National Defense University Acceptance Rate

Military personnel and naval forces can receive advanced education at the graduate-level National Defense University. Armed Forces Staff College, National War College, and Army Industrial College were combined to form the university, which served as a hub for the joint higher education and intellectual resources of the national defense community. The College of International Security Affairs was the university’s newest addition in 2002. Since its founding, it has expanded to include other defense colleges.

National Defense University majors

by publication & citation count

Annual publication & citation counts

Year Publications Citations
1991 3 7
1992 7 7
1993 7 17
1994 1 26
1995 9 10
1996 9 26
1997 5 41
1998 14 39
1999 10 52
2000 21 142
2001 35 126
2002 65 210
2003 82 229
2004 113 302
2005 145 525
2006 180 773
2007 233 1139
2008 193 1658
2009 217 1863
2010 187 2508
2011 184 3028
2012 186 3701
2013 209 4011
2014 208 4765
2015 200 4782
2016 176 4909
2017 252 5050
2018 245 4923
2019 330 5508
2020 357 6774
2021 273 7705

National Defense University alumni

  • Dean Paul Martin was born in the United States in 1951 and died in 1987 at the age of 36. He was a pilot, a military officer, a tennis player, and a television actor. was an American pop singer and film and television actor. Martin, a member of the California Air National Guard, was killed in a collision while flying for military training. Martin was the son of American entertainer Dean Martin.
  • Benny Gantz Born in Israel Years 1959-. (64 years old) Occupations politicianMilitary personnel Bio Benjamin Gantz is a retired army general who has been Israel’s Minister of Defense since 2020 and its Deputy Prime Minister since 2021. In the years 2020–2021, he was Israel’s Alternate Prime Minister.
  • Andriy Taran Born in Germany Years 1955-. (age 68) Occupations politicianmilitary personnel Bio Andriy Vasylyovych Taran is a prominent politician and military commander in Ukraine. He was the 16th Minister of Defence of Ukraine. Additionally, he was a retired lieutenant general in the Ukrainian military.
  • Robert Brooks Brown Born in United States Years 1959-. Robert Brooks Brown is a retired United States Army general who served as commander of the United States Army Pacific. He enrolled at the National Defense University at the age of 64 and graduated with a Master of Science in national security and strategic studies. After joining the organization in January 2021 as executive vice president, he has been president of the Association of the United States Army since September 30, 2021.
Alternative names NDU
Founded 1976
Accreditation Middle States Commission on Higher Education
Address 62, 300 5th Avenue Fort Lesley J McNair, District of Columbia, 20319 United States
Phone +1 (202) 685 4700

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Who can attend National Defense University?

Active duty military officer or civilian within the defense establishment. Rank equivalent to a U. S. O-6 or O-7. Graduate of U. S. Staff College or equivalent. Minimum of 15 years of military or government service.

Is NDU a good uni?

Pakistan’s National Defence University (NDU) was founded in 1970 and is affiliated with Pakistan Command and Staff College, Pakistan Naval War College, and PAF Air War College. Its seal is the NDU.

Is NDU a government university?

National Defense University (NDU), a graduate-level American institution of higher learning for U S. military and allied countries’ militaries that were created to educate military and civilian leaders in military strategy and foreign culture in order to prepare military and civilian leaders to face current and emerging security threats,

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