Lecom Interview Acceptance Rate

It’s a fact that there are no regulations dictating how long a medical school must take to respond to your application.

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine LECOM

Greensburg, Pennsylvania; and Elmira, New York are additional locations. The main campus is in Erie, Pennsylvania.

COVID-19 Related Information

There are no in-person interview options available for the 2022–2023 cycle.

Despite the fact that a letter from a doctor is not required, we still advise it.

Shadowing options: Accepts either virtual or in-person shadowing

Yes, but only if the student had no other options for taking the course besides online. Prerequisite courses will only be accepted if the student had no other options for taking the course besides online.

Accepts prerequisite coursework pass/fail grades? Yes. For the prerequisite core science courses to be accepted as meeting the credit requirement with a letter grade, they must be taken.

For those submitting applications in the cycle 2022-2023, the MCAT exam requirement is waived. For the Academic Index score, which combines the results of the standardized test with the overall college GPA, the student must submit their ACT or SAT score.

Yes, but prerequisite courses will only be accepted if the student had no other options for taking the course other than online. Accepts online lab coursework

The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine’s goal is to improve everyone’s health and quality of life by educating students to become osteopathic doctors, dentists, and pharmacy practitioners through world-class educational, research, clinical, and community service programs. The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, a beacon and cornerstone in medical education, has broadened its scope to include exceptional graduate programs created to give students the best possible education in their fields of study. While remaining true to the founding ideals of the institution. All students will be served by the professional programs through creative teaching methods, the growth of postdoctoral education, and interprofessional collaboration.

LECOM has expanded to become the largest medical school in the country, with campuses in Erie, Greensburg, Bradenton, and Elmira, New York. With one of the lowest private medical college tuition rates, LECOM provides a high-quality medical education at an affordable cost.

Lecture Discussion, Problem-Based Learning, Directed Study, and two three-year pathways—Primary Care Scholars and the Accelerated Physician Assistant Pathway—make up LECOM’s five learning pathways leading to the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree. Most LECOM alums go on to practice as primary care doctors in the fields of family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, or obstetrics.

U. S. News LECOM is proud to be the most applied to osteopathic medical college in the country thanks to our exceptional tuition rates, our five distinctive pathway delivery models, and our high residency placement rates.

Campus locations: urban/suburban; Erie, PA; Greensburg, PA; and Elmira, NY

Year founded: 1992

Type: Private, non-profit

The American Osteopathic Association’s Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) has granted the College of Osteopathic Medicine its accreditation for its doctor of osteopathic medicine program. LECOM is a part of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), a national voice for accreditation as a means of academic quality self-regulation. 60 institutional and programmatic accrediting organizations are recognized by CHEA, an association of 3,000 degree-granting colleges and universities.

Institutional affiliation:

  • LECOM at Seton Hill (additional location)
  • LECOM at Elmira (additional location)
  • LECOM Bradenton (branch campus)
  • LECOM School of Pharmacy
  • LECOM School of Dental Medicine
  • LECOM Graduate School of BioMedical Sciences
  • LECOM School of Health Services Administration
  • Medical Associates of Erie, Corry Memorial Hospital, and LECOM Senior Living Center are all part of LECOM Health.
  • John M. and Silvia Ferretti Medical Fitness and Wellness Center


Each element on LECOM’s campuses has been thoughtfully designed to support the organization’s goal of teaching students how to provide patient care. Smaller classrooms are ideal for small group study sessions, and lecture halls use smart classroom technology.

Students in Erie study in fully stocked anatomy and microbiology labs. In a real medical practice, students receive clinical assessment training with standardized patients. With its own teaching hospitals, Millcreek Community Hospital, Corry Memorial Hospital, and Warren General Hospital, LECOM is still the only osteopathic medical school. Students are given memberships to the LECOM Medical Fitness and Wellness Center, which focuses on their overall health. On the campus of Seton Hill University near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, LECOM at Seton Hill offers classrooms, labs, and student services.

