John Abbott College: Fees, Courses, Ranking, Acceptance Rate & Admission 2021

Our goal is to make Jewish students’ lives better through meaningful engagement so they can make the Jewish people and the rest of the world better. Every student should be motivated to commit to Jewish life, education, and Israel, according to our vision. We support and facilitate student initiatives that promote Jewish values. We have an open-door policy with no membership requirement. We support grassroots programming and give university students the chance to contribute to the upkeep of Montreal’s vibrant, active, and diverse Jewish community.

The Hillel College Guide aims to give you a quick overview of each neighborhood Hillel’s structure and services. We acknowledge that you may require additional information to fully grasp campus life, particularly in relation to issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like more information about the services offered on a particular campus or how to take action in those areas.

The universities acceptance rate is % 70 – 84. All students can apply online to the university or students can visit registration Office.

Index of High School Prerequisites

1 Sec. IV Mathematics Cultural, Social and Technical Option (563404 OR 563414)
21 Sec. IV Science and Technology (555404 or 555444) OR Applied Science and Technology (557406 or 557416) AND Sec. IV Environmental Science and Technology (558404) OR Science and the Environment (558402)
31 Sec. V Chemistry (551504)
41 Sec. V Physics (553504)
61 Sec. IV Mathematics Technical & Scientific Option (564406 or 564426) or Sec. IV Mathematics Science Option (565406 or 565426)
63 Sec. V Mathematics Technical & Scientific Option (564506) or Sec. V Mathematics Science Option (565506)

The prerequisite(s) must have been finished within the last five (5) years in order to ensure compliance with the most recent standards. i. e. Older prerequisites—those older than five (5) years—will receive less priority.

Preparatory Programs (1 or 2 Semesters)

081.06 (PR2) Pathways to Science Pathways programs are for students who are either missing 1 to 3 prerequisites to enter their program of choice, whose prerequisite grades are BELOW the minimum standard, or who have yet to obtain a key program requirement (e.g. driver’s license.) Contact [email protected] for more info.
081.A6 (PR3) Pathways to Police Technology
081.A6 (PR1) Pathways to a Career Program

Pre-University Programs (2 Years)

SRAM CODE Prerequisite code(s) & particular requirements
200.B0 Science * 31, 41, 63
300.M0 Social Science * 1
300.M1 (PR1) Social Science with Math * 63
300.M1 (PR2) Commerce * 63
Arts, Literature and Communication (ALC) No Specific prerequisites
500.AJ ALC – Media No Specific prerequisites
500.AH ALC – Literature No Specific prerequisites
500.AL ALC – Languages No Specific prerequisites
500.AK ALC – Theatre No Specific prerequisites
500.AE ALC – Multidisciplinary No Specific prerequisites
510.A0 Visual Arts Submission of JPEG of a unique artwork accompanied by a 250- to 350-word text. View web page for more details.
700.A0 Arts and Sciences 31, 41, 63
700.B0 Liberal Arts 1

* Honours program offered. Please get in touch with the JAC Admissions Office or go to the program’s page on the JAC website for more details.

Pre-University Programs (3 Years)

200.12 Sciences and Social Science (Double DEC) 31, 41, 63

Career Programs (3 Years)

Biological Science Careers

SRAM CODE Prerequisite code(s) & particular requirements
111.A0 Dental Hygiene 31 (63 is strongly recommended)
180.A0 Nursing * 21, 31 (61 is strongly recommended)
181.A0 Paramedic Care (formerly Pre-Hospital Emergency Care) Pre-admission test and driver’s licence

Physical Science Careers

SRAM CODE Prerequisite code(s) & particular requirements
235.C0 Bio-Pharmaceutical Technologies 60 or 61
244.A0 Engineering Technologies 21, 63

Social Careers

SRAM CODE Prerequisite code(s) & particular requirements
310.A0 Police Technology Pre-admission test and driver’s licence
310.B0 Criminology Intervention No Specific prerequisites
393.B0 Information Library Technologies * No Specific prerequisites

Administrative Careers

SRAM CODE Prerequisite code(s) & particular requirements
410.D0 Business Management 1
412.AB Graphic and Web Design No Specific prerequisites
420.B0 Computer Science Technology 60 ou 61

Applied Arts Careers

SRAM CODE Prerequisite code(s) & particular requirements
561.C0 Professional Theatre (Acting) Audition

Live Entertainment Design and Production


* Students who have already finished a DEC or all of the General Education courses can enroll in an intensive 2-year program.


Graduating college VLOG | Katelyn Anne


What average do you need to get into John Abbott?

Applicants must have an overall High School average of 85% or above with a minimum of 80% in each of the Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics prerequisites These are the minimum requirements. They may or may not be enough to get into the program, depending on the size of the group in any given year.

How many students go to John Abbott?

More than 6500 day students and more than 2000 Continuing Education students from Québec, Canada, and abroad are served by the college today.

Is John Abbott part of SRAM?

The Service Régional d’Admission du Montréal Métropolitain (SRAM), with which John Abbott College is associated, offers an online application service.

How much is a semester at John Abbott?

All students are required to pay $162 per semester for educational support, student associations, extracurricular activities, and registration fees. Québec residents are not subject to tuition fees. There are additional out-of-province fees of $1728 per semester for non-Québec residents.

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