Business Minor Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a Strong Applicant?

We’re looking for students whose academic records demonstrate strong performance on difficult coursework. In other words, you’ve worked hard and your grades reflect that. Your total number of credit and non-credit course completions is also considered. (We encourage keeping them to a minimum. Know that we have access to the letter grade earned for pass/fail courses and will take that into account when evaluating your application.

Essays give you the chance to stand out from other applicants by revealing more about your interests and special traits. We look for applicants who respond to these questions with ample detail and specific examples:

  • What made you decide that the Business Minor in conjunction with your current major is the best educational path for you, taking into account your own interests and passions? (300-500 words)
  • Please introduce yourself to your future Ross classmates. (100-150 words)

In business, drive and passion are essential. Because of this, students who exhibit these traits through extracurricular activities typically succeed in our Business Minor program. Keep in mind that your extracurricular activities do not necessarily need to be related to business.

We look for students who:

  • Whether or not they hold a formal leadership position, seek out opportunities to exercise initiative or responsibility.
  • Demonstrate commitment over time. We’re interested in quality over quantity.
  • Showcase strong involvement while at U-M. We consider and give priority to these activities.

Admitted Student Class Profile

Students with business minors are aspirational high achievers from a variety of backgrounds and fields.

776 Applicants
280 Enrolled
3.826 Average U-M GPA
36% In-State
53% Women
11% International


18% Asian American
3% Black or African American
6% Hispanic or Latinx
0% Native American or Alaskan Native
0% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
61% White
5% Two or More Races
7% Not Indicated

*Data on race and ethnicity are based on federal reporting requirements set forth by the US Department of Education.

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Ross Minor Acceptance Rate

Here’s how to get started on your online application.

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Can you minor in Ross School of Business?

A solid understanding of business fundamentals, such as those in accounting, finance, marketing, and strategy, is provided by the Ross Business Minor curriculum. Like all Ross courses, Business Minor courses are action-oriented.

How hard is it to get into Ross?

They need a GPA of 3. 68, so they must have a high GPA and difficult college courses. It’s not that getting in is simpler per se, but the odds are much better for them.

How many people get accepted into Ross School of Business?

Michigan Ross MBA Classes 2019 to 2022StatsClass Size380422Acceptance Rate28Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2024Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2021 1%31. 0%Average GMAT720719Average GPA3. 503. 50.

Why are you applying to the business minor?

Students who minor in general business can graduate knowing the fundamentals of business. Students’ general business course skills can help them start a business or land a variety of jobs after graduation. For instance, you might decide to major in dance if you want to start a dance company.

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