Queen Mary University of London [Acceptance Rate + Statistics]

In order to maintain its strong reputation, the Queen Mary University of London relies on its four founding institutions, including Queen Mary College, St Westfield College, London Hospital Medical College, and Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College The institution dates back to 1785 before becoming a public research university. When looking for admission, Queen Mary University of London’s acceptance rate should be the main factor to take into account.

The institution collaborates on numerous research projects with local and foreign universities, one of which is the Turtle Conservation in Cape Verde. Additionally, it currently has Cape Verde’s largest environmental citizen science project. The school contributes to London’s diverse artistic and cultural communities. The Queen Mary University of London’s commitment to social justice underpins a variety of cultural endeavors.

What is the Queen Mary University of London acceptance rate?

In 2020, the undergraduate QMUL acceptance rate was 17% (based on date by UCAS) The school received 37,695 applications and admitted 6,385 applicants. With the help of The Profs%E2%80%99 expert Queen Mary University consultants, more than 90% of students receive an offer from their first or second choice universities Contact us to increase your chances of being accepted to QMUL.

What are the most competitive courses at QMUL?

Queen Mary University of London is most well-known for its Medicine and Dentistry courses, for which it ranks tenth and second best in the UK respectively. In fact, QMUL’s medical school (known as Barts medical school) has a long history of providing top-quality medical education and was founded as England’s first official medical school (then London Hospital Medical College). Medicine and Dentistry remain among QMUL’s most prestigious and competitive courses today, with each requiring applicants to achieve A*AA at A-level (or equivalent). QMUL also has a range of other medical and dental courses offered by its medical and dental school. These include BSc Oral Health, BSc Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics, and BSc Neuroscience, all of which have slightly lower entry requirements of ABB at A-level or 32 points overall including 655 in Higher Level subjects (including Higher Level Biology) in the International Baccalaureate (IB). QMUL is also ranked as the seventh best university in the UK for Law. It offers a range of undergraduate Law courses, including a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) course, which requires A*AA at A-level, as well as LLB Law and Politics and LLB Law with Business.

Is QMUL a Russell Group university?

Yes, Queen Mary University of London is one of the 24 institutions that make up the Russell Group. It is a leading university in the UK and in the most recent assessment of research quality, 34% of its research was rated world-class and 52% rated internationally excellent QMUL excels in highly competitive fields like Medicine, Dentistry, and Law, all of which require A*AA at A-level (or equivalent), despite having one of the lowest overall rankings among Russell Group universities.

What are the QMUL entry requirements?

Depending on the course you’re applying for and the nation you’re applying from, QMUL has different entry requirements. The table below lists the UK credentials, some of the most popular international credentials, and each entry requirement that Queen Mary accepts.

Qualification Entry requirements
A Levels Range from A*AA-BBB, depending on the course.
International Baccalaureate (IB) Range from 37 points (with 18 points at Higher Level) to 30 points overall (with 5,5,5 at Higher Level) depending on the course.
French Baccalaureate 15/20-13/20, depending on the course.
Abitur (Germany) Range from 1.5 overall (including 13 in two higher level(LK) subjects) to 2.0 (including 10 in two higher level(LK) subjects), depending on the course.
Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) HKDSE with 445-555* including 4-5 in at least two elective subjects related to the degree applied for.
National Board (CBSE/ISC) 70%-90%, depending on the course.
Other international qualifications Check the full list of international qualifications accepted by Queen Mary University of London.

The diverse university QMUL accepts a variety of international credentials. It lists international credentials on the pages for each of its courses, so always check there before applying. See the university’s guide or contact The Profs for one-on-one assistance from one of our international admissions experts for more details on how to apply to QMUL as an international student.

Does QMUL give contextual offers?

Yes, Queen Mary University of London does make contextual offers based on data from its applicants. Depending on a range of socioeconomic factors, QMUL may make a standard contextual offer of one grade reduction or an enhanced contextual offer of two grade reducations. Many students won’t meet this criteria and will be made standard entry offers, but it’s still worth checking if you are eligible on the QMUL website.

5 tips for getting into QMUL

The prerequisites for courses at QMUL vary significantly depending on the course, not just in terms of grades but also in terms of the specific subjects needed. For instance, applicants for Economics and Finance courses must not only achieve AAA at A-level but also have one of these A-levels be in Mathematics (or Pure Maths). In addition to studying specific subject combinations (such as Biology or Chemistry and a second science or Math for Medicine), some competitive courses, such as Medicine, Dentistry, and Law, also call for applicants to receive an overall grade point average of A*AA. Our advisors can assist you in determining what your already banked or predicted grades can get you if you want to attend QMUL. For instance, Business with Law has a lower AAA requirement and is an option if you want to study law but don’t have or are unable to make A*AA. It’s also crucial to confirm whether your course requires any admissions tests. For instance, while QMUL doesn’t require the LNAT for Law, it does for both Medicine and Dentistry, so you’ll need to register and get ready for the UCAT in advance. As part of the admissions process for medicine, QMUL will also invite you to an interview. The Profs’ admissions consultancy is the ideal way to advance your knowledge, boost your confidence in your abilities, and give yourself the best chance of success if you need assistance in preparing for your admissions test or interview at QMUL.