2020 saw the addition of a new LECOM location in Elmira, New York, on the southern tier of the state. In their third and fourth years, students at LECOM in Elmira have a variety of clinical education opportunities to work with the communities in the Southern Tier of New York. For faculty- and student-assisted research, the LECOM Research Centers provide over 26,000 square feet of laboratory space.

Student residence options: LECOM does not provide campus housing. The college helps students find suitable housing close to campus so they can commute or walk there.

  • Total medical school enrollment: 2,495
  • Total male: 1,224
  • Total female: 1,268
  • First-year enrollment: 314
  • First-year male: 159
  • First-year female: 154
  • First-year in-state: 64
  • First-year out-of-state: 250
  • Total enrollment affiliate institutions: 4,387

LECOM provides its medical students with a selection of student-centered pathways that are tailored to each student’s preferred learning methods. Lecture/Discussion (LDP), Problem-Based Learning (PBL), Directed Study (DSP), and two three-year osteopathic medical degree programs—Primary Care Scholars (PCSP) and Accelerated Physician Assistant (APAP) Pathways—are the available five pathways in Erie.

While LECOM at Elmira only offers PBL, LECOM at Seton Hill offers both the PBL and the APAP pathways. Clinical rotations are completed by students in years three and four at more than 90 hospitals and clinics across the country, including regional clinical campuses in Pennsylvania, Florida, and New York.

In order to plan, direct, and lead medical and health service organizations as administrators in hospitals or other acute and subacute healthcare facilities, public health care organizations, pharmacies, and private practice groups, students must complete the LECOM Masters in Health Services Administration program (50 credit hours). For financial, planning, and managerial work in healthcare organizations as well as the creation and management of clinical practices, the knowledge gained from the MHSA program is crucial. delivered concurrently through online distance learning to third- and fourth-year medical students

The LECOM Masters in Public Health program’s 45 credit hours are based on the DO/MPH* body of knowledge. This includes administrative abilities crucial for advancing and enhancing the health, medical care, and well-being of people in North America by putting the osteopathic medical school’s emphasis on treating the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—to use. delivered concurrently through online distance learning to third- and fourth-year medical students

Students interested in a career as a physician-researcher or who want to have a strong research background can enroll in the DO/MSBS* LECOM program, which offers a research-focused curriculum concurrent with the DO program. Medical students can participate in the MSBS program, a graduate-level course that offers a structured research experience. The MSBS program will produce graduates qualified for clinical medicine who can create independent research programs through coursework, research design, laboratory experience, and a comprehensive research project.

DO/MSMEd* The MSMEd program is for current medical, pharmacy, and dental students as well as transitional rotating interns, off-cycle graduates, and international medical graduates who wish to strengthen their residency applications by having a thesis-based research project, a designated research mentor, and additional skill sets centered on assisting patients and healthcare professionals in learning. Students will also acquire a special set of abilities to help them succeed in residency.

Future doctors pursuing a master’s in biomedical ethics will benefit from the LECOM Master of Science in Biomedical Ethics program’s (36 credit hours) curriculum. delivered concurrently through online distance learning to third- and fourth-year medical students

DO/MS MCT* The LECOM Master of Science in Medical Cannabinoid Therapeutics (MS MCT) program is available online and is intended to train healthcare professionals to contribute to population-based, culturally appropriate, and innovative approaches in the field of medical cannabinoid therapeutics, which is rapidly expanding. The course builds on basic osteopathic principles and skills that emphasize treating the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. The curriculum focuses on the changing policies surrounding medical marijuana, organizational management, environmental and occupational health, social and behavioral effects, pharmacokinetics, vertically integrated business systems, macroeconomics, governing laws and regulations, and ethical implications. Additionally, students will learn the fundamental chemistry and effectiveness of the current medical cannabinoid pharmaceutical industry. The M. S. MCT curriculum consists of 45 credits. There are 11 required courses, a 16-week experiential discovery course involving executive interviews and analysis worth 6 credits, and a capstone project or master’s thesis worth 6 credits. a particular emphasis on the business structures of the medical cannabinoid industry in the United States and around the world, as well as the production, packaging, and dispensary delivery systems

* Masters programs available through distance education. See lecom.edu for details

Candidates for the Master of Medical Science (MMS) must have an undergraduate degree from an institution with regional accreditation. The 10-month, non-thesis Master of Medical Science program trains students for careers in the health sciences. Students who successfully complete the LECOM MMS program and satisfy all other admissions standards and requirements will be guaranteed an interview by the college admissions staff.

