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Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), founded in 1827, is a non-profit public higher education institution situated in the urban Stockholm County metropolis (1,000,000 to 5,000,000 inhabitants). Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (KTH) is a large (uniRank enrollment range: 10,000-14,999 students) coeducational Swedish higher education institution that has been accredited by the Utbildningsdepartementet, Sverige (Ministry of Education and Research of Sweden). Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (KTH) provides courses and programs leading to degrees in higher education that are officially acknowledged, including pre-bachelor degrees (i e. certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation degrees, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in a variety of subject areas. For more information, see the uniRank degree levels and areas of study matrix below. This 195-year-old Swedish university has a selective admissions process based on applicants’ prior academic performance and grades. The admission rate range is 40-50% making this Swedish higher education organization a averagely selective institution International applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment. Additionally, KTH offers students a variety of academic and extracurricular facilities and services, such as a library, housing, sports facilities, study abroad and exchange programs, as well as administrative services.

30 %

Acceptance rate & Admissions

Acceptance Rate 45%
Admissions Requirements Upper secondary school certificate (tekniskt/naturvetenskapligt gymnasium) or foreign equivalent, and knowledge of Swedish
Academic Calendar August to June (August – December; January-June)
Enrollment 12,500
Full time employee 1,750
Student:staff ratio 7:1

KTH Royal Institute of Technology majors

by publication & citation count

Annual publication & citation counts

Year Publications Citations
1991 461 6030
1992 446 6820
1993 529 7259
1994 682 7924
1995 691 8694
1996 767 9883
1997 822 11148
1998 906 12481
1999 1095 14036
2000 1156 15895
2001 1263 17841
2002 1247 21141
2003 1297 25262
2004 1409 29088
2005 1590 35215
2006 1894 41764
2007 1935 47325
2008 1811 53184
2009 2336 61332
2010 2578 70726
2011 2895 83578
2012 3100 94191
2013 3131 106289
2014 3616 116371
2015 3904 127041
2016 4052 134337
2017 4149 146384
2018 4066 156810
2019 4175 178152
2020 4208 207762
2021 4134 233169
Undergraduate Graduate
Local students $500 $500
International students $20,000 $20,000

KTH Royal Institute of Technology has on-campus housing.

Programs Associates degree Bachelors Masters Doctoral
Design | Arts | Humanities
Business | Politics | Social Sciences
Languages | Culture | Linguistics
Nursing | Health | Pharmacy | Medicine
Engineering | IT + + + +
Maths | Natural Sciences + + + +
Högskoleexamen / Konstnärlig högskoleexamen Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Technology
Kandidatexamen (Degree of Bachelor) / Konstnärlig kandidatexamen (Degree of Bachelor in Fine Arts) Architecture, Technology
Yrkesexamen (First cycle professional qualification) Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Construction Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Maintenance, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Technology, Teacher Training, Technology, Technology Education
Magisterexamen (Degree of Master) / Konstnärlig magisterexamen (Degree of Master in Fine Arts) Architecture, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management, Real Estate, Town Planning
Masterexamen (Degree of Master) / Konstnärlig masterexamen (Degree of Master in Fine Arts) Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Architectural and Environmental Design, Architecture, Automation and Control Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Biological and Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Networks, Computer Science, Construction Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Drawing and Design, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Health Sciences, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management, Information Management, Information Technology, Materials Engineering, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Media Studies, Medical Technology, Molecular Biology, Nanotechnology, Naval Architecture, Nuclear Engineering, Physical Engineering, Polymer and Plastics Technology, Power Engineering, Production Engineering, Railway Engineering, Real Estate, Robotics, Structural Architecture, Surveying and Mapping, Technology, Telecommunications Engineering, Town Planning, Transport Engineering
Yrkesexamen (Second cycle professional qualification) Architecture, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Data Processing, Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial and Production Economics, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Materials Engineering, Mathematics, Media Studies, Medical Technology, Physical Engineering, Teacher Training
Licentiatexamen Engineering
Doktorsexamen Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Architecture, Automotive Engineering, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Communication Studies, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Health Sciences, Industrial and Production Economics, Industrial Management, Information Technology, Machine Building, Management, Marine Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, Medical Technology, Physics, Production Engineering, Social Sciences, Soil Science, Structural Architecture, Surveying and Mapping, Technology, Telecommunications Engineering, Transport and Communications, Water Science