Do wider reading and extracurricular activities related to your subject

Making sure you demonstrate a sincere passion and in-depth knowledge of your subject in your personal statement is important. Don’t just focus on schoolwork; Queen Mary University values extracurricular activities as well as strong academic performance. It is possible to acquire subject- and industry-specific knowledge by reading widely outside of the classroom or by gaining practical experience. It’s best to start expanding your reading list, acquiring work experience, and pursuing your passions early on if you want to enroll in prestigious universities like QMUL. In addition to improving your personal statement, it will also assist you in developing your independent study techniques in order to get ready for university-level study, which is a big step up from school-level study. Contact our team of tutors right away so they can assist you in beginning your advance preparation. Note that in an interview, where your knowledge and motivations will be tested, work experience and additional reading are particularly crucial. For its Medicine degree program, Queen Mary University of London conducts traditional panel interviews in which candidates are questioned by a number of departmental experts. By brushing up on your subject matter knowledge, you can ensure that you can have insightful conversations and provide thoughtful, informed answers to your interviewers’ questions. For additional advice, see our guide to preparing for a medicine interview, or contact our knowledgeable team for assistance with medical admissions.

Find out about additional awards and scholarships

The inclusiveness, diversity, and accessibility of Queen Mary University of London’s higher education programs are well-known. As a result, it provides a variety of awards, bursaries, and scholarships to assist gifted students in getting accepted into its programs. One illustration of these prizes is the Outstanding Potential Award (OPA) from QMUL, which is given to a select group of students who exhibit exceptional academic promise on a case-by-case basis. A lower grade offer than the required one may be made to deserving students under the OPA. You will be invited to an interview if you are chosen as a candidate for this award during the university application process, and if you do well, the university will revise your conditional offer. It’s always worthwhile to search for the top offers from the prestigious universities that are the most appropriate for you. Our A level tutors and IB tutors can provide you with advice on the best courses to suit your grades and help you achieve the grades necessary for entry whether you are a UK or international student. More than 90% of our applicants receive offers from their first or second choice university, so if you%E2%80%99re looking to maximise your chances of an offer from QMUL, reach out to our team today

Think about the long-term plan

Although getting into QMUL is a fantastic goal to have, it’s also critical to consider the long-term strategy. Think about how a degree from QMUL in your chosen field will help you meet your future academic or professional objectives. For instance, you might want to pursue a Master’s or PhD, pursue a particular career path, or obtain a graduate position at your ideal company. The excellent careers page at Queen Mary University of London can help you explore your options for a future career and find relevant work experience. The university values motivated and ambitious students. It also provides helpful advice on how to effectively highlight your qualifications and experience. On each subject page, you can also find career inspiration. For example, on the mathematics page, you can find a list of common career paths, including finance, accounting, engineering, and management, as well as companies, like J. P Morgan, Bank of England, PWC, and others) that QMUL alums pursue after graduation You can improve your personal statement and demonstrate to QMUL that you are driven and committed to your academic future by utilizing QMUL resources and having an understanding of your own career goals. Get in touch with our team for more advice on developing a career plan and maximizing this in your application.

Invest plenty of time into writing your personal statement

Many applicants will receive the required grades for entry for many of QMUL’s competitive courses. It’s very important to devote a lot of time to planning and writing your personal statement for these courses because they play a major role in determining who gets accepted. Put your uniqueness on display in your personal statement. Give a brief overview of your educational and professional goals, your background and experience, and why you would make a strong candidate for the course you have chosen. Students with a passion for their subject that goes beyond the requirements of the school’s curriculum are especially sought after by QMUL. This can range from additional reading to school extracurriculars and work experience. The Profs’ qualified personal statement tutors can offer you additional advice on how to create a statement that stands out and improves your QMUL application.

How can we help?

The Profs has a large number of admissions consultants who can assist you with the application process for Queen Mary University of London, the LSE, UCL, and other prestigious universities. We offer our students the very best tuition in the business %E2%80%93 in fact, only 3% of tutors who apply to our network are accepted to work with us As a result, more than 90% of our applicants receive an offer from their first or second choice universities at undergraduate level Reach out to our helpful staff right away to receive our committed support.

How does the University of London work?

The University of London is a federal institution made up of 17 autonomous colleges that are regarded as independent universities. These schools include King’s College London (KCL), the London School of Economics (LSE), the London Business School, the University College London (UCL), the Queen Mary University of London, and others. City is one of these colleges. Through UCAS, students submit separate applications to institutions that are a part of the University of London. On your UCAS application, you can submit separate applications to more than one of these institutions.

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Is Queen Mary difficult to get into?

Despite the fact that QMUL is competitive, you can increase your chances of receiving an offer with the right assistance, diligence, and preparation. The Profs’ experts are here to help with key statistics on the admissions process and insider knowledge from former admissions officers on how to make your application stand out.

Is Queen Mary a top tier university?

Being a top university with a focus on research, Queen Mary’s undergraduate programs are developed in collaboration with students and are informed by faculty members’ top-tier research.

Is Queen Mary University competitive?

High competition exists for admission to the GEP MBBS (A101) degree program at Queen Mary University of London’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. Over 1500 applications for entry in 2022, approximately 7% of applicants were interviewed and of those, 47% were offered a place

Is Queen Mary University elite?

One of the top universities in the UK and a research-focused institution in London is Queen Mary University. When it comes to the caliber of its research, the University is ranked joint seventh in the UK. Across the University, 92% of Queen Mary%27s research was assessed as internationally excellent or world-leading

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