Stony Brook Honors College Acceptance Rate

Stony Brook University, which is 60 miles east of New York City, has the biggest campus of any state-run institution of higher learning in New York. Nearly 40,000 applications are submitted to Stony Brook, one of the two SUNY system flagship institutions. SBU has grown to be one of the most prestigious and diverse public universities on the East Coast. Therefore, it%E2%80%99s no shock that, in 2022, the Stony Brook acceptance rate is now under 50%

This article will go over the following subjects to assist you in getting ready for the difficulties that lie ahead on the road to becoming a Seawolf:

Total Number of Fall 2021 Applications 9,168
Admit Rate 9%
Total Number of Students in the Honors College Class of 2025 100
Number of Majors Represented 47
Middle 50% Unweighted GPA 96-99

Freshman Admissions criteria:

  • Educational Profile: In the past, successful applicants to these programs (the middle 50% ranges) have had high school GPAs of 95 to 99, SAT composite scores of 1310 to 1450, and ACT composite scores of 29 to 34.
  • Academic and Extracurricular Achievement: It’s critical to have excelled in difficult courses while demonstrating drive and initiative in extracurricular activities like the visual, performing, and literary arts, athletics, the sciences, community service, or student government.
  • Several factors determine whether a student is admitted to the Honors College. We’re looking for motivated, bright students who can succeed in our demanding academic program and take advantage of Stony Brook’s opportunities for research, creativity, and the arts. Admission is highly competitive.
  • *Meeting typical minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. The Admissions Committee also reserves the right to take into account applicants with credentials below these minimums based on exceptional circumstances, such as succeeding in the face of adversity and overcoming obstacles in life.

how to apply: Students using The Common Application or Coalition Application can apply to honors programs on their application. Those who submit the SUNY Application must apply for honors programs and upload an essay (on a topic of your choosing) in your SBU Admissions Portal.    Applicants to the Honors College, University Scholars & WISE: upload a brief statement in your admissions portal on why you believe you will be a good fit for your preferred honors program.

  • Apply to the Honors College by January 15, 2023, and include all supporting documentation.
  • High school transcripts, SAT/ACT scores*, two teacher evaluations/recommendations, and essays. Essays: You are free to select any topic from The Common Application, SUNY Application, or Coalition Application to write about in your essay. Additionally, you will be required to give a brief justification for why you think Stony Brook’s preferred honors program is a good fit for you. Please fax all paper documents to: (631) 632-9898. There is no need to mail hard copies of high school transcripts that are sent directly by fax. Stony Brook University Office of Undergraduate Admissions 118 Administration Building Stony Brook, NY 11794-1901 If materials cannot be faxed, please send them to: S. A. On all correspondence, make sure to include your full name, birthdate, and residential address. It is the duty of each applicant to make sure that all required application materials are received. Please click on the following link for more details on how to submit additional information: How to Apply to a Stony Brook Honors Program.

*Stony Brook University and the Honors College will not require test-taking for the Fall 2022 admissions cycle. However, SAT scores are taken into account by the Scholars for Medicine and Scholars for Dental Medicine programs.

admissions timeline:

  • January 15th: Honors College Application & Supplemental Documents Deadline
  • 15–31 March: By the end of March, students will be informed of their admissions decision.
  • May 1st: Stony Brook University/Honors College Acceptance Offer Deadline

Note: Upon making a deposit with the university, every student accepted into the Honors College is automatically considered to have secured a seat.

Stony Brook University Honors Programs


Is Stony Brook Honors College hard to get into?

Admission to the program is extremely competitive and determined by a number of criteria, such as high school academic performance, scores on standardized tests, curriculum strength, honors and awards, leadership abilities, extracurricular accomplishments, and distinctive personal talents.

How selective is Stony Brook Honors College?

The Honors College at Stony Brook is distinctive in that it offers a distinct curriculum for honors students only, regardless of their chosen major field of study. Of the 2,800 freshmen who enter the University each year, only about 100 are accepted into the Honors College because it is small and highly selective.

What is better Stony Brook Honors College or university of Scholars?

University Scholars is our sister honors program but slightly larger. The biggest difference is that the Honors College has its own curriculum that complements some of Stony Brook University’s curriculum requirements, with about 250 students in each class.

How do you get to Stony Brook honors?

A first-year applicant to the Honors College must have demonstrated overall academic excellence in high school by earning high grade averages in key subjects, a minimum unweighted cumulative average of 93 (on a 100 point scale), or 3 out of 4. 7 (on a 4. 0 scale), combined critical .

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