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Official high school transcripts, a Common Application or online application, two letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, official SAT/ACT scores, and an average SAT score of 1400 are required. g) Grade point average h) TOEFL or IELTS results if English is not the applicant’s first language i) TOEFL: IBT-80, IELTS: 5. 5 j) RMB 500 application fee.

The average score that universities have accepted students with is shown above. Future score requirements may differ greatly, and admission is contingent on a number of other factors in addition to the entrance/academic score. Contact our consultants for further assistance. No data available. Coming soon!.

Jinan University in Social Media
# University name Acceptance rate Acc. rate
46 Jinan University 65%
47 Northeastern University, China
48 Southwest University 49%
49 East China University of Science and Technology 5%

Acceptance rate & Admissions

Admissions Requirements Foreign students: for further information see CUCAS
Enrollment 37,529
Full time employee 2,117
Student:staff ratio 18:1

Annual publication & citation counts

Year Publications Citations
2001 2 1
2002 5 4
2003 4 5
2004 4 10
2005 12 10
2006 23 27
2007 224 48
2008 373 152
2009 566 448
2010 692 951
2011 1032 1812
2012 817 2856
2013 963 5292
2014 1053 7658
2015 989 10847
2016 1067 14328
2017 1256 18728
2018 1526 23440
2019 1803 31720
2020 1732 39648
2021 1598 48965
International studetns 15,000-22,000 per annum (CNY)

On-campus housing and financial aid options are available at the University of Jinan.

Bachelor – Xueshi Xuewei Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Economics, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Law, Management, Mathematics and Computer Science, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Performing Arts, Social Sciences
Master – Shuoshi Xuewei Accountancy, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Applied Linguistics, Architectural and Environmental Design, Architecture, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Automation and Control Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Chinese, Civil Engineering, Communication Arts, Educational Administration, English, Environmental Engineering, Finance, Graphic Design, Health Education, Hydraulic Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Journalism, Linguistics, Literature, Management, Materials Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Native Language, Nuclear Physics, Optics, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacology, Physical Chemistry, Physics, Public Administration, Publishing and Book Trade, Special Education, Technology, Translation and Interpretation
PhD – Boshi Analytical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Chemistry, Dermatology, Hydraulic Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Engineering, Medicine, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Surgery, Venereology
  • JJ Jia Born in China Years 1982-. Jia Xiaochen, also known as JJ Jia and Fatumai, is a Hui-Chinese actress and model based in Hong Kong. She is 41 years old.
Alternative names UJN 济南大学
Founded 1948
Accreditation Ministry of Education
Address 106 Jiwei Road Jinan, Shandong, 250022 China
City population 9,202,000
Phone +86 (531) 8276 5557
Fax +86 (531) 8276 7273

University of Jinan in Social Media

Same level universities in China

EduRank. A ranking of 14,131 universities from 183 countries using independent metrics is available at org. To rank universities across 246 research topics, we use a proprietary database with an index of 44,909,300 scientific publications and 1,237,541,960 citations. We include non-academic prominence and alumni popularity indicators in the overall rankings. Always check official university websites for the latest enrollment information.

Jinan University Official Video 暨南大学


Is Jinan University good?

One of the best public universities in Guangzhou, China (Mainland), is Jinan University. It is ranked #701-750 in QS World University Rankings 2023.

What is Jinan University known for?

Academic accomplishmentsOne of China’s oldest universities and one of its Double First Class Universities The first university in China to recruit foreign students. The first college in China to accept students for both the spring and the fall semesters

Is Jinan University accredited?

Jinan University (JU) is located in Tripoli, North Lebanon, Lebanon. It is locally known as جامعة الجنان. The university was established in 1988. It is recognized by Lebanon’s Ministry of Higher Education and Training.

Is Jinan University good for MBBS?

An aside: You should consider enrolling at Jinan University, one of the MCI-approved MBBS universities in China. It’s because you possess the necessary skills to best shape your medical career. Let’s get the complete information on MBBS Abroad, today!.

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