Former CDC dancer is 1 of 24 worldwide accepted to Juilliard School of Dance for 2019

You can learn more about the major here, including information on average salaries, the number of graduates, the degree levels available, and more. We’ve also provided information on Juilliard’s standing in comparison to other universities that offer a dance major.

The Dance Division typically accepts 18-26 students per year. For more detailed information about the program, please visit the Dance Division webpage.

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All About Juilliard Admissions

Juilliard is a top performing arts school in the United States that includes a drama school, music school, and dance school with over 25,000 alumni globally. Juilliard is an audition-based, dream school for talented and creative students who want to increase their knowledge in the arts and reach the pinnacle of their careers. Below, we have detailed the three major admissions factors you should be aware of before applying.

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that only eight percent of 2,434 applicants were offered admission for the 2020 fall semester. Of the eight percent of people offered admission, 67 percent of those candidates enrolled at the school.

There are no minimum requirements for grade point averages (GPAs), standardized tests, or prerequisite high school courses at Juilliard. To make sure you have what it takes to succeed, Juilliard’s admissions officers will examine and assess your academic records and personal essay. Additionally, to be considered, international students who speak a language other than English must provide evidence of their proficiency in that language.

The university had 589 undergraduate students, 372 graduates, and nine transfer-ins enrolled as of the fall of 2020. This increases the total number of students enrolled at Juilliard to 961.

  • Online application. You must apply online to Juilliard by the deadline, just like with all other universities. Set up an account with Juilliard, gather your materials, and carefully follow the application guidelines.
  • Personal essay. The admissions committee can learn more about you outside of your application and academic records by reading your personal essay, which serves as your personal statement. Your essay must be unique and only two pages long. Describe your motivations for joining the program of your choice and your objectives.
  • Transcripts. Transcripts from high school or other educational institutions must be sent to the school for review. This aids the admissions staff in determining whether you have the academic aptitude to succeed at their institution. Do not send your transcripts before they are requested, though.
  • Letters of recommendation. Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to your character will be sent to the university later in the application process. These individuals will receive an email containing a link to safely upload the letter to the Juilliard application system. Only letters received this way will be accepted.
  • Resume. Candidates are required to upload a one or two-page resume. Your name, education, and any work experience you have that relates to your major must all be included in your comprehensive, professional resume. Your resume must be uploaded in a . doc file format or a . pdf format.
  • Photograph. applicants for dance and drama must submit a headshot or a photo of themselves. Professional photography is not required, and there is no set picture format that must be used when sending pictures.

Is It Hard to Get Into Juilliard?

Yes, Juilliard is among the most difficult schools in the country to get into. Juilliard is extremely competitive to get into, as evidenced by their extremely low acceptance rate of just 8%. Juilliard is the best performing arts institution in the world, with rigorous admission requirements and a distinguished history in classical art history, which accounts for its competitiveness.

How to Prepare for a Juilliard Interview

Juilliard holds auditions for prospective students in place of interviews. Applicants must successfully complete an audition whether they are applying for music, drama, or dance. Proof of complete COVID-19 immunization, attendance at a virtual information session, and looking up your specific audition date are all prerequisites for the audition process.

One of the most crucial aspects of the admissions process is the audition process. You will get a call with registration information if you are chosen for a call-back audition. Be quick because spaces are limited. Depending on what position you are applying for, auditions vary, but for dancers, it is a 5-stage, all-day process. Ensure you review all the audition requirements.

10 Tips for Getting Into Juilliard

To get into Juilliard, applicants must possess a talent for the arts as well as tenacity and dedication. Learn about the various phases and requirements for each phase if you want to be accepted to Juilliard. Below are 10 tips for getting into Juilliard school.

Learn and Practice

Having a mentor will encourage you to practice so you can succeed and will help you learn the necessary skills and techniques. A great example of a mentor is a teacher, who will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and assist you in improving each. To improve your skills, practice every day for at least an hour.

Expand Your Skill-Set and Compete With Others

Become more knowledgeable about the topic of your choice to diversify your knowledge Dancers can select from a variety of dance styles rather than just mastering one, while musicians can broaden their knowledge of musical instruments and techniques. Drama majors have the opportunity to audition for roles outside of their comfort zones and challenge themselves to become better actors.

