University of Miami Admissions

University of Miami admissions is most selective with an acceptance rate of 28% and an early acceptance rate of 36 8%. An ACT score of 30 to 33 or an SAT score between 1300 and 1460 are required for admission to the University of Miami. However, 25% of accepted applicants received ratings that were above these ranges, and 25% received ratings that were below these ranges. The application deadline is Jan. 1 and the University of Miami’s application fee is $70

The University of Miami considers a student’s GPA to be a very significant academic factor. When available, a student’s high school class rank is very important to admissions officials at the University of Miami, as are letters of recommendation. Learn more about College Compass to see additional academic factors along with other school data.

Acceptance rate

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re a high school student hoping to enroll at the University of Miami for the upcoming academic year. However, there are a few things you must be aware of before beginning the application process. These elements include the acceptance rate, the out-of-state acceptance rate, and the admission requirements of the University of Miami.

You can find all the details about the University of Miami’s requirements and acceptance rate in this article. But first, let’s have a brief overview of the university.

Quick Overview Of University Of Miami

The university is located in Coral Gables, Florida. Nearly 17,000 students attend the non-profit, private University of Miami. There are 12 graduate and undergraduate schools and colleges in this university. UM includes six other pre-professional schools in addition to colleges like the College of Engineering, the School of Architecture, and the College of Arts and Sciences.

The University of Miami was founded in 1925. Today, its campus size is spread across 239 acres. It follows a semester-based academic calendar to offer various courses. In addition, the university has been ranked #55 in 2022 for the best colleges in national universities.

University of Miami acceptance rate

Admissions at the University of Miami are extremely competitive. Additionally, based on admissions data, it has been listed as one of the top 50 most competitive universities worldwide for undergraduate programs. However, the University of Miami’s acceptance rate, which includes the out-of-state acceptance rate, has decreased with each passing year, following the trend of a number of other prestigious universities.

According to the records that are available, the University of Miami acceptance rate for 2020 was thought to be the lowest. In 2020, 33,416 students applied for admission to the university. Only 12,698 of these applicants were accepted by the college. This resulted in a 38% University of Miami acceptance rate in 2020

In the year 2021, this figure further came down. From the available data, the University of Miami acceptance rate 2021 was estimated at 29% This indicates that only 29 out of 100 applicants were chosen for admission to their desired course.

In recent years, the University of Miami out of state acceptance rate was estimated to be around 55% as opposed to the in-state acceptance rate, which was 31%

University of Miami out of state acceptance rate University of Miami in-state acceptance rate
55% 31%

What are your chances with University of Miami transfer acceptance rate

There are numerous occasions when a student wishes to transfer to the University of Miami after attending a particular school or college. The causes could range from having a poor educational experience at the present institution, a preference for Coral Gables, etc.

College-bound youth are aware of the importance of communal life in determining the direction of the future, regardless of their motivations. In addition, many students see their time at the University of Florida as a springboard to a bright and successful future. In order to transfer to the university, they do so.

You should carefully consider the University of Miami transfer acceptance rate if you are considering transferring to the university. The university is moderately competitive for transfer students, which is a plus. 53 is the estimated transfer acceptance rate for University of Miami. 46%. This indicates that a majority of transfer students are admitted to the university.

You must have a minimum of three credits to increase your chances of being accepted as a transfer student at the University of Miami. 6 GPA. Additionally, you must provide the results of your SAT and ACT standardized tests.

Average score required for admission to University of Florida


An increased University of Miami acceptance rate for the class of 2024 was predicted to require a 3 GPA average. 6. 13% of students who got admitted to the university had a GPA around 4 0, and 25% had a GPA between 3. 75 to 3. 99.

Class Rank

For the class of 2024, those who got selected to the university included 51% of students in the top 10% at the high school level

SAT score

There are various SAT and ACT requirements for each school affiliated with the University of Miami. Although the majority of schools demand standardized test results, some colleges also look for SAT subject scores.

Applicants must have an average SAT score of 1355 to be admitted to the University of Miami. This figure makes the university moderately competitive. It is difficult for applicants with SAT scores below 1280 to be accepted into any of the colleges affiliated with the University of Florida.

ACT score

The University of Miami requires applicants to have an average ACT score of 31, just like the SAT. The University of Miami’s acceptance rate is regarded as being low based on the ACT score. Although the university does not set a minimum ACT score requirement, applicants with ACT scores below 29 are thought to have very slim chances of being selected.

Who has a better chance of selection to the University of Miami?

Knowing the demographics of the university’s students is essential when calculating the University of Miami’s out-of-state acceptance rate. In the academic year 2020-2021, 41% of the first-year students hailed from the state of Florida Most of these students were from –.

