Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Zurich Acceptance Rate

You could consider the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich to be the European or Swiss MIT. ETH Zurich has produced an impressive list of Nobel Prize winners among its alumni and faculty and has been the scene of numerous breakthroughs and landmarks throughout its 150-year history.

As a result of its primary emphasis on science and technology, the school keeps up with how the world is changing and becoming more globalized.

Since its founding in 1855, the institution has served as a driving force behind Swiss industry by educating and supplying the world’s top scientists and technologists.

In keeping with this tradition, ETH Zurich actively supports fledgling businesses and promotes collaborations with nearby establishments. The aptly named ETH Industry Day is an annual event where students and professors present their research and its applications to industry professionals.

The university provides students with a wide range of opportunities outside of the classroom and lab because it is situated in one of the biggest financial and cultural hubs in the world.


ETH Zurich Admission Highlights

Fee for Applications UG 3% .

ETH Zurich Student Profile & Diversity

The majority of the 24,530 students who were enrolled at ETH Zurich in 2021 were from Switzerland. Only 33 students from Australia and New Zealand—the countries with the fewest admissions—were enrolled at ETH Zurich.

The number of students admitted to ETH Zurich for 2021, according to their country of origin, is as follows:

  • Switzerland: 15,899 students
  • Europe: 5,847 students
  • Asia: 1,838 students
  • Rest of Europe: 799 students
  • America: 547 students
  • Africa: 128 students
  • Australia & New Zealand: 33 students

At ETH Zurich, a variety of subjects are offered. Based on new registrations, the subject-wise enrollment for 2021 is as follows:

  • Engineering Sciences: 3,119 students
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics: 2,118 students
  • System-oriented Natural Sciences: 1,459 students
  • Architecture and Civil Engineering: 1,243 students
  • Management and Social Sciences: 366 students

ETH Zurich Undergraduate Admission Requirements

There is also an exception to the rule that English may be used as the medium of instruction beginning in the second or third year because all bachelor’s courses at ETH Zurich are offered in German.

Eligibility Requirements for Admission

International students must meet certain requirements in order to enroll in a bachelor’s program at ETH Zurich, including proficiency in their first or native language, knowledge of a second language, and academic achievement in mathematics, natural sciences (biology, chemistry, or physics), humanities and social sciences (geography, history, or economics/law), or both. Applicants must have an elective subject also like Computer Science.

  • Copy of passport or identity card
  • Recognized upper secondary school-leaving certificate.
  • CV with tables including work experience and schools attended
  • Language proficiency scores in German
  • official mark sheets from the last three years of study, or transcripts
  • Application fee of CHP 150

If submitting documents via post, the address is as follows:

The deadlines for both entrance-based and non-entrance-based undergraduate admission at ETH Zurich are shown in the following table:

Deadlines for Non-Entrance based Admissions Regular Application Nov 1, 2022 – Apr 30, 2023 Submission of Upper Secondary Certificate By Aug 31, 2023 Submission of German Language Certificate Sept 9, 2023 Submission of Entrance based Admissions Regular Application Nov 1, 2022 – Apr 30, 2023 Submission of Upper Secondary Certificate By Aug 31, 2023 Submission of German Language Certificate ETH Zurich Proposed Submissions Deadlines

ETH Zurich Postgraduate Admission Requirements

Except for a few exceptions where instruction is given in German, all master’s courses at ETH Zurich are offered in the English language.

International students must have completed a three-year minimum bachelor’s degree to be eligible to apply for a master’s program at ETH Zurich. A Swiss University of Applied Sciences or 180 credits, equivalent to 180 ECTS credits, must be earned for the bachelor’s degree.

  • Bachelor’s degree and transcripts
  • Valid language certificate
  • CV
  • GRE test score
  • Additionally, a portfolio, motivational letter, and even a letter of recommendation (LOR) are required for courses related to design.

