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While good grades and test scores were once the primary deciding factors in college admissions, today’s applicants consistently have much higher grades and scores, and college admissions processes are becoming more competitive each year, leaving students and parents wondering: What can I do to create the strongest possible college application? This implies that components of the college application, like the personal statement and involvement in extracurricular activities, are now more crucial than ever. Utilizing distinctive and/or prestigious learning opportunities, particularly those within a student’s field of interest, is one of the best ways to strengthen an already strong college application. Such endeavors not only add “wow factor” to a student’s resume and application, but also serve as third-party validation for the applicant and generate intriguing anecdotes for college admissions essays.

Numerous academic programs, research opportunities, and internships are available across the nation for students interested in math or science. Below, we provide a small sample, but there are many more options available. Consult regional research centers, colleges, and local government offices for additional options.

Please be aware that numerous summer opportunities call for specific courses or grade levels. Some have minimum GPA requirements of 3. 7 or higher as well as impressive PSAT or SAT results Such programs require months of preparation from students, and application deadlines are frequently set very early in the year. Plan ahead for the best chances of admission!.

After Submission:

Each application will be checked for completeness after submission; only complete applications will be given further consideration. Applications that are complete will be evaluated by researchers in the relevant NIST laboratory after being sorted according to their research interests. Applications will be considered by only one laboratory.

Students may be contacted for a phone or in-person interview at any time between February 14 and April 8, or they may get a job offer. Students are NOT required nor encouraged to get in touch with potential mentors, even though we encourage them to find out what kind of research is currently being conducted at NIST. Students should be aware that they will be kicked out of the program if they actively solicit more than two offers from different mentors. By April 8th, all students will be informed of the final status of their applications.

After Acceptance of Offer:

A NIST representative will inform students of their acceptance to SHIP and provide them with information about their project and the name and contact details of their NIST research mentor. All students will be notified by April 8.

After being accepted into the program, a NIST representative will get in touch with you and ask you to fill out the following forms:


Maryland Work Permit (use only the one from this website)

Students in the NIST Boulder SHIP are exempt from the work permit requirement.

No matter where they live, all students under the age of 18 must complete this form for a Maryland work permit. Please follow the directions provided by the state of Maryland. Your NIST mentor should sign this for the employer section.

You will be informed of any additional forms that may be required by specific NIST laboratories by the NIST representative who contacts you.

You have until May 2 to complete the forms and send them back to NIST. You won’t be able to conduct summer research if you don’t submit your paperwork on time and in full because there won’t be enough time to process it before your arrival. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the deadline. Created May 21, 2010, Updated January 5, 2022.

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