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Top Reasons to Study in the MCPHS University, Worcester

MCPHS University, which is situated in the second-largest city in New England, is renowned for its professional network, urban culture, and knowledgeable faculty with excellent medical backgrounds. Following are the top reasons to enroll in MCPHS University:

  • The University provides an average of 7500 job openings in the top medical colleges and hospitals, including practical experience in clinics where you can take care of actual patients.
  • Some of the best regional medical facilities, like St. Vincent Hospital and UMass Memorial Medical Center.
  • The University meets the criteria to be considered the oldest pharmacy school because it offers a wide variety of student organizations, counseling services, and extracurricular activities.

Cost of Studying at MCPHS University, Worcester

More rankings for this university

MCPHS graduates are ranked first in the 2018 Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education University Ranking. Additionally, it has the top ranking from Standard and Poor’s (S). MCPHS placed fourth on Money Magazine’s list of the most influential colleges in the US in 2020.

Admissions at The MCPHS University, Worcester

  • On its official website, MCPHS University, Worcester offers online admission for a variety of graduate and postgraduate degrees.
  • For applicants seeking a first-year freshman year, the MCPHS University, Worcester application fees are free.
  • At their official email address, international, the applicant’s high school can submit official high school transcripts. admission@mcphs. edu.
  • In the case of MCPHS University international students, a completed course-by-course evaluation from World Education Service (WES) or Education Credentials Evaluators (ECE) must be submitted to the university.
  • International students must submit an official test score to the university for any one of the following exams: SAT, ACT, OSSLT, IELTS, TOEFL, iTEP, PTE, or EPE. The submission requirements for each of these test results are listed on the MCPHS University website.

Documents Required to Apply to MCPHS University, Worcester

  • Official high school result.
  • Test results from one of the SAT, ACT, OSSLT, IELTS, TOEFL, iTEP, PTE, or EPE exams
  • Official graduation certificate.
  • Letter of recommendation.

GRE exam requirements for international students applying to doctoral programs and lab-based master’s degree programs

Exams Accepted By the University

MCPHS University, Worcester Acceptance rate is 85%. The following aptitude tests and entrance exams are required for admission to MCPHS University for its international students.

English, mathematics, science, and social studies must be studied in high school. For UG Valid high school transcript. TOEFL iBT (Minimum score: 79) TOEFL ITP (Minimum score: 550) IELTS (Minimum score: 6). 5) iTEP (Minimum score: 4. 0), SAT (ERW Section: 480), ACT (English section: 21), PTE Academic (Minimum score: 58), Duolingo (Minimum score: 105) For a PG degree in pharmacy or another health science, TOEFL iBT (Minimum score: 90), TOEFL ITP (Minimum score: 610), and IELTS (Minimum marks 7). 0) iTEP (Minimum score: 4. 5) GRE (Scores above 70th percentile), Duolingo (Minimum score: 115), and PTE Academic (Minimum score: 73).

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Courses Find the updated list of courses available in this university

Number of campuses the university has 3

Campus locations Massachusetts

The MCPHS students can use any of the city’s various modes of transportation, including buses, taxis, zip cars, and college shuttle services, in Worcester, which is situated in picturesque New England. Additionally, international students can use the MBTA Commuter Rail, which connects Boston and Worcester, at Union Station.

Services offered by the university

The University offers a number of services and benefits to MCPHS students.

  • In addition to learning, students have the opportunity to interact with the active MCPHS community, which promotes the candidates’ mental health. Counselling services are provided to students. MCPHS makes sure that its members are safe and happy thanks to its more than 100 student-run clubs and organizations.
  • There are numerous service-learning and travel opportunities available to international students that are connected to the course curriculum. MCPHS provides programs in nursing, healthcare administration, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, and other fields.
  • International students have the opportunity to exchange quality learnings with faculty and other college students thanks to the availability of student exchange programs with other universities.

MCPHS University is dedicated to healthcare and life sciences. Here, international students can pursue their interests and develop as healthcare professionals with the goal of adding previously unresearched components to the field of medical sciences.