Doctor of Healthcare Administration (DHA) Doctor of Healthcare Administration (D. H. A) – The D. H. A. Program trains health sector professionals to be creative leaders and adept at solving complex problems. The degree program prepares professionals to teach and conduct interprofessional research on “the business of healthcare,” qualifying them to work as college faculty members. ”.

A lack of advanced degreed anatomy educators in the United States has increased the demand for qualified teachers to instruct anatomical sciences at the undergraduate or doctoral level. Doctoral Program in Anatomy Education (DAE) Doctoral Program in Anatomy Education (PhD) The need for doctoral level anatomy educators is clear given that the number of osteopathic and allopathic medical schools, physician assistant and nurse practitioner programs, and senior PhD faculty members transitioning into administrative positions or retiring will increase demand for anatomy educators. Despite these demands, there are only three programs in North America offering such doctoral-level training in anatomy education. The demand for PhD anatomists will exceed the capacity of these programs. The need for effective teaching is greater than ever with the current shortage of faculty who have the necessary training. In response to this need, LECOM Erie is pleased to provide the Doctoral in Anatomy Education Program (DAE).

Doctoral Program in Medical Education (DME) The DME program develops academic leaders in the teaching of health professions. It serves as an addition to the LECOM MSMEd Program, giving students additional instruction to more thoroughly investigate medical education topics through coursework, practica, and dissertation-level research. Graduates are highly knowledgeable and skilled medical education specialists with the capacity to conduct ground-breaking research in the field and enhance the educational preparation of healthcare professionals. Graduate-level training in educational practice, educational research methodology and analysis, and administrative leadership will be made available through the proposed program. Online coursework, teaching practica, and original research in the area of medical education in the form of a written and publicly defended dissertation are all requirements for students.

The Doctoral Program in Medical Microbiology Education (DME) is intended to prepare students to work as teaching faculty at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A greater number of teaching faculty will be required as more new allopathic and osteopathic medical schools, as well as other advanced medical degree programs, like physician assistant and nurse practitioner programs, open in the United States. The majority of new graduates from doctoral programs in microbiology and/or immunology are knowledgeable in their particular field of study, have a thorough background in laboratory procedures, and have experience analyzing data. Despite this, these programs do not place much emphasis on the breadth of teaching in medical microbiology. By emphasizing the educational aspects of medical microbiology in a variety of curricula, the DME will meet this need.

Doctoral Program in Pharmacy Education (DPE) The Doctoral Program in Pharmacy Education (DPE) offers a cutting-edge curriculum to teach students about pedagogical principles, teaching and learning scholarship, pharmaceutical and clinical sciences, and other topics. Students will complete coursework in pharmaceutics, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacotherapeutics, drug information, and educational theory in labs, lectures, and online courses. They will also complete teaching practica, journal clubs, and educational research. Graduates will be skilled in delivering content in the clinical and pharmaceutical sciences using a variety of curricular techniques.

Admissions Process & Application Information

A primary application is submitted by applicants to AACOMAS, which compiles the necessary materials, calculates the grades, and sends the uniform data to LECOM. A single letter of recommendation from a pre-professional committee or two letters from undergraduate or graduate college/university science professors must be submitted by applicants. A personalized email from LECOM inviting applicants to finish a web-based Supplemental Application is sent to applicants once it is finished. An alternative to the MCAT is LECOM’s Academic Index Score (AIS), which is calculated using the applicant’s overall GPA from undergraduate and graduate school and their SAT/ACT scores from high school. As a result, LECOM acknowledges the diversity of backgrounds among applicants, and that becoming a great doctor is not solely dependent on test results. By utilizing the AIS, we are better able to provide applicants with a comprehensive review. Following receipt of all required paperwork, members of the admissions committee review the application to determine which candidates best match the ISLOs of professionalism, osteopathic philosophy, and discipline knowledge. Candidates who meet these requirements are asked to participate in a virtual interview. After the interview, the admissions committee goes over the information submitted by the applicant and the interview ratings once more. An offer of acceptance to the College of Medicine is extended to applicants who have proven to the Committee that they are qualified for admission.

