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Will the SSRP take place in person in 2023?

Yes, we are thrilled to organize SSRP 2023 on the Rockefeller University campus. Although we do not foresee a change in these plans, kindly take note that the flexible nature of federal, state, and local COVID-19 regulations may at some point require us to adapt to a virtual or semi-virtual program.

How will SSRP 2023 be structured?

Accepted students in the SSRP will engage in their own research project as a component of a thematic research track (i e. RNA bioinformatics or fly behavior). Each track will have 8–12 SSRP students participating under the direction of a RockEDU Fellow and their team of Track Scientists. Members of the Rockefeller scientific community (Post-docs, graduate students, and staff scientists) known as RockEDU Fellows and Track Scientists will help students with their research projects through a combination of theoretical lectures and skill-building exercises.

Additionally, students will take part in a weekly schedule of mandatory lectures and classes that will unite the entire SSRP cohort. These gatherings will feature talks from Rockefeller scientists as well as debates on the various modes of scientific reasoning, scientific ethics, scientific careers, and other subjects.

Is there a minimum age or grade level to attend?

Yes, as of June 26, 2023, participants must be at least 16 years of age. There are no exceptions to this rule. Additionally, applicants must be juniors or seniors in high school at the time of submission. Current high school sophomores are NOT eligible to apply.

How do I apply to SSRP 2023?

Our online application system (OAS) must be used to submit all applications. On Monday, October 17, 2022, when applications become available, a link to the OAS will be published.

When will applications open for SSRP 2023?

Applications will be accepted starting on Monday, October 17, 2023 and running through Friday, January 6, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Recommendation letters must be received by Monday, January 9, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Is it possible to apply after 11:59pm EST on Friday, January 6, 2023?

No. Late applications will not be accepted. RockEDU advises students to submit their applications early in order to allow for potential technical issues.

Is there a fee to apply or participate?

No, there is no application fee, and the program is free of charge.

Can RockEDU assist me with travel expenses?

Yes. For the duration of the program, we will give SSRP students a MetroCard/OMNI card to cover their public transportation costs to and from campus. Students who need extra help with other program-related travel costs (e g. During the program, commuter rail riders will have the chance to apply for a need-based stipend.

Can RockEDU provide or assist me with finding accommodations in NYC?

We are unable to help students find housing in NYC or provide financial aid for them.

Are stipends available for SSRP students?

Students who are in need of financial assistance and who fulfill the SSRP’s attendance and research requirements may be given stipends. On the first day of the program, applications for stipends will be made available. They are due four weeks before the program ends (Thursday, July 13, 2023)

How many students participate in the SSRP each summer?

The number of SSRP participants is entirely dependent on the number of scientists willing to serve as mentors each summer and the amount of space that can be made available for a research student. We anticipate accepting roughly 16 students into the SSRP this summer. These students will combine with the 16 participants in our LAB Jumpstart program to form a total cohort of about 32 participants.

Can students work with human patients through the SSRP?

No, SSRP students will not be able to work with patients because it is against the law for minors to do so.

Can students find placement in the track of their choosing?

SSRP will consist of approximately 4 different research tracks. There will be an effort to accommodate the research interests and resources of the students (i e. computers with fast processors). Students are not guaranteed placement into any specific track. We cannot accommodate requests to switch tracks. RockEDU will handle all placements, so students shouldn’t try to set them up independently.

When does the program begin/end?

The 2023 program runs from Monday, June 26, to Thursday, August 10. For the duration of the seven-week program, accepted students are required to commit to attending all scheduled sessions and completing any asynchronous work or experiments.

What is the time commitment?

Students can anticipate spending about 35 hours per week on SSRP-related activities that take place from 9 am to 5 pm. Students must attend all required core classes and track meetings, which are scheduled Monday through Friday from June 26 through August 10, 2023.

Can students start later or leave earlier than the SSRP’s official start and end dates?

No, if accepted into the program, students must devote a full-time schedule (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) to the seven-week course. Students who are unable to keep this promise are ineligible for the SSRP.

Can students apply to the program if they live outside the United States or outside of the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT)?

Students from outside the Tri-State Area are encouraged to apply, but RockEDU is unable to help with travel, lodging, or visa applications.

When will students find out whether or not they’ve been accepted to the SSRP?

A preliminary review of applications will be conducted to select the students to be invited for virtual interviews. By March, students will be informed if they have advanced to the interview stage. Interviews will take place in March. By April, students who have been interviewed will learn whether they will be admitted or not.

Are there any minimum GPA or curriculum requirements?

No, but we do look for students who perform well academically. Most accepted students rank in the top 10% of their class More importantly, students should demonstrate a genuine interest in science through their participation in science-related courses, extracurricular activities, or previous research.

Do I need to submit all documents (scientific research reflection, personal statement, resume/cv, and transcript) online?

Yes, all documents must be submitted online. Although students are permitted to upload unofficial transcripts as part of their applications, we reserve the right to require official transcripts prior to the program’s start.

Can I submit my SSRP research findings/poster/research report to a science fair not affiliated with The Rockefeller University?

Science fair participation involving the use of SSRP research findings is not permitted by Rockefeller University or RockEDU. Students should not apply to SSRP if they want to compete in this type of event. Your scientific work is The Rockefeller University’s property, and you may not use it for purposes other than those authorized by the university.

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