KTH Royal Institute of Technology alumni

  • Dolph Lundgren Born in Sweden Years 1957-. Hans Lundgren, better known by his stage name Dolph Lundgren, is a Swedish actor, screenwriter, boxer, and karate master. He is 66 years old. His breakthrough came in 1985 when he played the commanding Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Lundgren has since appeared in more than 80 movies, almost all of which are action movies.
  • Daniel Ek Born in Sweden Years 1983-. Daniel Ek is a Swedish billionaire entrepreneur and technologist who works as an entrepreneur (age 40). He is the CEO and co-founder of Spotify, a music streaming service.
  • Max Tegmark Born in Sweden Years 1967-. Max Erik Tegmark, a Swedish-American physicist, cosmologist, and machine learning researcher, is 56 years old. His occupations include astrophysicist, writer, and cosmologist. He is the president of the Future of Life Institute and a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Elon Musk has given him research grants to look into the existential threat posed by highly developed artificial intelligence. He is also a scientific director at the Foundational Questions Institute and a supporter of the effective altruism movement.
  • Ivar Kreuger was a Swedish civil engineer, financier, entrepreneur, and industrialist who was born in 1880 and died in 1932 at the age of 52. His professions included: engineer, civil engineer, financier, business executive, and entrepreneur. He co-founded Kreuger Construction Company in 1908 He established a huge match and financial empire through risky investments and creative financial tools. He negotiated match monopolies with European, Central American, and South American governments between the two world wars, eventually gaining control of between two thirds and three quarters of the world’s match production, earning the nickname “Match King.”
Alternative names KTH Kungliga Tekniska högskolan
Founded 1827
Accreditation Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ)
Motto Vetenskap och Konst Science and Art
Colors blue
Affiliations and memberships European University Association (EUA) Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research (CLUSTER) Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER)
Address Valhallavägen 79 Stockholm, Stockholm County, 100 44 Sweden
City population 979,000
Phone +46 (8) 790 6000
Fax +46 (8) 790 6500

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Same level universities in Sweden

EduRank. A ranking of 14,131 universities from 183 countries using independent metrics is available at org. To rank universities across 246 research topics, we use a proprietary database with an index of 44,909,300 scientific publications and 1,237,541,960 citations. We include non-academic prominence and alumni popularity indicators in the overall rankings. Always check official university websites for the latest enrollment information.

Sweden’s BEST University? | KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm FACTS+TOUR


Is KTH Sweden a good university?

With about 13,000 full-time students, KTH is Sweden’s largest and most prestigious technical university. Since 1827, the university has a long history of developing ground-breaking concepts and innovations. Students from all over the world are attracted to KTH because of its reputation for excellence.

How prestigious is KTH?

The largest and most prestigious technical university in Sweden is KTH Royal Institute of Technology, which is ranked 89th in the QS World University Rankings for 2023.

Is it hard to get into KTH Masters?

Acceptance rate. The acceptance rate for the master’s programme in Machine Learning for 2022 was 11 % Out of the 808 applicants who met the admissions criteria, 90 students were accepted. Choose more than one program when submitting an application to KTH to improve your chances of acceptance.

Does KTH Sweden teach in English?

The largest and most prestigious technical university in Sweden is KTH, which is ranked top 100 in the 2022 QS World University Rankings. By selecting KTH, you have access to a thriving student community and an elite academic setting. We offer one bachelor’s programme taught in English.

Is KTH a top university?

KTH is one of the top 100 universities in the world, and the QS World University Rankings for 2023 place KTH Royal Institute of Technology as the 89th-most prestigious institution. Our reputation is a result of our talented students and dedicated faculty working together to create a better future.

Is KTH free for international students?

Citizens of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland typically do not have to pay application or tuition fees. However, some joint programmes may charge fees from EU/EEA/Swiss citizens. There are some exceptions, but typically you must pay application and tuition fees if you are not a citizen of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland.

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