowledge of their field of study, fostering global awareness, enhancing their communication skills, and pursuing civic engagement.

Your First Year in Honors

During your first year in Honors, you will live in the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) or another LLC of your choice that you request on the housing application. The Honors LLC is located in Sadler Hall, which is next to the Stadium and close to the Barnes Center, our state-of-the-art health and wellness center. You may learn more about residential life via the Housing Office and the Office of Student Living.

Syracuse Honors Program Acceptance Rate

Syracuse Honors Program Acceptance Rate

Syracuse Honors Program Acceptance Rate

Syracuse Honors Program Acceptance Rate

Syracuse Honors Program Acceptance Rate

Syracuse Honors Program Acceptance Rate

Thank you for your interest in the Honors Program

The application deadline for Fall 2023 admissions is February 28, and you will hear from the Honors Program by March 15 if you are a Leadership Scholar admitted through Early Decision. This decision will be communicated to your @syr. edu email address only.

To apply to the honors program at Syracuse University, you must already be a student there and have a valid SUID (9-digit number).

One of the 650-word essays requested on the final page of this application must address one of the following prompts:

Use the form below to start your application when you are prepared.

Syracuse Honors Program Acceptance Rate

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