Konkuk University Acceptance Rate

Korea has dozens of excellent universities that welcome international students. Compared to Korean students, international students’ acceptance rates are significantly higher. We’ll talk about the Korean universities with the highest acceptance rates in this article.

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# University name Acceptance rate Acc. rate
10 Pusan National University
11 Kyungpook National University 15%
12 Chung-Ang University 6%
13 Konkuk University

Why Konkuk University?

A private teaching and research institution, Konkuk University was established in 1931. Currently, the university has campuses in Seoul and Chungju.

In contrast to the Chungju campus, which has four undergraduate and graduate colleges, the Seoul campus, which is regarded as the main campus, has eleven undergraduate colleges and thirteen graduate programs.

With more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students accepted across its faculties, the university is also one of the biggest private universities in Korea.

It has an academic strength of over 2,500.

Currently, Konkuk University is one of the top universities in Asia and Korea. This institution has successfully run excellent academic programs ever since its founding.

The university, which is renowned for its academic excellence, welcomes students from all over the world and provides them with scholarship opportunities.

Konkuk University Acceptance Rate

Like many other universities, Konkuk University’s acceptance rate varies significantly every year.

In some years, the university’s acceptance rate has been high, while in other years, it has been low.

When compared to other private universities around the world, the university’s acceptance rate is generally high.

In order to compete with other applicants for admission to the university, applicants must make sure to earn high academic grades.

What is the Cost of Tuition at the Konkuk University?

Konkuk University Tuition fee varies for undergraduate and graduate students.

The current undergraduate tuition rate at Konkuk University is $7,000 per year, while the graduate rate is double that at $14,000 per year.

For more information about the tuition fee for the various courses at the University please refer to the official University website through the link.

Konkuk University Admission

You must adhere to certain procedures in order to be accepted as an international student into one of the many programs offered at the well-known Konkuk University.

Prior to applying, you must first view the list of required application materials on the university’s admissions portal.

For aspiring local and international students, the university has simplified the admissions process.

So, below are the academic requirements:

For Nationality and Academic Requirements

As a Freshman Applicant:

  • You must have graduated from internationally recognized primary and secondary schools.
  • You must be a foreign national without Korean citizenship.
  • Please go to Admissions for Korean Students if you have Korean nationality.

As a Transfer Applicant:

  • Must be in good academic standing and have completed or be on track to complete at least two years of a 4-year undergraduate program at an accredited Korean or foreign university, with at least half the credits needed for graduation OR
  • must be in good academic standing and have completed or be on track to complete a 2- or 3-year associate degree program at an accredited Korean or foreign university.

Language Proficiency Requirements

  • All applicants must submit one or more of the following records: a TOPIK report with a level of 3 or higher; a Konkuk Language Institute completion certificate with a level of 3 or higher;

In order to graduate from Konkuk University, all foreign students must achieve TOPIK level 4 or higher. Depending on their level of proficiency, applicants may need to take Korean language courses.

Korean proficiency Language course requirement
TOPIK Level 3 or Korean Language Program Completion Certificate issued by KU Language Institute with Level 3 or above Practical Korean 1 and 2
TOPIK Level 4 or 5 Practical Korean 3
TOPIK Level 6 Exempted from taking Practical Korean courses

To apply for an undergraduate program, visit the link below.

To apply for graduate programs, visit the link below.

NB: Interested candidates are urged to carefully read the admissions guidelines to prevent mistakes during the application process.

Konkuk University Ranking

Over the years, Konkuk University has maintained its academic excellence to hold the top spot in the hierarchy of the best universities in Korea, Asia, and the entire world.

According to JoongAng Ilbo, the University was ranked 13th among the top Universities in Korea as of 2014.

In a survey conducted by Korean students in 2015, the university was ranked as the 59th best university in Asia and as the 7th best university in the entire nation.

According to the QS ranking of the best universities in the world for 2021, Konkuk University is ranked in Korea, Asia, and globally as follows:

  • In Korea = #17
  • In Asia = #93
  • World Ranking = #581 – 590

About Konkuk University International Programs

International students who want to be a part of Konkuk University’s rich academic history can choose from a variety of programs offered by the university.

The international programs include everything from long-term academic programs to short-term ones for tourists.

The following are just a few of Konkuk University’s international programs:

Exchange student program

In an effort to provide its students with top-notch academic programs, Konkuk University, like other top universities worldwide, collaborates with some universities abroad.

University of California, Berkeley, University of Edinburgh, Erasmus University, and Osaka University are just a few of the universities that are partners with this program.

Occasionally, Konkuk University will host foreign students from its partnering universities to finish their programs in a particular field of study, depending on the type of agreement between the two institutions.

While some of these exchange programs may last an academic session, most of them last for a semester.

International Summer Program

International students interested in studying Korean culture, history, or other subjects can choose from two lengthy summer and winter programs offered by Konkuk University.

Students enrolled in the international summer and winter programs may choose to go on field trips in addition to taking classes in specific fields of study.

In order to bring the world closer to Korea, Konkuk University has a high acceptance rate for the international summer program.

Undergraduate degree

In addition to the above-mentioned short-term programs, Konkuk University also provides professional academic courses to foreign students hoping to earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from the institution.

Over 2,500 international students from more than 67 countries have chosen Konkuk University as their top academic destination, and we are thrilled about this.

These international students are enrolled in a variety of disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels, and you can join them by attending Konkuk University.

International students must meet certain eligibility requirements, which include having received excellent grades in their previous studies and meeting the language requirements, in order to be offered admission to the school.

Applicants who meet the minimum Korean language proficiency as well as reaching level 6 in TOPIK are entitled to a 70% tuition waiver

FAQs about Konkuk University

One of the top private universities, Konkuk University is situated in Seoul and Chungju. A metro station with the same name serves the Seoul campus, which is situated in Seoul’s southeast close to the Han River.

Over the years, Konkuk University has maintained its academic excellence to hold the top spot in the hierarchy of the best universities in Korea, Asia, and the entire world.

In 1959, the Chosun School changed its name to Konkuk University, with konkuk denoting the “founding of a nation”. The university, which has been dubbed the “fastest growing university in Korea,” is a national leader in agricultural and life science research.

Some of the Notable alumi of Konkuk University includes: 1. Chung Sung-ku, former president of Chongshin University 2. Shim Hwa-jin, president of Sungshin Women’s UniversityArts and literature3. Kim Hyesoon, poet 4. Jeon Min-hee, fantasy writer 5. Shin Dong-yup, poet 6. Shin-ik Hahm, conductor.

Undergraduates at Konkuk University pay a $7,000 annual tuition fee. For graduate students, the tuition fee is $14,000 a year.


Konkuk University Campus Tour | Seoul, South Korea


Is it hard to get into Konkuk University?

The minimum GPA necessary for admission to Konkuk is equal to or greater than 2. 7.

What GPA is required for Konkuk?

Seoul National University (SNU), Yonsei University, Kyung Hee University, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Ajou University, Ewha Womans University, and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology are the universities with the highest acceptance rates in Korea.

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