For international applicants to ETH Zurich, the following minimum scores are needed:

Minimum Scores Required for English Language Tests Accepted at ETH Zurich: TOEFL iBT 100 IELTS 7 0 C1 Advanced Grade B – 193 minute score – 200 minute score C2 Advanced Grade C

Prospective students applying to ETH Zurich’s master’s program may need to submit minimum scores in addition to those listed in the table above. The results could differ depending on the course you chose.

Additionally, a few courses are taught in German, so the language requirements for international students would also vary here; in this instance, they might be required to submit German language proficiency scores.

ETH Zurich Application Process

Through the online application system eApply, students at ETH Zurich can apply for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The application is accessible to applicants on the ETH Zurich website or on the designated course pages. The following are the steps to apply via eApply for admission to ETH Zurich:

Step 1: Registration

To register, applicants will have to submit their:

  • First and last name
  • Email id
  • Photograph
  • Postal code
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth

Step 2: Log in

Candidates can log in with their chosen credentials after registering. After logging in the application would open up.

Step 3: Personal Details & Course Selection

Enter your personal information and choose your study path. Submit the previous study’s scores and other relevant information.

Step 4: Submit Relevant Documents

Applicants will have the option to attach their academic records to support the admission application at ETH Zurich.

Step 5: Pay the Fee

After completing all sections of the application, applicants can review the information they have entered, make changes if necessary, and then submit the form and pay the CHP 150 fee.

ETH Zurich Scholarships & Financial Aid

International students pursuing a BSc, MSc, or any other master’s level program at ETH Zurich are eligible for scholarships. There are some scholarships that cover both the tuition and living expenses. Some of the scholarships offered include:

  • Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme
  • Solidarity Fund
  • Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship
  • ESOP Scholars
  • Doctoral Scholarships

ETH Zurich Contact Information

Using the direct contact number, international students can inquire about anything regarding admission. Please visit the ETH Zurich website for more information.

Phone: +41 44 632 81 00

ETH Zurich Admission FAQs

Q. What kind of school-leaving documents are accepted for admission to ETH Zurich?

  • Higher Secondary School Certificate
  • Higher School Certificate
  • All India Senior School Certificate
  • Indian School Certificate
  • Intermediate Examination Certificate

Q. At ETH Zurich, are all master’s courses offered in German?

Q. While attending ETH Zurich, can international students choose to participate in exchange programs?

Q. How is the ETH Zurich eApply application fee accepted?

Q. What distinguishes ETH Zurich’s concurrent master’s and focused master’s degree programs?

Q. When are admission decisions for ETH Zurich’s non-entrance based admissions typically announced?

Q. How many specializations are available for the ETH Zurich master’s program in civil engineering?

Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Zurich Acceptance Rate

Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Zurich Acceptance Rate

Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Zurich Acceptance Rate

Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Zurich Acceptance Rate

Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Zurich Acceptance Rate

Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Zurich Acceptance Rate

Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Zurich Acceptance Rate

University City Zurich, Other – Switzerland, Switzerland

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Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Zurich Acceptance Rate



What GPA is required for ETH Zurich?

GPA: Although there is no minimum GPA requirement at ETH Zurich, excellent grades in the Bachelor’s degree are expected. GRE: Students who did not complete their undergraduate studies in one of the EU-27/EFTA Member States are required to take the GRE General Test.

What is the acceptance rate of ETH Zurich?

Highlights of ETH Zurich Admission FeeUG

Is ETH Zurich a good college?

According to TopUniversities’ QS World University Rankings, ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, is ranked ninth overall with a 4 out of 10. Studyportals, the best resource for learning how students rate their study and living experiences at universities around the world, reports that students gave their experience there 1 stars.

How do I get into Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich?

Requirements A bachelor’s degree in the same field from ETH Zurich, or a Swiss or international equivalent, is required for admission to master’s programs. An application process and additional bachelor’s degree course units may also be required for admission.

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