  • California
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Massachusetts

The university is very popular among international students. Therefore, admissions officers must be selective and thoroughly review the applications even with a high University of Miami out-of-state acceptance rate.

The estimated racial makeup of the class of 2025 is as follows:

Ethnicity Acceptance rate
Latinx 28%
White 47%
Asian American 11%
African American 10%
Two or more races 4%

What are University of Miami admission requirements?

According to the University of Miami’s acceptance rates for 2020 and 2021, the following criteria are used to determine an applicant’s eligibility for admission to the university:

  • Course rigor and Class rank in high school
  • Academic GPA
  • Standardized test scores of SAT and ACT
  • Application essay
  • Letters of recommendations
  • Applicant’s involvement in extracurricular activities

Some other factors include:

  • Talent or ability of the applicant
  • Volunteer work done by the applicant
  • Personal qualities or character of the applicant
  • Work experience

Benefits of early decision application to the University of Miami

From the available data of University of Miami acceptance rate 2020 and University of Miami acceptance rate 2021, it is evident that candidates who apply through early decision programs have a 61% chance of getting selected to the university Compared to the regular decision acceptance rate, which stands at 33%, applying through early decision can be more beneficial to the students

Students who are serious about getting into the university should think about applying through the early decision plan because the University of Miami’s acceptance rate for 2021 has become more competitive than the University of Miami’s acceptance rate for 2020.

How to improve your chances of getting selected at the University of Miami

  • Concentrate on raising your GPA because it’s a requirement for admission to the University of Miami. In 2021, the University of Miami’s acceptance rate had an average GPA of about 3. 6. Therefore, applicants must focus on achieving a minimum of 3. 6 GPA by taking challenging courses in high school. Students should enroll in AP, IB, or advanced honors courses for this. Additionally, students from other universities must have a GPA of 3.0. 74 to improve their University of Miami transfer acceptance rate.
  • Send your SAT and ACT scores if they are above average: Although it is not required, applicants should think about sending their standardized test results if their scores are above average. When considering applicants for admission, the admissions authorities do take high ACT and SAT scores into account.
  • Writing supplemental essays: The University of Miami requires students to submit a 250-word supplemental essay. In order to assess an applicant’s character, skills, and personal qualities, the admissions committee often looks at their essays. In order to demonstrate their suitability for the college, applicants must be genuine, strong, and talented.
  • The University of Miami accepts and trains students from a variety of backgrounds, so highlight your professional experiences. The university values students who are able to use their free time productively and believes they are valuable. As a result, candidates with volunteer or paid experience are much more likely to receive an admissions offer. Therefore, applicants must get engaged in real-world work experience.
  • Recommendation letters: Recommendation letters are essential for persuading admissions officers of your abilities. You must therefore submit the letters of recommendation from your high school teachers in order to gain an advantage over your rivals.

We hope you can create a strong admission application now that you are fully aware of the admission requirements and acceptance rate.

Frequently asked questions?

Q.1 Who is admitted to Miami University?

Let’s look at The University of Miami’s undergraduate student population statistics:

Florida was the home state of 41% of the freshmen class The next five states with the most residents each were:

USA: New York,

Q.2 How applicants are rated by the University of Miami

Seven elements of the application process are deemed “extremely essential” by the University of Miami, including the applicant’s secondary school record, class rank, GPA, results from standardized tests, the essays, references, and extracurricular activities. The components deemed “essential” are talent/ability, character/personality traits, volunteer work, and work experience. ”.

Q.3 Does tuition have to be paid by graduate students?

Although graduate assistantship recipients still have to pay some activity fees, their tuition is entirely covered. The One-Stop office can provide more details. Keep in mind that the Basic General Fee, the Non-Resident Surcharge, and 100% of the Instructional Fee are all waived

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What GPA is required for Miami?

Students must have undergraduate student status and a cumulative G. P. A. of at least 3. 0 at the time of application.

Is it hard to get into Miami University?

The acceptance rate at Miami University is 83. 8%. For every 100 applicants, 84 are admitted. This means the school is lightly selective. The school will have its anticipated GPA and SAT/ACT score requirements. You almost certainly will receive an offer of admission if you meet their requirements.

Does University of Miami acceptance rate?

University of Miami admissions is most selective with an acceptance rate of 28% and an early acceptance rate of 36 8%. An ACT score of 30 to 33 or an SAT score between 1300 and 1460 are required for admission to the University of Miami.

Is Miami or UC a better school?

University of Cincinnati ranks No. 7 and Miami University No. 8 in Niche. The top universities in Ohio are listed in the 2021 Best Colleges in America report by the education review website, which is a part of a larger ranking of U S. colleges.

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