Ivey HBA Acceptance Rate and Employment Report

This guide is for you if you’re applying to Western Ivey HBA (AEO) or if you just want to learn more about the program.

Everything you need to know about Western Ivey will be covered in this article, including the application process, deadlines, acceptance rates, program details, frequently asked questions, and much more.

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approximately 8 percent

About Ivey Business School

In the basement of Western University College, Ivey debuted in 1922 as a minor section of the Faculty of Arts curriculum. Ivey now occupies a prominent position as one of the top business schools in the world.

Ivey stands out for producing leaders with an exceptional track record. Compared to other Canadian business schools, Ivey has produced more C-level executives, with two out of every five alumni working in senior management positions. This sets Ivey apart from the competition when it comes to Canadian business schools.

Ivey Business School ranking

Several news outlets release a collection that compares business schools. Most rankings give different weights to various components as they evaluate schools across a number of dimensions.

  • For the next six years (2014–2019), Bloomberg Businessweek has named Ivey Canada’s top MBA program. Ivey is the sixth-best MBA school located outside of the United States, per a 2017 study of businesses.
  • Our Executive Education program was named the best in Canada for 2020 by The Financial Times. Additionally, for the three years (2018–2020), Our Custom programs received the highest ratings,
  • Our MBA Program was ranked first in Canada by The Economist (Full-time MBA ranking) in 2021 for:
  • School Experience (9th globally)
  • Alumnus/Student Evaluation of Career Services (11th globally)
  • Student Attributes (43rd globally).
Schools Bloomberg Businessweek 2019 International MBA ranking The Economist 2021 Full-time MBA ranking Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2022
Schulich N/A 21 N/A
Ivey 45.1 56 92
Queens 34.8 57 99
Concordia 24.5 68 N/A
Ryerson 23.9 83 N/A
HEC Montreal 15.9 84 N/A
Rotman 27.1 N/A 79

Ivey MBA Acceptance Rate: How difficult is it to get into Ivey?

The Ivey HBA AEO Admissions Process is one of Canada’s most competitive and demanding for good reason.

The HBA Program is one of the most prestigious business schools in the nation, so the admissions committee only wants the brightest applicants to enroll in their program.

Ivey expects to receive over 7,500 applications annually, but only accepts 600–700 students, for an admission rate of 8. 5 percent.

What does Ivey look for in an applicant?

Ivey is well-known for its case method approach. Instead of learning theory or reading from textbooks, students are challenged to make decisions in a real-world business scenario.

  • Throughout your two years of university (the equivalent of 10 credits), maintain a full course load. 0 Western courses).
  • Complete at least ten university courses, including Business 2257, with a minimum grade point average of 70%
  • Students planning to enroll in university must complete a high school mathematics course, or its equivalent.
  • Complete Business 2257 at Western or an equivalent course. Visit Business 2257 Equivalents for a list of acceptable equivalents.
  • A minimum grade of 70% in Business 2257 or equivalent is required

Ivey is a very competitive school, and because of their demanding, time-consuming, and practical curriculum, they prioritize applicants who are academically strong, have a growth mindset, and can manage stress at work.

Ivey MBA essays questions

A preview of the questions is provided below (all of which are available in our application):

  • What career do you want to pursue after earning your MBA, and why? How would the Ivey Business School help you achieve these goals? (maximum 250 words)
  • Why do you think you’ll succeed in the Ivey case study environment, please? (maximum of 250 words) .
  • Who would you choose to teach a course at Ivey if you could choose anyone, living or dead? (maximum 250 words)

How to make your application unique for Ivey?

Some people believe that having a high GMAT score will help them get into their dream school, but this is untrue; many people with a GMAT score of 640 have been admitted to their school of choice.

Having a methodical approach to applying to business school will put you ahead of the pack. This includes taking into account your strengths, weaknesses, academic performance, educational requirements, career goals, and personal experiences, among other things.

Type of MBAs offered by Ivey

Ivey provides full-time undergraduate (HBA), MBA, MSc, MFE, and Ph. D. executive education and EMBA programs in Toronto and Hong Kong It is known for establishing the nation’s first MBA and Ph D. programs in business.

  • HBA
  • MSc in Management
  • Full-Time MBA
  • Accelerated MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • MBA Direct for HBAs
  • Master of Management in Analytics
  • The Ivey Academy
  • Ph.D.
  • Pre-Ivey Experiences
  • Ivey Asia – Executive Education

Ivey Career development resources

You can access a variety of job tools through the alumni portal.

  • Online versions of the career workbooks used in the Career Management in-class workshops and optional clinics are available here. Workbook on career management**
  • Self-assessment program for professional leaders – Take advantage of a fantastic online self-assessment tool created specifically for business vocations to better understand how your talents, values, and interests are connected to career possibilities.
  • Ivey Career Management offers you this interview preparation tool as an additional resource to assist you in creating the best self-marketing campaign possible throughout the on-campus and off-campus interview stages. You can practice coming up with answers in InterviewStream’s extensive database of more than 7000 pre-recorded interview questions, both behavioral and industry-specific, as well as hear from a coach about what recruiters expect from the question and different approaches you might consider in answering it.

