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The Leonard N. The Stern School of Business is situated in the heart of Manhattan, New York’s main campus of New York University. The school offers a part-time MBA program in addition to its full-time MBA program. In addition to its emphasis on fostering students’ academic and emotional intelligence, Stern is well known for its expansive selection of elective course options and collaborative student community. Additionally, Stern’s proximity to New York City makes it a well-liked business school among students looking to land jobs in finance after earning their MBAs.


NYU Stern encourages creativity

The standard components of the NYU Stern application, including essay questions, an interview, and letters of recommendation But if you look closer, you’ll see that the school values a well-rounded person more than just someone who is good with numbers.

According to Lisa Rios, assistant dean of MBA admissions at NYU Stern, “We want students in the classroom who are able to handle the academic rigor of the program for the IQ piece, as well as people who have the skills that we are hearing from recruiters on the career side that they need in their companies and organizations.”

These skills include empathy, listening, and understanding others’ needs, Rios tells Fortune. Candidates can show strong EQ through the school’s essay questions. Stern first asks about a candidate’s career goals, which is a pretty common MBA application question.

However, the remaining two essay questions are where the real creativity is found.

Potential MBA candidates are asked this question by NYU Stern: “In today’s global business environment, the only constant is change. The essay question reads, “We want to know how you view change using NYU Stern’s brand call to action.

“Change: _____ it. Fill in the blank with a word of your choice. Why does this word speak to you, and how will Stern help you embrace your unique tagline?

According to Rios, candidates have the chance to share their own call to action in this essay.

The “pick six” assignment gives applicants even more freedom to display their personalities. Applicants are asked to choose six of these images and write captions that “help illustrate who you are.” The goal is to introduce yourself to the admissions committee and your prospective classmates.

Pincus describes it as an invitation to “show [admissions] who you are in a fun, creative way.”

Unique to NYU Stern is its EQ endorsements, which most closely resemble a traditional recommendation letter. Applicants must submit two of these endorsements with an application. One must come from a current supervisor, but the other can come from someone who knows you personally or professionally.

Three questions are posed to endorsers to hone in on the applicant’s EQ specifically:

  • How does the applicant’s performance stack up against that of other highly qualified people in comparable positions?
  • Describe the most significant constructive criticism you have provided to the applicant.
  • Our community of leaders is built on the emotional intelligence (EQ) abilities of self-awareness, empathy, communication, and self-management. Please give a clear, convincing example of how the applicant demonstrates emotional intelligence.

According to Rios, these inquiries enable admissions officers to inquire of a third party regarding a candidate’s social and emotional intelligence. She continues, “This is a fantastic way for us to hear from someone that the candidate values how they interact with others and engage with others.”

The interview also allows candidates to showcase their EQ. Interviews are non-blind, which means that before the conversion, admissions officials have carefully inspected a candidate’s application.

According to Rios, “We view the interview as an opportunity to be able to support the candidate and gather information we need to make a compelling case for admissions.”

Along with knowing your essays and resume by heart, Rios advises preparing as though you were going on a job interview.

Prior to the interview, Pincus advises considering the following questions: “What’s important to me? What do I want? What are my goals? Why do I want this school?”

Be specific about why you want to go to Stern

With nearby access to other prestigious MBA programs like Columbia University (ranked No. 1 by Fortune as having the No NYU Stern wants applicants to be specific about their desire to attend the program when applying (6 full-time MBA program) and Cornell Tech, Pincus says. She advises applicants to conduct in-depth research on the program’s offerings and consider how well they align with their immediate and long-term career goals.

Fit is significant to NYU Stern because the university expects its students to be active community members, according to Rios. However, there is no ideal combination of advantageous personality traits or prior experiences that can ensure admission.

The applicant needs to make an effort to demonstrate why the position will be a good fit for them, she says. It’s crucial to demonstrate your compatibility with the school and its suitability for you. Show why you specifically want to go to NYU Stern. ”.

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Is NYU Stern grad school hard to get into?

According to the statistics, in 2021, the typical incoming MBA student at NYU Stern had a 729 GMAT score, a 3 59 undergraduate GPA, and five years of work experience.

How hard is it to get into NYU Stern MBA?

NYU Stern Class Profile 324 students ultimately enrolled. Students in this class have a 3 average undergraduate grade point average. 62, with the 80% range spanning 3. 34 to 3. 89 and 100% spanning 3. 03 to 4. 0. The average GMAT score is 733, and 80% of students scored between 700 and 760

What GPA do you need to get into NYU Stern?

What is the minimum GPA required to apply? Students must have a 3 to be eligible to apply. 50 minimum cumulative GPA. Stern students come from a variety of academic backgrounds, including those in the social sciences, business, engineering, and liberal arts.

What is NYU Stern acceptance rate?

All numbers are approximate
Admissions Key Facts Number/Percentage
Total applications3 Approximately 15,000
Acceptance Rate3 7%
Mean SAT3 1531

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