You must challenge yourself to be the best in your field as you develop your skill set. Look for competitions, masterclasses, and lectures to attend. You can manage stage fright through public performance, which will make auditions easier.

Plan for Your Auditions

Choose a project and collaborate with your mentor on it. Make sure the choice you make effectively showcases your abilities, and get feedback from others on how to make it better. You can better tailor your performance for your audition the more feedback you get. Once you’ve decided on your audition performance, put in a lot of practice, gain confidence, and perfect your routine.

Do Mock Auditions

Invite loved ones to watch you perform your audition piece as judges. Ask them for their feedback. By doing this, you can get a feel for how the actual audition will go. Don’t take their criticism personally and adjust and modify your performance in response to it because it will benefit you later.

Carry Out Basic Logistics

To learn more about the requirements for the auditions, visit the Juilliard website. You must be ready for the different requirements that each audition will have because they vary depending on the specialization. You must fully comprehend what Juilliard School requires of you to ensure success, from dress code to audition stages. Contact administration if you have uncertainties.

Get Proper Rest

You’ll have the energy and focus you need for your audition if you get enough rest before it. As cliche as it may sound, getting enough sleep is a quick and effective way to make sure you give your best effort.

Grab Some Breakfast Before Your Audition

It’s essential to fuel yourself with a full breakfast the morning of your audition. Having a balanced breakfast will give you the energy to perform well, keep your blood sugar up despite your nerves, and lessen brain fog because the nature of these auditions is quite physical.

As mentioned previously, there may be a dress code. Leotards are required for dancers, and professional attire is recommended for musicians. If you’re unsure, consult trusted family or friends for advice on what to wear. You should also check the Juilliard website’s page on audition requirements to make sure you meet the requirements.

Take Last Minute Action

Practice a little bit more before your audition to bolster your self-assurance and security. Ask a relative, close friend, or mentor to accompany you while you practice, or even just to be a source of moral support.

Give It Your Best Shot

At your audition, simply do your best. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you’ve honed your abilities. Do not be disheartened if you do not pass your audition because Juilliard is an extremely competitive institution with an acceptance rate of only 8%. Regardless of the result, this experience will broaden your toolkit for work.

What Does It Take to Get Into Juilliard?

Good grades and a strong application are necessary, but it also takes talent and perseverance from people who are passionate about the performing arts to be accepted to Juilliard. Being a Juilliard applicant promotes learning outside of the classroom and personal and professional development. Enroll today in one of Juilliard’s many creative programs to begin your academic and professional future.

How to Get Into Juilliard FAQ

Yes, Juilliard is incredibly rewarding, especially for those who are extremely motivated and passionate about the performing arts. Juilliard’s training may be demanding, but you will undoubtedly develop your skills and become a top performer.

Yes, Juilliard is widely regarded as the top music school in the US and is the pinnacle of musical achievement. Juilliard is also the best performing arts university in the world.

Students at Juilliard must live on campus in the Meredith Willson Residence Hall if they are enrolled in an undergraduate program or have no prior college-level education.

Juilliard School students living in the residence hall must be enrolled in a meal plan, which is paid for by their board and room fees. The students are initially put on a 19-meal plan per week, but they have the option to change to another one once they get to campus.

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Juilliard Acceptance Rate Dance

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Juilliard Acceptance Rate Dance

Juilliard Acceptance Rate Dance

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Juilliard Acceptance Rate Dance

Juilliard Dance Division Overview


How hard is it to get into Juilliard dance?

Juilliard admission is extremely competitive, with a five to eight percent acceptance rate on average.

Is Juilliard good for dance?

Ballet, modern, and contemporary dance technique training is provided by Juilliard for the development of its artists. Dancers at Juilliard have unrivaled opportunities to collaborate with today’s top choreographers and perform both new pieces and repertory.

Is it hard to get into Juilliard ballet?

Juilliard is extremely competitive to get into, as evidenced by their extremely low acceptance rate of just 8%.

How do you get into Juilliard School of dance?

Eligibility for applicants in dance
  1. All applicants MUST have prior dance training. …
  2. All applicants must have a high school diploma or its equivalent and be at least 16 years old when they matriculate into The Juilliard School (G). E. D. ), or apply under the Early Admission program.

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