  • Primary application service: AACOMAS
  • Earliest application submission date: Opening Date of AACOMAS (5/4/2022)
  • Primary application deadline: 4/1/2023
  • Supplemental application deadline: 4/1/2023
  • Candidates are encouraged to submit their AACOMAS application materials as soon as possible to ensure consideration for an interview. Applications must be submitted no later than four weeks before the deadline.

First-Year Class Matriculants’ Selection Factors

Candidates who embody LECOM’s mission to train students to become capable osteopathic doctors who collaborate with their patients to achieve health and wellbeing are sought by LECOM. In addition to succeeding in their science courses, applicants should have established themselves as successful all-around students throughout their academic careers. LECOM is also looking for students who exhibit an interest in leadership and community service and who uphold the ethical and professional standards that the public expects of high-quality health care professionals. LECOM encourages candidates to get to know an osteopathic doctor to learn more about the field. Awareness of the osteopathic medical philosophy will increase after exposure to the profession. The applicant will get ready for the required admissions interview by consulting with a doctor.

International students (non-U. S. citizens or temporary residents) considered: Yes. International students (non-U. S. Individuals (citizens or non-permanent residents) will be taken into consideration. Non-U. S. Citizens must present proof that there are enough funds in a U.S. account. S. bank to cover all costs associated with completing the LECOM program in its entirety and to submit evaluations of all non-U S. coursework. Contacting the Admissions Office will provide you with additional requirements and information.

International students enrolled in the last two academic cycles: 4

  • Oldest MCAT considered: 7/1/2019
  • Accept September 2022 MCAT scores: Yes
  • Accept January 2023 MCAT scores: Yes

Accepted Sources for Letters of Recommendation

  • Email
  • Interfolio
  • Paper
  • Supplemental application required? Yes
  • Earliest supplemental application submission date: 7/1/2022
  • Supplemental application deadline: 4/1/2023
  • Requirements for the supplemental application: Selected candidates will be contacted to complete an online supplemental application and pay the application fee at that time. LECOM requests two letters of recommendation from science professors at the applicant’s undergraduate or graduate institution, or a letter of recommendation from a premedical or pre-health committee. MCAT scores are taken into consideration; in their place, LECOM may use an Academic Index Score, which is calculated using undergraduate and graduate GPAs along with the Critical Reading and Math sections of the ACT and/or SAT. Interviews are offered based on completion of the supplemental application.
  • Fee waiver available: Yes, receipt of AACOMAS fee waiver
  • The following prospective students received supplemental applications: Applicants must have a 2 7 or higher overall GPA and either an Academic Index Score (AIS) of 110 or higher or a 497 on the MCAT taken within the last three years. The AIS is computed by combining the post-secondary cumulative GPA with the ACT or SAT. When using the AIS to qualify for the supplemental application, a candidate who does not meet the MCAT requirement or who has not taken the test may enter their ACT or SAT scores. The student must follow up with official documentation.
  • Supplemental application fee: $50, non-refundable

In accordance with its rolling admissions policy, LECOM holds informational sessions for prospective students from July through April of the application year. Candidates are given the chance to submit a recorded video interview and are invited to a virtual information session. On the supplemental application, applicants can select which LECOM campus session they wish to attend.

Participants in virtual information sessions held by LECOM Erie, LECOM at Seton Hill, and LECOM at Elmira are welcome to enroll at any of the aforementioned campuses. The curriculum pathways offered at LECOM, financial aid resources and policies, research opportunities, clinical rotation locations, and residency programs connected to LECOM will all be explained to applicants. Following the session, candidates follow email instructions to submit a recorded video interview, which is then evaluated by the admissions committee.


  • Biology/Zoology, 8 semester hours with lab
  • Organic Chemistry, 8* semester hours with lab
  • Inorganic Chemistry, 8 semester hours with lab
  • Physics, 4 semester hours with lab

*Organic chemistry can be replaced with 3 credits of biochemistry in place of 4 credits.


