What I Wish I Knew as an MIT LGO Applicant

MIT Sloan MBA Class Profile

Class Size 408
Acceptance Rate Does not disclose
GMAT Median 730
GPA Median 4
Average Age Does not disclose
Avg. Years Work Experience 5.0 years
Pre-MBA Industries Consulting: 23% Financial Services: 23% Technology: 14% Government/Education/Nonprofit: 14% Pharma/Healthcare/Biotechnology: 6% Energy: 4% Manufacturing: 3% Consumer Products/Retail: 3% Automative/Transportation/ Defense: 2% Media/Entertainment/Sports: 0.5% Other: 7%
Undergraduate Majors Engineering/Math & Sci./Computer Sci.: 46% Economics/Business: 40% Social Science/Humanities/Law: 13% Other: 1%

The data above is from 2022 and represents the MIT Sloan MBA class of 2024. See the full report: MIT Sloan MBA Class Profile

MIT Sloan MBA Employment Report & Careers

Salary Average $178,075.00 The average salary is a total of average salary + signing bonus ($14,075 + $30,000)
Offers Upon Graduation 90%
Offers At 3 Mos. 96%
Post-MBA Industries Service Industries: 74.7% Consulting: 28.3% Finance: 21.4% Investment Banking/Brokerage: 6.5% Investment Management: 4.3% Private Equity: 3.6% Venture Capital: 3.6% Diversified Financial Services: 3.3% Software/Internet: 21.4% Media/Entertainment/Sports 1.8% Retail: 1.1% Other Service: 0.7% Manufacturing Industries: 23.9% Pharmaceutical/Healthcare/Biotechnology: 9.8% Consumer Products: 4.0% Automotive/Aerospace: 3.6% Computers/Electronics: 2.9% Energy: 1.8% Other Manufacturing: 1.8% Other Industries: 1.4% Nonprofit: 0.6% Government: 0.4% Education: 0.4%
Post-MBA Locations United States: 89.2% Mid-Atlantic: 6.3% Midwest: 3.7% Northeast: 40.4% South: 4.4% Southwest: 6.3% West: 28.1% Non-US: 10.8%
Post-MBA Companies

McKinsey & Company: 30 The Boston Consulting Group: 29 Amazon: 12 Bain & Company: 11 Google: 9 JP Morgan Chase & Co.: 4 Morgan Stanley: 4 Rivian: 4 Amgen: 3 HelloFresh: 3 IBM: 3 Nike: 3

Career Development Resources

MIT Sloan Career Development Office

The data above is from 2021 and represents the career statistics for the MIT Sloan class of 2021.* See the full report: MIT Sloan MBA Employment Report

MIT Sloan MBA Academic Programs

The MIT Sloan MBA curriculum is distributed over four semesters in two years. During the second year, students may choose to write an optional thesis. Sloan also offers a one-year MBA for experienced executives through the MIT Sloan Fellows MBA program. Students complete the core curriculum during the first semester of their MBA. There are five required courses as part of this curriculum.

  • Economic Analysis for Business Decisions
  • Data, Models, and Decisions
  • Communication for Leaders
  • Organizational Processes
  • Financial Accounting

Managerial Finance, Introduction to Operations Management, Competitive Strategy, and Marketing Innovation are additional optional core courses that you can select from. Sloan dedicates three of its four semesters to electives. You can select electives as a track or certificate option. The non-Sloan graduate-level classes that can be taken at MIT and Harvard are available as up to three approved electives.

See the full offering of courses: MIT Sloan MBA Course Catalog

While the Sloan MBA does not offer majors, you can opt to follow a track or pursue a certificate. The program offers three tracks that are available only to MBA students: the Finance Track, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Track, and Enterprise Management Track. In addition, MBA students can pursue a certificate in Sustainability, Health Care, or Analytics, which are available to all graduate students.

Sloan offers a variety of labs that students can participate in as part of the MBA Experiential Learning. Some of these courses include the modern business in India lab, the analytics lab, and the enterprise management lab.

Students in the Sloan MBA program have access to 14 research centers and initiatives, including the Legatum Center, which focuses on using entrepreneurship to improve global wellbeing, and the Sustainability Initiative, which provides resources to ensure that society can continue to flourish for future generations.

MBA International Study Programs

Sloan engages with 53 locations as part of their Global Program. Students can also organize a series of for-credit classes or global trips through the study tours option.

Video Resources on MIT Sloan Academics

John didn’t realize how crucial it was to have a compelling story when he first started the application process. He was convinced that the admissions committee would judge him on the basis of his resume and GPA. John discovered while working with Menlo Coaching that MBA candidates truly stand out based on their personal story, which is captured in the admissions essays and other shorter forms of writing on the application.

Hear how he successfully completed the MBA application process and was accepted into the MIT Sloan MBA Class of 2022.

