The University of the South Admissions

The University of the South admissions is more selective with an acceptance rate of 60% and an early acceptance rate of 77 7%. The University of the South admits 50% of applicants with SAT scores between 1200 and 1390 or an ACT between 26 and 31. However, 25% of accepted applicants received ratings that were above these ranges, and 25% received ratings that were below these ranges. The University of the South’s application deadline is February 1.

The University of the South admissions officers view a student’s GPA as a very important academic factor. When available, a student’s high school class rank is taken into account, and letters of recommendation are very important to The University of the South admissions officials. Learn more about College Compass to see additional academic factors along with other school data.


Admission Facts30.6%of students applied Early Decision I or II for the class of 2024521First-year students enrolled in the fall of 202038%of the incoming class of 2024 is a recruited varsity athlete.

If all requirements are submitted by the admission deadline, all applicants, regardless of admission round, are completely eligible for need-based aid and scholarship consideration. Enrollment deposits are non-refundable after your deposit deadline.

Round Admission & Need-Based Aid Deadline Admission & Scholarship Notifications Deposit Deadline
Spring Transfer Nov. 1 Rolling Dec. 3
Early Decision I Nov. 15 Early Dec. Jan. 15
Early Action Dec. 1 Late Jan. May 1
Early Decision II Jan. 15 Late Jan. March 1
Regular Decision Feb. 1 Early March May 1
Fall Transfer April 1 Rolling July 1

There is no better option than Early Decision for students who understand that Sewanee is not only a fantastic college choice for them, but the only college choice. When submitting an Early Decision application, a student agrees to withdraw their applications from all other schools once Sewanee has confirmed their enrollment decision.

Many students are ecstatic about Sewanee but prefer to keep their options open because they feel more comfortable doing so. Why wait?.

The Regular Decision deadline is the last chance for applicants who require a tiny bit more time or who may be awaiting admissions decisions from other schools to apply to Sewanee.

Students who intend to enroll at Sewanee after attending another college or university are known as transfer applicants. Sewanee enrolls transfer students twice a year. The priority deadline for students interested in transferring for a January start is November 1. The priority deadline for students interested in transferring for a start in August is April 1.

Sewanee Early Decision Acceptance Rate

The best way to determine whether Sewanee is a good fit for you is to pay a visit to the Domain, as we refer to our 13,000-acre campus. We are confident that Sewanee will win your heart once you step foot on campus, spend time with our students and faculty, or take a stroll through Abbos Alley.

Sewanee Early Decision Acceptance Rate

Because of our small class sizes, your voice will be heard, your participation will be expected, and your opinion will be taken into consideration (and, you know what? Maybe we’re both right) as well as challenged, pushed in a new direction, and seen from a different perspective. See how it works?).

Sewanee Early Decision Acceptance Rate

We live in a community where everyone has a place and everyone has a place. Group study? Well bring our notes. Rock climbing? Were geared up and ready. Jam session? Sure, well play with you. At Sewanee, you’ll never have to do anything by yourself. Unless you need your space. Then, we totally get it.

Sewanee Early Decision Acceptance Rate

Penn Class of 2027 Early Decision Acceptance Reactions


Does early decision Help admission chances?

Some students and high school guidance counselors mistakenly believe that applying early decision increases their chances of admission, but early acceptance rates and admissions requirements differ from school to school.

Does early decision affect acceptance rate?

Applying Early Decision (ED) has the benefit of having acceptance rates that are occasionally two to three times higher than Regular Decision admission rates at the same schools.

Does Sewanee have early decision?

Complete and submit the binding Common Application Early Decision Agreement. Before November 15 for Early Decision I or January 15 for Early Decision II, submit all necessary documentation.

Can you get rejected from early decision?

Despite the fact that an early decision agreement is not legally binding, there may still be repercussions if a student declines an offer. Nov. 9, 2022, at 9:46 a. m. Some people have no trouble choosing where to submit their college applications.

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