Pomona Acceptance Rate

The Claremont Consortium’s member schools all enjoy a stellar reputation, but Pomona College, with its 1,477 brilliant undergrads, beats Claremont McKenna for the title of “Most Selective.” In fact, Pomona College ranks among the most esteemed liberal arts colleges in the country, alongside institutions like Amherst, Williams, Swarthmore, and Bowdoin. The Pomona College acceptance rate is around 6-7% each year, a far cry from 1988, when the acceptance rate at Pomona approached 40%

Some parents and students mistakenly believe that a Pomona is easier to get into than a Penn or a Dartmouth because elite liberal arts colleges are less well-known than Ivy League universities. This belief is untrue. Every year, a fair number of valedictorians and students with nearly perfect SAT/ACT scores are rejected by schools of this caliber, including Pomona. We don’t mean to scare you; instead, we just want to make sure that both parents and students are aware of the following:

Acceptance rate

The Class of 2026 Profile

Class of 2026 Geographic Distribution The West 14% | The Midwest 11 9% | The Northeast 17. 3% | California 26. 8% | The South 14. 7% | International & U. S. Territories 15. 2% *Due to rounding, the total is 99. 9%.

  • Total Applications: 10,663
  • Admit Rate: 7.0%
  • Class Size: 413 (174 men, 239 women) Prior Gap-Year Matriculants: 3 QuestBridge Match Scholars: 20 Posse Scholars: 19 Regular Decision Matriculants: 154 Early Decision Matriculants: 236
  • Independent: 33.2%
  • Charter: 5.1%
  • Parochial: 6.3%
  • Public: 50.1%

Diversity of Class of 2026

Domestic students of color

  • American Indian or Alaska Native: 0.5%
  • Asian: 17.4%
  • Black/African American: 13.6%
  • Hispanic of any race: 17.9%
  • International: 13.3%
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.5%
  • Race/Ethnicity unknown: 3.1%
  • Two or more races: 9.0%
  • White: 24.7%

Reporting of race and ethnicity is based on federal standards.

Standardized Testing median scores (of students who submitted a test)

(test-optional admissions policy in effect)

  • SAT EBRW: 750
  • SAT Math: 770
  • ACT Composite: 33

(of schools that rank)

  • Top decile: 91% (Valedictorians 31%)
  • Top quarter: 98%

Pomona is committed to a need-blind admissions process for U. S. citizens, permanent residents and all students graduating from U. S. high schools. The College offers need-based scholarships and grants, meeting 100% of demonstrated need The FAFSA and CSS Profile are required for applicants in order for the College to assess financial need. Loans are made available to families to help them finance their anticipated family contribution but are not included in financial aid offers.

Several funding sources are included in aid packages, including federal, state, and Pomona grants and scholarships, as well as student work-study opportunities. Each student’s demonstrated need and funding eligibility determine the amount and kind of aid included in each package. Prior to cutting back on the amount of aid provided by Pomona, outside scholarships reduce the student contribution and student work-study components.

Fall 2022 Entering Class

Students Receiving Financial Aid

Average Financial Aid Award

Total Scholarships & Grants Funded

  • Pell-Eligible: 21%
  • First-Generation or Low-Income: 32%

Cost of Attendance 2022–2023

  • Tuition: $58,818
  • Student Fees: $420
  • Room and Board: $19,358
  • Total Billed Charges: $78,596
  • Books: $1,100
  • Personal Expenses: $1,500

Although not charged by the College, books, travel, and personal expenses are estimated in the overall financial aid budget. Students might also need to sign up for the student health insurance program.

We invite families to use MyinTuition or the Net Price Calculator, two of our online cost estimators. Both estimate financial aid eligibility, but they are not actual financial aid offers from Pomona College.

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Is Pomona better than Harvard?

Pomona College Named 2nd-Best College In US, Tops Harvard, UCLA.

What GPA is needed for Pomona?

However, strive for a high GPA if you want a chance at admission. The average Pomona College GPA ranges from 3. 8 to 4. 5. The applicant’s class rank may be more significant for Pomona College admissions than their Pomona College GPA.

Is Pomona College hard to get into?

For every 100 applicants, only 7 are admitted. This means the school is extremely selective. To get past their initial filters and demonstrate your academic readiness, it’s crucial to meet their GPA requirements and SAT/ACT requirements.

Why is Pomona College acceptance rate so low?

Overall Pomona College Acceptance Rate Pomona College is extremely selective. Pomona College, like all the other members of the Claremont College consortium, has small class sizes and can only accept a small percentage of the applications it gets each year.

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