Santa Fe college admissions on the rise

SF Honors to UF

More than 88% of the Santa Fe students who have enrolled in our Honors Program have enrolled at the University of Florida Students who enroll in the Honors Program complete courses that involve them as active participants in the learning process. Honors students have the chance to delve deeper into subjects, participate actively in class discussions and group projects, and even develop into “experts” on a subject to instruct the class. Students have close relationships with their professors, cross paths with their classmates in both Honors and regular classes, and engage in extracurricular activities together. The Honors Program is a community that encourages and tests each of its participants. To learn more, visit the Honors Program website.

Serve with the UF ROTC

Students at SF have the option of joining either the UF Army ROTC or the UF Air Force ROTC. Before transferring and continuing as an Army or Air Force ROTC cadet, this entails engaging in physical training and taking part in a leadership lab at UF.

Through the transient student process, qualified Santa Fe College students are welcome to join the UF Gator Marching Band. You could play as a Marching Gator in front of 90,000 spectators as a band member. The following Santa Fe College transient student eligibility requirements must be met by students who are chosen by UF to participate in Gator Band in order to complete a transient application through Florida Shines:

  • Completed at least one semester at Santa Fe College
  • in good standing academically (cannot be on academic probation, academic warning, or academic suspension)
  • A.A. degree-seeking student at Santa Fe College
  • Transient courses will be transferred back to Santa Fe College and used to fulfill degree requirements (requested course must be applied to your SF degree).
  • have completed all SF prerequisites for the intended transient course(s) or are currently completing them.
  • No active registration holds

A. A. who are receiving a Santa Fe College music scholarship or who have a current GPA of less than 2 Gator Band will not accept students with GPAs below 6. On the SF website, you can find more information about the transient process: Transient Process Overview. Interested students are urged to speak with their A. A. academic advisors for more information.

Athletics and Student Recreation

Santa Fe College nights, offered by the University of Florida Athletic Association, give SF students exclusive discounts on tickets to a number of UF sporting events. Students from SF are also eligible to take part in UF’s Travel and Recreation Program (TRIP), which offers outdoor activities like backpacking, surfing, snorkeling, and more. Additionally, students from SF can participate in Gator Growl, the UF Homecoming Parade, UF Intramural Teams, and the Gator Gallop.

A branch office of the UF Student Health Care Center is the SFs Student Health Care Center. You will already be a patient in the UF healthcare system if you transfer to UF.

Santa Fe College offers several foreign languages. But on a space-available basis, SF students can also enroll in more than 30 foreign languages at UF. In order to apply through Florida Shines, SF students must meet with their academic advisor and explain their intentions. Find out more about enrolling as a transient student at a different public college or university in Florida.

Here is temporary information for SF students looking to take courses somewhere else.

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA VS. SANTA FE COLLEGE | differences, SF to UF 60% transfer rate & my experience


How hard is it to get into UF from Santa Fe?

Santa Fe College (SF) sends more students to the University of Florida (UF) than any of the other 27 Florida state colleges. In fact, the majority of SF students who apply to UF each semester are accepted, with SF honors program students having an acceptance rate of 88 percent. Why are our students so successful?.

Can Santa Fe students transfer to UF?

UF continues to collaborate with Santa Fe College and the State College of Florida to provide students in certain majors with guaranteed transfer pathways. Admission consideration for students will be based on their academic credentials and intended major.

Is it easier to get into UF as a transfer?

The transfer acceptance rate at the University of Florida is 47% The acceptance rate for transfer students is typically much lower than the acceptance rate for regular admissions at most institutions. Sometimes the school doesn’t have enough space for many transfer students to enroll.

Can you join UF clubs as a Santa Fe student?

Students from Santa Fe can take part in some UF events, and many do. Santa Fe College nights, presented by the UF Athletic Association, offer tickets to specific sporting events to SF students.

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