Interlochen Acceptance Rate Summer

Interlochen Arts Academy Acceptance Rate

Interlochen Acceptance Rate Summer

Although Interlochen does not disclose its acceptance rate, admission to the institution is probably competitive.

According to the school, its admissions officers assess each applicant’s potential rather than looking for perfection.

The application process for students and families interested in Interlochen Arts Academy is started by filling out and submitting the school’s online application form.

Depending on the major the applicant wishes to pursue at the school, the submission of a portfolio of work or an audition is the most crucial component of the application.

The portfolio or audition requirements vary according to the major a student wishes to pursue, and the school’s admissions website instructs applicants to review the requirements for each major carefully.

Due to safety concerns, the school prefers that students submit their auditions online, but it will assist applicants in organizing live auditions when it deems that doing so is safe to do so.

Students who are required to submit a portfolio are given detailed instructions for the kinds of artwork they should submit. They are also told to upload a video in which they introduce and describe themselves as artists.

In addition to a video introducing and describing themselves as a performer, those who are required to audition must upload a series of videos of themselves performing chosen works to demonstrate their abilities in their area of interest.

Interlochen Arts Academy Alumni

Interlochen Arts Academy graduates have achieved success in a range of industries, including orchestral performance, theater, ballet, film, pop music, and television.

The Interlochen alumni community is made up of nearly 100,000 alumni who represent 110 nations and territories.

Whether a graduate of the Interlochen Arts Academy or affiliated with one of the many other organizations and institutions that comprise the Interlochen Center for the Arts, alumni and members of the Interlochen community have made substantial impacts in arts and entertainment.

Including MacArthur Genius Grants, Emmys, Tony Awards, and Pulitzer Prizes, these graduates and affiliates have accumulated a noteworthy list of achievements.

Vince Gilligan, the Emmy-winning producer of Breaking Bad and numerous other television and film projects, received his education at the Interlochen Arts Academy.

Dan Goor, a Golden Globe winner who wrote for many comedic television shows and produced Parks

Grammy-winners Daya, Norah Jones, and Damian Kulash, the lead singer of OK Go, are notable individuals who attended Interlochen.

The New York Philharmonic, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Boston Symphony Orchestra, and Philadelphia Orchestra, among many others, all employ former Interlochen students in prominent positions.

Interlochen Arts Academy Tuition

Interlochen Acceptance Rate Summer

Tuition for the Interlochen Arts Academy for the 2022 to 2023 academic year is $70,950 for students who will board at the school and $40,175 for those who will attend the academy as a day school.

Attendees and their families might have to pay extra money for things like books, supplies, laptops, and the first-year 12th-grade tuition.

The Interlochen Center for the Arts offers a variety of options for students and families to help lessen the burden of the potential cost of education, even though the cost of tuition and fees may be overwhelming for some families.

Among these options are the school’s payment options divided into plans of one, two, or ten payments over the year.

Students and their families are required to complete and submit the Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) form online whether they are requesting need- or merit-based financial aid.

Additionally, Interlochen provides its students with a variety of need- and merit-based scholarship opportunities. Scholarships awarded to students on the basis of merit range in value from $2,500 to $15,000 per year.

The school reports that it provided some form of financial assistance to 80% of its students for the 2020 to 2021 school year

Interlochen Arts Academy Ranking

Any student interested in the arts can take advantage of a variety of opportunities at the renowned and excellent Interlochen Arts Academy.

Students at Interlochen receive some of the best arts education attainable at the junior and high school levels, whether they board there or just visit during the day before going home in the evening. places the school at number 3 in its list of top high schools for the arts in the United States. The site also views the school’s boarding experience quite favorably, placing it at number 117 out of 418 ranked boarding schools in America.

Further lauding the arts academy, Niche. The school is ranked 327 out of 4,159 private colleges preparatory schools nationwide by the website, which also names it the best arts high school in Michigan.

The National Endowment for the Arts and the President of the United States have both recognized the Interlochen Center for the Arts.

The institution received the National Medal of Arts in 2006 from President George W. Bush in recognition of its work in advancing the arts in the United States.

The institution is also known for producing more Presidential Scholars than any other high school in the country, with the current number of students recognized with the honor at 50.

What Artistic Disciplines Are Offered at Interlochen Arts Academy?

Students at Interlochen Arts Academy have a variety of opportunities to study the arts.

Seven majors are available, so aspiring artists are sure to find everything they could possibly need as they grow as artists.

The arts academy accepts students who major in dance, theater, music, creative writing, and film.

Students majoring in dance will study contemporary dance and classical ballet along with other genres as they develop physical and emotional resilience and participate in tours and performances.

Areas of focus offered to theatre students at the academy include musical theatre, design and production, and acting. Acting students will develop an acting process while gaining skills that prepare them for a variety of performances.

Those studying design and production will develop an understanding of theatre design and its impact on the overall production, while students of musical theatre will develop an acting process adaptable to a range of performances while strengthening their vocal and physical performance skills.

Music students can specialize in performance with a specific instrument while studying classical performance, composition, jazz performance, music production & engineering, popular performance, and singer-songwriting.

The creative writing major helps students construct a diverse portfolio through a workshop-based curriculum while developing their own writing styles.

Film & new media students can concentrate in either animation or filmmaking while they develop their voice and media skills.

Visual artists will study a variety of artistic media while developing an understanding of the principles and elements of design.

Students interested in interdisciplinary arts will work with instructors in a variety of artistic fields in order to develop skills and techniques that enable them to express ideas and themselves through multiple artforms.

Should You Apply to Interlochen Arts Academy?

Many students will be drawn to apply for admission and submit their portfolios or auditions to the boarding school given that the Interlochen Arts Academy is highly regarded among the nation’s arts high schools and has produced so many award-winning artists in a variety of fields.

A wonderful opportunity for young aspiring artists is the chance to advance their knowledge and abilities in the arts within a residential community of like-minded peers.

Students and their families will need to think about the costs of attending the arts academy, but they can have hope knowing that Interlochen is committed to allowing students to attend the school despite possible financial difficulties.

Families have a variety of ways to pay the tuition at the school, and there are also opportunities for need- and merit-based financial aid that can significantly reduce the cost of attending the academy.

Potential students will have the opportunity to attend the same school as their role models, potentially joining the ranks of highly regarded artists, as choosing to attend the Interlochen Arts Academy has been a significant turning point in the lives of many successful artists.



Is Interlochen summer camp hard to get into?

Perhaps the pinnacle of American summer music programs is Interlochen. Although it does not have the highest acceptance rate on this list, getting accepted into it is still difficult. What makes Interlochen fascinating are a few notable things.

Is Interlochen Summer Camp prestigious?

Fuller expressed his excitement about attending the Interlochen Center for the Arts Summer Camp. Being invited to this camp is an extremely prestigious experience.

What is the acceptance rate for Interlochen?

In recent years, 96% of Interlochen Arts Academy graduates have been accepted into one of their top three colleges

How many students attend Interlochen summer camp?

Every summer, we welcome 2,800 students from all over the world to study interdisciplinary arts, dance, film and new media, music, theatre, and visual arts.

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