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The Leonard N. The Stern School of Business is situated in the heart of Manhattan, New York’s main campus of New York University. The school offers a part-time MBA program in addition to its full-time MBA program. In addition to its emphasis on fostering students’ academic and emotional intelligence, Stern is well known for its expansive selection of elective course options and collaborative student community. Additionally, Stern’s proximity to New York City makes it a well-liked business school among students looking to land jobs in finance after earning their MBAs.

Andre Koo Tech MBA Class Profiles, 2019-2023
Class of 2019 Class of Jan 2022
Admits 60 98
Enrolled 33 45
Average Age 28 29
Women 42% 49%

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The first query you may have is whether the 2-year program has any financial advantages over the specialist technology MBA. In the technology sector, the median base salary for the class of 2020 Stern Tech MBA graduates was $138,173, versus $130,000 for a 2-year full-time program. The Bonus was $30,630 versus $40,450 for the 2-year program, canceling out any advantage the 1-year tech MBA may have had.

From an ROI standpoint, the 2-year program costs $238,502 in total versus $152,3136 for the Stern Tech MBA, a difference of $86,366. You would save $166,366 after deducting an opportunity cost of $80000. The real benefit of a 1-year Tech MBA program over a 2-year program is that.

Different Goals – NYU Stern Tech MBA vs. NYU Stern Full-time MBA

While the full-time MBA program has a 1. 6% placement in Data analytics function with the majority in Consulting (Management) and Finance, the tech MBA is targeted for those who are truly immersed in a technology career but need the balance of a management degree to navigate the increasingly deeper reach of technology in all the functions of a business including Finance and Consulting The placement trends of 2019 and 2020 show a consistent interest in Product Management and Technology Consulting, with Product Marketing taking the 2nd popular post-MBA function while Sales and Business Development lost over 13% offers Project Management also experienced an increased interest (8. 8%) %E2%80%93 perhaps candidates returning to their employers, while data analytics experienced a significant drop in offers during the pandemic (over 7%) Other popular functions for 2019 and 2020 that remained above 5% of the total offers include General Management, Strategy, Operations, and Data Analytics

2019 Stern Tech MBA (Job Function) Percentage
Product Management 30
Consulting/Management 13.3
Business Development/Sales 16.7
Data Analytics 13.3
General Management 6.7
Strategy 6.7
Operations 6.7
Consulting Brand/Innovation 3.3
Project Management 3.3
2020 Stern Tech MBA (Job Function) Percentage
Product Management 26.5
Consulting-Technology and Management 11.7
Business Development/Sales 2.9
Data Analytics 5.9
General Management 8.8
Strategy 5.9
Operations 8.8
Consulting Brand/Innovation 3.3
Project Management 8.8
Marketing-General and Product 14.7
Finance-General, Corporate and VC 5.8

There is truth in the adage “you should be close to the opportunity,” but it is a cliché nonetheless. Entrepreneurs in the technology sector can work from anywhere now that there are new ways to raise capital (cryptocurrency and ICO), but Silicon Valley’s thriving technology ecosystem and the fact that four of the top ten technology companies in the world are from California (Apple, Alphabet Inc., Facebook, and Nvidia) highlight the region’s influence.

Many VCs derided Silicon Alley as a shoddy knockoff of Silicon Valley. But the latest Census of Employment and Wages in New York shows that the vast majority of employment (86%) are in the Silicon Alley cluster (the region between the lower and Midtown Manhattan skylines), Lower, Midtown, and Southern Manhattan However, New York City (NYC) boasts of 7576 start-ups attracting over 200 investors, with the tech industry including the titans Adobe, Twitter, Salesforce, Google, and Digital Ocean, contributing $5 billion. Spotify, Etsy, and Uber, although founded in Silicon Valley, found a mass market in NYC. 6 Billion in taxes at 12. 3% of NYCs total annual revenue. There is a thriving Sales department at Google’s Chelsea office in New York.

From 2013 to 2016, there was a quiet period following Tumblr’s $1B exit, before Informa paid $1 for Penton. 2B in 2016. After that, the tide turned as Facebook embarked on a shopping spree, investing $1 billion in Kustomer, $400 million in Giphy, and $1 billion in CTRL-labs; Microsoft invested $30 billion in PromoteIQ; Spotify raised $30 billion; and Koch Industries spent $13 billion to buy the remaining Infor shares. With mergers, IPOs, and exits in e-commerce, enterprise technology, consumer goods, media, delivery, and Meditech, the entrepreneurial eco-system that was first known for AdTech has now expanded its reach. The total exit from 2010 to 2020 is valued at $53 billion. 4B.

The Tech MBA team has an interesting schedule. Students can quickly learn the skills needed to transition into Product Management, FinTech, Tech Entrepreneurship, or take up a position as a Business Analyst by taking the Business Core and Tech Cores concurrently. The group is acutely aware of Silicon Valley’s contribution to providing the best educational opportunities. The indoctrination of technology grammar is the first step in the MBA at Stern Solutions’ experiential learning component. This is followed by actual work with technology companies in product development. The two weeks spent in Silicon Valley, where students network and work on a highly visible project for one of the industry’s titans, are the most beneficial part of the experience.

In addition to the Tech MBA advisory board, which includes pioneers like David Tisch (Founder, Box Group), David Ko (COO, Rally Health), and Michelle Peluso (CMO, IBM), the career service team is crucial in connecting students with the right recruiters. At NYU Stern’s Full-time MBA, Amazon, Google, and IBM are staples, and Amazon and Google are still two of the top five employers for the 2019 and 2020 Stern Tech MBA placements. To wet their appetites with the Stern Talents, American Express, BCG, Dow Jones, and EY completed the diverse Financial and Consulting companies.

If your essay is solely focused on your accomplishments, post-MBA objectives, and prior experience, you will be one of the applicants who is rejected.

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Is NYU Tech MBA a real MBA?

Welcome to the Stern School of Business’s Tech MBA program. Students graduate from this program with an MBA with a technology focus after completing the specialized coursework and experiential learning projects. The Andre Koo Tech MBA program at NYU Stern is a STEM-designated degree program.

Is NYU MBA hard to get into?

NYU Stern received 3,553 applications to the Class of 2024 and admitted 962 applicants, meaning they had an acceptance rate of 27% this year 324 students ultimately enrolled. Students in this class have a 3 average undergraduate grade point average. 62, with the 80% range spanning 3. 34 to 3. 89 and 100% spanning 3. 03 to 4. 0.

What GPA do you need for NYU MBA?

A final cumulative GPA of 3. To be considered for the NYU x NYU / Stern program, you must score at least 50. The final cumulative GPA must meet the minimum 3. 50 requirement without rounding up. The NYU x NYU / Stern program is distinct from the NYU MBA.

How much does the tech MBA at NYU cost?

Class of 2023 (May ’22 Start) Cost of Attendance for Andre Koo Tech MBA StudentsSummer ’22Fall ’22 Tuition $35,247$36,460Orientation $832Living Expenses

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