Macalester Early Decision Acceptance Rate

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Macalester Early Decision Acceptance Rate

“I looked for small liberal arts colleges that met 100% of demonstrated need AND were in big cities. Macalester was the only place that I felt really fit the bill.” Ximena Silva-Avila ’20, Tucson, Arizona

When the Common Application becomes available on August 1st, you may submit an application to Macalester. Macalester offers Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision rounds.

Depending on the application round, admission rates at highly selective institutions frequently vary significantly. A good question to ask college admissions officers is how often this happens. Below are the 3-year average acceptance rates for Early Decision in comparison to Early Action and Regular decision rounds to aid you in making your own decision when submitting your Macalester application. Contact us at [email protected] or (800) 231-7974 if you have any questions.

Acceptance Rates 3-Year Average
Early Decision 54%
Regular Decision and Early Action 30%
Overall 31%

Financial Aid – All Application Rounds

Macalester%E2%80%99s financial aid policy is to meet the full demonstrated financial need (100%) of every admitted student in all applicant rounds

All applicants for admission are considered for merit-based scholarships. No additional scholarship application is required. For all application rounds, Macalester awards merit aid in the same manner.

For students who are aware that Macalester is their top choice of college and who are prepared to enroll if accepted, early decision is the best option. In order to be eligible for Early Decision, students must withdraw all other applications in the event that their financial aid package makes attending Macalester financially feasible.

EARLY DECISION I: Application Deadline: November 1; Decision Release: December 4

EARLY DECISION II: Application Deadline of January 1 and Decision Release of January 29

Why should I apply Early Decision?

FINANCIAL AID Applicants for our early financial aid evaluation are eligible for early decision. Before deciding to apply Early Decision, these students can receive early financial aid assessments to determine their need-based financial aid eligibility. Students admitted through Early Decision are given merit scholarships and need-based financial aid based on the same standards as other application rounds.

TIMING Early Decision candidates hear about their admissions decisions before the end of their senior year. Early Decision I applicants receive notification of their admissions decisions by December 4, while Early Decision II applicants receive notification by January 29.

The same criteria used to evaluate students applying in Early Action and Regular Decision are also used to evaluate candidates in Early Decision.

For applicants who are prepared to submit an application to Macalester by November 1, Early Action is a non-restrictive option. Early Action applicants receive their decision by December 21. The results of those who apply for need-based financial aid are typically available by mid-January.

Why should I apply Early Action?

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Financial aid decisions for students requesting it based on need will be made much sooner than for those applying through Regular Decision. Early Action and Regular Decision use the same criteria to determine your financial aid award, including any merit-based scholarship opportunities.

TIMING Early Action applicants receive their admission decisions by December 21—early in their senior year and more than three months earlier than Regular Decision—and more quickly than Regular Decision applicants.

FLEXIBILITY Early Action is non-restrictive. Applicants may apply to other colleges. On or before the May 1 National Reply Deadline, accepted students may accept the offer of admission.

The most recent application deadline for the non-restrictive Regular Decision selection process is January 15. The decision release for Regular Decision is March 26. The same criteria used for early decision and early action applicants are used by the admissions committee to evaluate candidates for regular decision admission.

Why should I apply Regular Decision?

TIMING Regular Decision applicants might want their senior year grades to be reviewed along with their application or may not be prepared to submit their applications in the Early Action Round.

FLEXIBILITY Regular Decision applicants may use other regular decision and other non-restrictive early action plans to apply to other colleges. On or before the May 1 National Reply Deadline, accepted students may accept the offer of admission.

In order to support students, Macalester Admissions collaborates with QuestBridge and Posse, two distinctive organizations. Learn more at applying through QuestBridge and the Posse program.

Student stories about applying early

Boston, Massachusetts Major: Psychology

I liked the culture of smaller liberal arts colleges, so I was looking for them. Prior to hearing that I should perhaps visit Macalester, I had never heard of it. In the end, I went on an overnight trip with a tennis team member who was just starting out during the fall of my senior year. I absolutely fell in love with Mac and its values. I had a wonderful time that weekend with everyone I met, and I could see myself integrating into the neighborhood. I recalled saying to my parents, “I can see myself thriving here on campus as I walk around. “I applied Early Decision because I knew then that Macalester was the school for me. It not only relieved my stress from the college search process, but it also made me eager for the upcoming fall semester at Mac!