Top Careers at Ivey

This class has been dedicated to its academic objectives and to supporting one another as they advance professionally and personally. Ninety-seven percent of the class had gotten at least one job offer by the third month after graduation, and ninety-seven percent of the course had gotten at least one job offer by the third month after graduation. This percentage increased to 99% six months after graduation.

The year has been revolutionary because 89% of those who received job offers have changed at least one position, whether to a new sector, duty, or location. In addition, Ivey grads were well-represented in the consulting portfolio (30%), the diversified portfolio (17%), and financial services (17%) (29 percent) Positively, more students have been successful in getting offers from numerous businesses by utilizing their skills, competencies, and professional experience.

Application Round Deadlines
Round 2 April 11, 2022
Round 3 July 11,2022
Round 4 September 19, 2022
Round 5 November 7, 2022
Round 6 January 9, 2023

Ivey MBA Class Profile: Class of 2022

We are aware that paying for an MBA requires more than just tuition; an MBA from Ivey Business School is an investment in your future.

Domestic Students – CAD 83,250

International Students – CAD 120,500

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Nearly 80% of the new students (domestic and international) are awarded entrance scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $65,000

Halfway between Toronto and Detroit, Ivey Business School is situated on the Western University campus in London, Ontario, Canada. Additionally, it offers programs at the Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre in London, which is close to the Western University campus.

Ivey has also established campuses outside of London, including the Donald K. Johnson Center and the Cheng Yu Tung Management Institute in Hong Kong

Ivey graduates made up 8% of those hired into corporate leadership programs Graduates receive in-depth corporate knowledge, ongoing mentoring, and personalized training in a variety of business disciplines.

The Class of 2021 was clearly influenced by the Ivey Network. The class utilized job postings through Career Management, recruiting events with business partners and alumni, as well as the skills they developed throughout the program. 34 percent of students used their networking skills to find jobs, while 59 percent took advantage of opportunities the school provided. That is why Ivey is the right approach for you.

Top Recruiters

  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  • McKinsey & Company
  • KPMG
  • Deloitte
  • Partners in Performance
  • Strategy&
  • Kearney
  • Johnson & Johnson

Average Salary Package

Ivey Business School’s MBA program and case method are rigorous, brisk, and interactive. They therefore seek candidates who are analytical and at ease making decisions and solving problems in the face of uncertainty or incomplete information. Their evaluation is based on your academic background and GMAT or GRE score. They take these into account as part of a comprehensive framework that seeks to understand all facets of a candidate’s personality, qualifications, and experiences.

Our goal is to assist candidates in gaining clarity about their vision, purpose, and goals in life, which sets us apart from the competition. We assist you in developing your self-awareness, understanding the market (applicant) landscape, and developing a strategy that will set your application (Essays, LORs, Resume) apart from those of countless other DINGS. We offer examples of both successful and unsuccessful applications to highlight the differences between numerous individuals. Our slogan is “I am not a Ding. “.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. It is estimated that over 7,500 applicants apply to Ivey Business School each year, but only 600-700 students are accepted, yielding an admission rate of 8%. 5 percent. According to the statistics, entrance is quite challenging.

2. Ivey Business School is renowned for its use of the case method in instruction. Instead of learning theory or reading from textbooks, students are given a real-world business scenario and challenged to make decisions as if they were the ones making them.

3. The Ivey HBA Program has been recognized by the European Federation of Management Development (EFMD) through EQUIS, the leading international system for the quality assessment, enhancement, and certification of institutions of higher learning in management and business administration.

Ivey Business School for Dummies™


Is it easy to get into Ivey Business School?

However, the admissions process is extremely competitive, and applicants with the best qualifications are given preference. Ivey HBAs are admitted to the program as a result of their outstanding extracurricular and academic performance.

Is Ivey a good business school?

The Economist’s ranking of full-time MBA programs in 2021 placed our MBA Program at No. 1 in Canada for: Education Experience (9th globally). SchoolRank School RotmanRank School McGillRank 90School IveyRank 92School Queen’sRank 99 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2022*SchoolRank

Is Ivey Business School expensive?

The Ivey HBA program is a 2 + 2 program. Your first two years are spent in any program or faculty, and your third year is typically when you begin the Ivey HBA Program. Please note tuition and all fees are subject to change. DomesticInternationalYear 1 (Arts, Social Science, Science*)Domestic $6,050International $39,105.

Is Western Ivey worth it?

The Ivey MBA program is also well-known, and for the past seven years, Bloomberg Businessweek has named it the best MBA program in Canada. As shown, Ivey’s MBA Program is ranked #1 in Canada on Compensation, Learning, and Networking opportunities.

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