  • Biochemistry, 3 semester hours
  • Genetics, 3 semester hours
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Microbiology


  • College English, 6 semester hours
  • Behavioral Sciences, 6 semester hours

The following timeline will govern how applicants must submit the required matriculation paperwork, including a deposit:

  • The accepted candidates will have 30 days (December 17) from the acceptance date of July 1.
  • Those accepted will have 14 days from December 17 through April 30.
  • Those who are chosen after May 1 will be required to pay a deposit right away and reply via email.
  • Each medical college may implement college-specific policies for accepted students who hold one or more seats at other medical colleges after May 15 of the year of matriculation.
  • Maximum Time for Applicant to Accept Offer: 30 days
  • Earliest acceptance date: 8/1/2022
  • Latest acceptance date: 7/30/2023
  • Deferred entrance requests considered: Yes, only if military deployment
  • Orientation / start date for first-year students: 7/24/2023
  • Early Decision Program (EDP) Offered: Yes
  • EDP Available For: Both In-State and Out-of-State Residents
  • EDP Application Due Date: 8/1/2022
  • Applications for the EDP should be sent to: Students who interview with LECOM before September 15th have the choice of learning their fate before December 15th. The student must sign a document authorizing LECOM to make a determination that would require a deposit to be paid earlier in the cycle. With the exception of Early Decision applicants, the rest of the admissions cycle at LECOM adheres to the traffic rules schedule.
  • EDP Supplemental Materials Due: 8/15/2022
  • Date EDP Applicants Notified: 10/1/2022

First-Year Class Matriculants (Entering Class 2021)

American Indian/Alaska Native 0.0%
Asian 18.5%
Black or African American 2.5%
Hispanic/Latino 5.4%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.0%
White 68.8%
Multiple Races 1.3%
Undisclosed 3.5%

Majors of First-Year Matriculants

Science Majors 82.25%
Non-Science Majors 14.75%
Graduate Degrees 17.3%

Tuition, Fees & Financial Aid

  • 2021-22 annual resident tuition: $37,000
  • 2021-22 annual non-resident tuition: $37,000
  • 2021-22 annual resident fees: $900
  • 2021-22 annual non-resident fees: $900
  • 2021-22 annual health insurance fee: $4,178
  • Student Activities Technology (not computer) Curricular Fee Board Prep are among the fees.
  • Estimated annual room, board, books and living costs: $24,929
  • Average 2021 graduate indebtedness: $221,471
  • Amount of deposit to hold place in class: $1,500, non-refundable
  • $500 extra deposit, which is only refundable in the event of a military deployment
  • Deposit applied to tuition: Yes
  • Financial Aid Website
  • Enrolled students with federal financial aid: 83%
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • Average scholarship/grant: $2,679

Address: 1858 W. Grandview Blvd. Erie, PA 16509 Main Phone: (814) 866-6641.

Call (724) 552-2880 to reach LECOM at Seton Hill at 20 Seton Hill Drive in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

The main phone number for LECOM at Elmira is (607) 795-8037.

Interview Questions – Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) Elmira


What are the odds of getting accepted after an interview?

On average, it takes 20 to 40 days after a job interview to receive a job offer. Five to eight weeks after a candidate’s initial job interview, they typically receive a rejected job offer. Job seekers have a 36. 89% chance of receiving a job offer after having one interview

What is LECOM acceptance rate?

The most recent incoming class at LECOM had an average cumulative GPA of 3. 5. The average MCAT score was 503. Their acceptance rate is approximately 6. 7%.

Does LECOM applicants and interviews?

Format of the Interview LECOM has a rolling admissions cycle and holds informational sessions for prospective students from July through April of the application year. Candidates are given the chance to submit a recorded video interview and are invited to a virtual information session.

What percent of medical school interviewees are accepted?

Average medical school acceptance rates are 5. 5%. Acceptance rates for medical school continue to decline, especially at highly regarded or competitive medical schools, as the number of applicants rises each year.

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