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Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition for second semester only. Students who transfer in the middle of the academic year return the following year at the full-year tuition rates.

Day Students $16,804
5-day Boarding Students $32,012
7-day Boarding Students $37,618

The full 10-month academic year’s tuition (mid-August to late-May)

Day Students $28,566
5-day Boarding Students $54,421
7-day Boarding Students $63,950

Linden Hall is pleased to offer merit scholarships of up to 25% of tuition to top applicants, regardless of financial need Merit scholarships honor incoming students who have demonstrated genuinely exceptional achievement both inside and outside the classroom. Please refer to our complete merit scholarship policy for information on award amounts and requirements.

Most scholarships are given to applicants who submit their applications for Priority Admission by January 15th. Starting in March, any remaining merit scholarships are given out on a rolling basis.

Contact the Admissions Office at (717) 626-8512 x158 or admissions@lindenhall. org for more information on scholarships and financial aid.

An excellent education is an investment in your daughters future. Linden Hall is dedicated to working in partnership with parents to make our excellent education available, and provides need-based financial aid to families who otherwise would not be able to pay tuition.

Each year that a family proves financial need through the application process, financial aid is renewed. All families are eligible to apply for need-based financial aid, regardless of citizenship.

You must apply online via School and Student Services (SSS) at the same time you apply for admission to be considered for need-based financial aid. Our fair and objective process considers each family’s unique situation when determining ability to pay.

Our largest packages are competitively priced and given out in the Priority Admission round. Beginning in March, any remaining financial aid is given out on a first-come, first-served basis until it is completely used up. If you will require more than 50% of the cost of tuition in financial aid, we encourage you to contact the Admission Office prior to beginning your admission application to check availability

Sibling Discounts

We are pleased to provide a sibling discount to families with more than one student enrolled at Linden Hall. If a family enrolls two or more children at the same time, they are qualified for a sibling discount.

  • Second student attending at the same time: 10% discount
  • Third student attending at the same time: 15% discount
  • Fourth student attending at the same time: 20% discount

Sibling discounts are automatically applied on enrollment agreements. Any remaining siblings may lose their discounts if a sibling doesn’t begin the school year.

Referral Discounts for New Families

If new families are referred by a member of the Linden Hall community through our online referral form, they may be eligible for a one-time tuition credit in the amounts listed below. For a new family to qualify for a referral credit, the referral must be finished prior to the student being offered admission to Linden Hall and will not be applied retroactively.

  • Day student: $750 one-time tuition credit
  • Boarding student: $1,500 one-time tuition credit

Families who have a student enrolled at Linden Hall now or in the past are not eligible for a referral discount; they are also not considered to have been “referred” to Linden Hall. CLICK HERE to read the full policy.

Referral Discounts for Current Families

If they recommend a new family to Linden Hall, current students may be eligible for a one-time tuition credit in the amounts listed below. The current student and family must be listed by the applicant in the space provided on their application.

  • Referring a new Day student: $750 one-time tuition credit
  • Referring a new Boarding student: $1,500 one-time tuition credit

Our New Student Referral Program policy contains a complete list of eligibility requirements. CLICK HERE to read the policy.

Outside Scholarships and Other Financial Assistance

Families sometimes ask us about other scholarship or grant opportunities. Linden Hall does not maintain a list of outside scholarships or loan providers, nor do we recommend any particular databases or organizations. However, one place families may wish to start their search is with School and Student Services (SSS), the financial aid management service that Linden Hall uses to analyze and process need-based financial aid applications. SSS lists some organizations and search strategies for outside financial support on their website. Please note that Linden Hall does not provide or offer educational loans as part of our financial assistance program, and all of our support is grant money that does not need to be repaid to the school.

Payment Plans

As part of their enrollment agreement, some families might automatically be offered and qualify for a payment plan. Our payment plans do not include fees or interest. If you have any questions about payment plans, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

International Student Fee $1,000
For all non-US citizens
English as a Second Language $2,000/semester
If required for individual student based on TOEFL score at arrival
Student Health Insurance* $1,020 – $1,700/10 months (approximately)
Blackbaud Tuition Management Fee $50/family
Parents Association Fee $100/family
Tuition Refund Plan 2.5% of net tuition

*Required for families without adequate coverage already. Prior to arriving, all students are required to have medical insurance; however, the cost of insurance is not covered by the tuition. Families are free to pursue their own options, but insurance in the Lititz region must be written in English. We advise Independent School Management’s International Student Accident and Sickness coverage for all international students. All enrolling students will receive information about the plan and its options.

  • Uniforms (typically range $200-$400)
  • Personal laptop of your choosing (See BYOD requirements)
  • Textbooks ($200 – $400/year, varies depending on course selection)
  • Student Personal Expenses (varies according to family preference)
  • Incidental Escrow Account ($400 – $1,000 on-campus spending money)


  • Aviation Program
  • Music Lessons
  • Riding Lessons
  • Tutoring

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How much is Linden Hall boarding school?

Tuition 2023–2024
Day Students $28,566
5-day Boarding Students $54,421
7-day Boarding Students $63,950

How many Students at Linden Hall?

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