What do you love about Mac?

The community is one aspect of Macalester that I adore most. Everyone here is nice, kind, supportive, and down to earth. In my opinion, the Mac community is unique in this regard (the Minnesota nice is genuine). I’ve also had the opportunity to meet people from a variety of backgrounds, and I enjoy having deep conversations with them.

While being demanding and difficult, academics still give you time to participate in extracurricular activities. I have gained a lot of knowledge from the classes I have taken so far, and I have had some of the most stimulating conversations with my classmates. Additionally, professors want you to succeed and are prepared to help you in any way that you require. Because Mac values the fact that you are a student-athlete, which means that being a student comes first, athletics have never interfered with academics. The professors are very accommodating if we have to miss a class to participate in a competition. Furthermore, playing at the D3 level enables me to continue my athletic career while still pursuing my academic and professional goals.

You can develop academically, socially, emotionally, and in other ways at Mac, all while being a part of a wonderful environment and neighborhood.

Ximena Silva-Avila ’20

Tucson, Arizona Majors: Mathematics & Political Science

Why Early Decision?

I looked for small liberal arts colleges that met 100% of demonstrated need AND were in big cities Only Macalester seemed to truly fit the bill in my opinion. I consequently fell in love after attending an information session at my high school. My list was perfectly matched by the school’s location, size, faculty, classes, extracurricular activities, and financial aid. I was ready to commit so I applied Early Decision.

What do you love about Mac?

My internship at the Minnesota State Capitol was made possible because of Macalester. Internships are a wonderful way to broaden your experience and create lasting professional connections. I adore that campus is just one mile from the Mississippi River. Along with being able to eat delicious food, you probably won’t be pushed harder to develop academically, socially, and emotionally in a setting that is more compassionate and caring.

Alec Beatty ’19

Topeka, Kansas Major: Political Science Internships: Skyhawks Sports Academy (2016) and UBS Financial services company (2017)

Why Early Decision?

When I went to Macalester in early June of my junior year of high school, I knew that was where I wanted to be. Knowing Macalester was my #1 school, going ED1 was an easy decision. It not only assisted me in completing a protracted and exhausting college search process, but it also demonstrated to the school and coaches that I was equally invested in and committed to them as they were to me.

What do you love about Mac?

I adore Macalester because it will push you to grow intellectually, socially, and physically if you play football. Your interactions with the various people you encounter here will help you develop into the person you hope to become. There are countless opportunities at Macalester to make new friends, participate in clubs and activities, or simply try something new.

Professors and coaches both put you in a position to succeed. When you have conflicts with your schedule because of sports or need extra time outside of class, your professors are friendly. They will always be willing to assist you if you are willing to learn.

Following Macalester, Alec earned a political science major and a history minor, graduating in May 2019. He will travel to Kosovo thanks to a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship. Alec set records at his position as a receiver for the Macalester football team, and he was named an All-American.

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Does early decision increase acceptance rate?

Some students and high school guidance counselors mistakenly believe that applying early decision increases their chances of admission, but early acceptance rates and admissions requirements differ from school to school.

What percentage of early decision applicants get accepted?

What Has Changed Over Time Regarding Early Acceptance Rates? SchoolEarly Acceptance Rate 2019–20Early Acceptance Rate 2021–22Dartmouth University26 4 . 1%Duke University20. 7%21%Harvard University13. 9%7. 9%Johns Hopkins University28. 4%12. 69%.

Is Macalester College hard to get into?

The acceptance rate at Macalester College is 41. 2%. For every 100 applicants, 41 are admitted. This means the school is moderately selective. The school is more accommodating than other schools and still expects you to meet their GPA and SAT/ACT requirements.

Which university has the highest early decision acceptance rate?

Best Colleges to Apply Early Decision 2021Grinnell College. Grinnell Early Decision Acceptance Rate: 65% Regular Acceptance Rate: 19% ED Advantage: 40% Bates College. Denison University. Washington and Lee University. Haverford College. Skidmore College. Hamilton College. Davidson College.

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