The MIT Sloan MBA admissions office has recently changed its application requirements, which are detailed below.

Here are the prompts for MIT Sloan 2022-2023 application:

  • Organizational Chart We want to get to know you and your background in the workplace. The organizational structure of your employer will enable us to comprehend your position within the company, your line of reporting, and any potential effects on the department or business. Please provide as much information as possible, including names, positions held, and so on. ) but if necessary, you may redact names. Make sure it’s clear to us where you work, who you report to, and, if necessary, who reports to you. Please highlight your recommender or references for us if they appear on your organizational chart (they might not, and that’s okay!). Review our FAQs if you are a consultant, business owner, or member of the military at https://mitsloan.com. mit. edu/mba/admissions/frequently-asked-questions) for suggestions on how to approach the organizational chart. Please submit an organizational chart outlining the internal makeup of your workplace. Limit to two pages. Example Organizational Chart (https://mitsloan. mit. edu/sites/default/files/inline-files/Sample Org Chart. pdf).
  • Cover Letter MIT Sloan seeks applicants whose personal qualities show they will seize both academic and extracurricular opportunities at MIT to the fullest. We are looking for people whose presence will improve the learning for other students. We are looking for thoughtful leaders who possess exceptional intellectual prowess as well as the motivation and resolve to make their mark on the world. We value individuals who are self-sufficient, sincere, and fearlessly inventive — true doers. We seek individuals who can rethink approaches to common issues and work to foresee novel conundrums with innovative solutions. We demand integrity and respect passion. Please visit the website for frequently asked questions. Please send a cover letter requesting admission to the MIT Sloan MBA program, taking into account the aforementioned. Your letter should follow the format of a formal business letter, be addressed to the Admissions Committee, and contain one or more qualified examples of how you meet the demands listed above (300 words maximum, not counting spaces for address and salutation). Upload a Word or PDF document.
  • Video Introduction Introduce yourself to your future classmates. This is your chance to put a face to a name, show off your personality, engage in conversation, and just be yourself. Videos should follow the following rules: no longer than one minute (60 seconds) in lengthSingle take (no editing)Speaking directly to the cameraDo not include background music or subtitlesNote: Although we ask you to introduce yourself to your future classmates in this video, the video will not be shared and is used only for the application process.
  • Reapplicant Essay Please describe any changes since your previous application. (text box, 200 words).

The 2022-2023 MIT Sloan recommender questions were as follows:

  • Compared to other highly qualified people — How does the applicant’s performance stack up against that of other highly qualified people performing similar roles? (E) g. what are the applicant’s principal strengths?) (Text box, 500 words).
  • Is there anything else you’d like us to be aware of? (Text box)
  • Comment on your competency ratings — (Optional) Do you have any comments you’d like to make regarding your competency ratings?
  • Feedback that is constructive and the applicant’s response — Specify the most significant piece of constructive criticism you have provided to the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant’s response. (Text box, 500 words).
  • Interaction with the applicant — Please give a brief account of your communication with the applicant and, if appropriate, a description of the applicant’s position within your company. (Text box, 50 words).

Video Resources on MIT Sloan Admissions

MIT Sloan conducts behavioral event-based interviews. You can anticipate being questioned about past decisions you made and being pressed for numerous details to support those stories. Read more in our in-depth MIT Sloan Interview guide.

What Makes MIT Sloan Unique?

Sustainability Certificate: This 5-course program gives students a grounding in sustainability, a recognized credential, and membership in a cohort of students who all share a passion for sustainability.

Action Learning Labs: Learning by doing – Students start in a lecture setting, then work remotely and on-site with host organizations to solve real business challenges.

Break the Mold (diversity program): A platform for three conferences, four workshops, two “hackathons”, and dozens of open discussions.

MIT LGO (Dual Degree Programs in Engineering): Earn an MBA and a Master’s degree in engineering in two years.

Interludes of variety:

*Except where otherwise noted, all information was obtained from the MIT Sloan MBA Program websites.



How much does MIT LGO cost?

The LGO program granted its incoming class more than $5 million last year. In order to make MIT studies more affordable and available, we offer LGO Fellowships. Estimated for the academic year 2022–2023: ITEM: ITEMCOST: COSTITEM: Tuition ($100,000 for the first-year summer, fall, and spring terms)ITEM: Total Fees ($2,600)

How can I get into MIT LGO?

LGO applicants submit ONE application. Any of the seven departments accepts applications through the MIT Sloan School of Management (Round 1 or Round 2). If you apply through Sloan to the LGO program and are not admitted, you will also be considered for just a standalone MBA degree.

Are MIT LGO internships paid?

Critical leadership abilities include developing influence and trust. The foundation of the LGO experience is internships at partner companies. The internship is unpaid.

How long is MIT LGO?

What is the LGO Program’s duration, and when does it begin? The LGO Program is a full 24-month program that starts in early June each year.

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