Stanford Civil Engineering Graduate Acceptance Rate

Around 11% of engineering undergraduate and 44% of engineering graduate degrees are earned by international students.

Most Departments do not have a minimum GRE requirements. Your statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and test results all come together to form the basis for admission decisions.

For Mechanical Engineers. Recent Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program graduates can expect to earn between $60,000 and $98,000 annually, with a median salary of $76,000.

Stanford graduate school acceptance rate

The acceptance rate at Stanford graduate school is about 5.2% and is one of the lowest acceptance rates among the top-ranked universities.

CEE Graduate Admissions FAQs

These answers are brief summaries. Applicants should click on the links and read the comprehensive content at Graduate Admissions.

Where do I find further information? For University requirements, please thoroughly explore Stanfords Graduate Admissions website.

When are admitted candidates permitted to visit Stanford? CEE Visit Day is held every spring. The timetable for the CEE Visit Day will be disclosed to accepted applicants in their letter of acceptance. Please reserve this date for your Stanford visit if you have been admitted and are seriously considering the CEE program at Stanford. We will not be able to accommodate a request to visit at a different time.

Our MS degree programs can be finished in one academic year (3 quarters), depending on the program. However, the majority of students opt to finish their degrees in 4 or 5 quarters.

Please see our faculty roster for information on the number of faculty members we have and how long they have been teaching. Our faculty is evenly split between experience levels and focus areas.

The Stanford MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering typically opens up a wide range of employment opportunities, and graduates of our department have very diverse post-MS career options. Upon graduation, our MS graduates take on a variety of roles as engineers and consultants in large and small private and public companies as well as in governmental and nonprofit organizations. Employers across all industries are actively seeking Stanford Civil and Environmental Engineering graduates.

Please review the deadlines listed on the Application Timelines and Deadlines page to learn more about the application deadlines. No additional applications will be accepted after this deadline.

Can I apply to begin graduate work at a time other than Autumn Quarter? Admitted students should plan to begin their studies at the start of the academic year, in September, for programmatic and curricular reasons.

No, the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department does not require or consider GRE scores for admission.

Are TOEFL scores required for admission? In general, yes, if your first language is not English. On your application, self-report both your ETS scores and percentages. The Graduate Admissions website has further details about the university-wide test requirements and exceptions. Any request for a TOEFL waiver must to directed to central Graduate Admissions. Individual academic departments may not approve requests for waivers. In general, there is a high expectation for English language fluency in both formal use and informal interactions, in written and oral situations. One of the key goals of our educational programs is the further development of communication skills in English and ongoing opportunities are built into the curriculum.

The minimum TOEFL scores for candidates applying to MS programs at Stanford’s School of Engineering are 89 (for the internet-based TOEFL test) and 575 (for the paper-based TOEFL test).

No, Stanford does not accept IELTS test results in place of TOEFL test results.

My transcripts are not in English. Transcripts must be submitted with English translations from your school or a qualified translation service; will you accept them? The translations must be exact replications of the original texts in their entirety.

What about Financial Aid? Please see our Graduate Funding page. Additional details are available on the Stanford Financial Aid website.

The typical MS cohort ranges from 20-60 MS students depending on the MS program, and the size of the incoming civil and environmental engineering MS class is typically between that range.

All materials must be submitted electronically with the application; where should I send my supplemental materials? Official paper transcripts are not required unless admission is offered.

If I apply, do I need to provide a financial support form or other proof of my ability to pay? Do not provide such information in your application. If you’re admitted to Stanford, we’ll let you know what data we need and send you the paperwork. Do not send financial statements in advance.

When will I learn the outcome of my application? Applicants should anticipate hearing from us in early March. All applicants must maintain up-to-date and accurate email addresses so we can get in touch with them. MS decision letters are posted on your ApplyWeb account. Eng and PhD decision letters will be sent by email.

What if I still have questions? Contact [email protected] for more general information on admission to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. edu or call the department at 650-723-3074.

After reading the information on our website, if you have any specific queries about a MS program, please email that MS program at the following address:

Program Email
Atmosphere and Energy [email protected] (Tim Tsung)
Environmental Engineering [email protected]
Sustainable Design & Construction [email protected] (Geoffrey Tuttle)
Structural Engineering and Mechanics [email protected] (Kim Vonner)

Why I’m Leaving Stanford After One Quarter


What GPA do you need to get into Stanford Graduate School?

What is the minimum GPA you require? A: Normally, GPAs are at least 3. 6 (on a 4. 0 scale) for Ph. D. applicants and 3. 5 for MS applicants.

Is Stanford good for Civil engineering?

Stanford University is ranked No. 2 in Best Engineering Schools. Schools are ranked based on how well they perform against a number of generally recognized indicators of excellence.

What is Stanford’s graduate acceptance rate?

51% of the total students of Stanford University, enrolled in 2021, are women and 49% are men Stanford University Acceptance Rate for Graduates. SchoolAcceptance RateGraduate School of Education3%School of Engineering36%School of Humanities and Sciences24%

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