  • At MCPHS University, Worcester, international students have access to a range of benefits, including a variety of activities, like student clubs, online programs, sports, and part-time job opportunities that encourage them to socialize more.
  • On its campus, MCPHS University offers intramural sports to its students.
  • On campus, there are more than 100 clubs and student organizations that enable students to interact with one another and express their opinions on any current issues.
  • International students who struggle academically or with the transition from high school to college are given academic coaching classes.
  • Each year, family nurse practitioners students visit more than 22,643 patients directly.

Students get financial aid from the university, with the scope of 100% merit-based scholarship along with The Mass Grant and Gilbert Grant scholarships are available to students who need them.

MCPHS University prioritizes its students’ welfare in addition to their education. With this in mind, the university offers students a flexible housing system at the MCPHS University, Worcester Campus so they can stay and take advantage of campus life.

The cost of housing at MCPHS University in Worcester is reasonable, and students can choose the type of housing that best suits their needs. Residences on Main Street, Lincoln Square, the Borysek Living Center, Salisbury Street, and Lancaster Street are available to students. Each of these areas offers rooms with different pricing, bedroom features, and additional amenities. Monthly housing costs at the university range from USD 964 to USD 1,134 (INR 73918 to INR 86953).

University Faculty:Student Ratio

MCPHS University boasts a total of 826 faculty members, of which 90% are full-time members with terminal-degree This predicts a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1, which will shorten the new hires’ learning curve.

University Endowments Value 1800000

Research opportunities at university

Students get to take part in various clinical studies and research programs, gaining practical experience in clinics where they can treat actual patients. Shriners in Springfield, UMass Memorial Medical Center, and Saint Vincent Hospital are a few of the nearby clinical affiliates of MCPHS where international students can practice with actual patients and conditions.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Top medical centres and hospitals like St. Students can work as interns or part-timers at Vincent Hospital and UMass Memorial Medical Center. Every year, the university averages 7500 job openings.

Placement – Companies and average salaries offered

MCPHS students are appointed by top global companies. 96% of the students are employed after two years of graduation The average pay scale is USD 116,000 (INR 88,94,706). More than 93% of the students feel confident enough to get hold of their dream job after graduation from MCPHS Numerous reputable companies, including Biogen in Cambridge and Ginkgo Bioworks, have hired international students.

1. Is MCPHS Worcester a good school?

In the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings for 2018, MCPHS took the top spot.

2. Is MCPHS Worcester safe?

MCPHS prioritizes students’ health and safety, so everyone can feel safe on campus. The Worcester campus’s crime rate was 4 as of the year 2021. 75 incidents per 1000 students.

3. Is MCPHS hard to get in?

MCPHS University, Worcester acceptance rate is 85%. Therefore, obtaining a candidature at MCPHS is not very difficult.

4. What is the MCPHS University GPA requirement?

The minimum GPA required for admission to MCPHS is 3. 52 on a 4. 0 scale to get into the freshman class.

5. What is the tuition fee at MCPHS University?

The average cost per credit hour for MCPHS is USD 1,275 (INR 97,765), though it varies annually depending on the program and the length.

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Is MCPHS a good university?

Students who are prepared to put in the necessary effort to achieve their professional career goals should consider attending MCPHS University. The school offers a lot of opportunities for students to get help when they need it, and the professors are very helpful in this regard.

What GPA do you need to get into MCPHS?

Average GPA: 3. 51 With a GPA of 3. 51, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences demands that you finish your high school coursework with an average GPA. You’ll need a combination of A and B grades, with very few Cs. You can make up for a low GPA by enrolling in challenging courses like AP or IB classes.

Is MCPHS a prestigious school?

Overall, the school is very prestigious and studious. MCPHS University is a highly regarded institution with a strong reputation for providing online education.

Is MCPHS hard to get into?

MCPHS University is less selective with an acceptance rate of 85% Students with SAT scores between 1010 and 1240 are admitted to MCPHS University.

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