Insead Phd Acceptance Rate

We advise you to begin your application so you can become familiar with it if you will soon be applying to the program. By getting started early, you’ll have plenty of time to browse the pages and contact the admissions team before the submission rush. Click here for the guide – https://inse. ad/phd-application-step-by-step. Continue reading PhD Application form – A step-by-step guide to applying online for the 2023 program Advertisement

Check out this FAQ to learn more if you’re deciding when to take the GMAT or GRE for your application to the following year’s intake.

This straightforward infographic provides crucial updates regarding the GMAT or GRE submission as well as information about the INSEAD PhD application timeline.

This section on preparing for your INSEAD PhD Application hasn’t been updated in a while. Our most recent update was in 2017, and even though it was a few years ago, the data is still relevant today. Preparing for your INSEAD PhD Application – Third Part of a Series In this section, we will discuss the application materials and offer a method for choosing the best ones.

New INSEAD PhD Recruitment Events are now available on the website http://inse ad/phd-events.

Registration link: http://inse. ad/Lekb16 More information: http://inse. Please feel free to contact the Recruitment and Admissions Team at PhD with any inquiries at ad/U8769G. info@insead. edu.

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Explore the FAQs section at the bottom of this page for clarifications on the admissions process, requirements, etc.

Our standards are high but extremely broad. Diversity is what INSEAD is about, after all. You only need the right training to begin a career in business academia if you have a solid academic history in almost any field, an inquisitive and inventive mind, and a passion for management or business. One characteristic shared by all of our chosen candidates is a desire to work as academic management researchers and professors.

To view the minimum admissions requirements, click here. In September of this year, online applications for the 2023 intake will be available.

Irrespective of subject background

Creativity and Independent Thought

Necessary to become a great researcher

Motivation, Determination and Drive

To follow through with goals

Ability to Work in English

As English is the sole medium of instruction at INSEAD

Got an admissions question? Explore our FAQs.

Candidates must have taken the GMAT or GRE and have a valid bachelor’s degree in order to apply to the INSEAD PhD program. Applications are accepted from final-year undergraduates and recent graduates, with or without work or research experience. Candidates must complete an online application and upload electronic copies of all necessary supporting materials, including the open one-way interview.

We strongly advise you to start preparing for your GMAT or GRE early if you want to apply for the AY 2023 intake. In September 2022, online applications for the 2023 intake will be available.

Online Application

Supporting Documentation

Recommendation Letters

All applications to INSEAD are fully electronic and must be submitted online. It includes the applicants profile, statement of purpose and statement of integrity.

Details here

All supporting documents must be in electronic format and uploaded to the online application. Supporting documentation include CV, official degree transcripts and certificates, valid GMAT or GRE test scores, application fee, supplementary information survey and open one-way recorded interviews.

Details here

Only 3 Letters of Recommendation are required, preferably from faculty, scholars or individuals who can evaluate the applicants academic ability and research potential. If faculty references are not available, we also accept industry recommendations.

Details here

The application deadline for the 2023 intake is now extended.

mid-August 2023 Next intake

15 December 2022 Preferred deadline to

12 January 2023 (23:59 CET) is the deadline for open one-way interviews; the extended online application deadline is 10 January 2023 (23:59 CET).

The preferred deadline is two weeks prior to the closing date for applications. It allows the admissions staff time to determine whether your application is complete or needs more information.

On the other hand, if you send in your application on or just before the deadline, the admissions committee won’t have enough time to review your materials and give you feedback. Your application will be accepted, and the group will present it to the committee members.

We cannot waive the GMAT or GRE under any circumstances.

Given our deadline, many applicants are unable to take their GMAT or GRE exams early or in time because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We encourage you to submit your completed application on or before the last day of application if you anticipate that your scores will arrive a little after the deadline. Please indicate the future test date for your GMAT or GRE and leave the scores field blank on the application form. The week following the application deadline, however, is when you must submit your test-taker score report.

Test-taker score reports that become accessible following our submission to the committee for review but before they make their admissions decisions will still be forwarded for consideration. Given the current situation, let’s say your application is still incomplete because the test was missed and you were turned down for admission. If so, it won’t count toward the two applications per applicant lifetime limit for the program. Note that the program also accepts the GMAT or GRE tests taken at home or online, which are alternatives provided during these difficult times. For the most recent information regarding this type of test, please visit their respective websites.

If applicants who do not speak English as their first language hold a university degree from a program where English is the primary language of instruction, the TOEFL exam is automatically waived for the INSEAD PhD. Those who hold a degree that is primarily taught in English are automatically exempt from taking the TOEFL. As evidence of waiver, applicants submit their degree transcripts rather than filling out the TOEFL section.

By the end of November, we advise you to take the GMAT or GRE. The availability of official scores varies between the two tests. GRE sends it to us about 10 to 15 days after your test date, while GMAT is available within 20 days of the exam. Therefore, we advise you to carefully plan your test dates so that the results reach us before the January deadline.

As previously mentioned, you can submit your application first without taking the test if you have already finished and completed it but are awaiting the test in December. Please specify the date of your upcoming test in the test section, and we will note when to expect your results based on that.

There is no cut-off score for either exam, and a wide range of acceptable scores are available. Test results are only one of many factors we take into account, along with an applicant’s general profile, academic background, and faculty preferences. Low scores do not automatically disqualify candidates, and perfect scores do not guarantee admission. As a result, we urge all candidates to apply, regardless of their performance on the standardized test.

Candidates do not need to take the GMAT or GRE to submit their online applications. However, the standardised test is a mandatory requirement. Therefore, before the application deadline, applicants must specify when they will be taking the test.

Candidates list their upcoming test date but leave the test results blank in the section for test scores. Applicants must send a PDF copy of their test results to phd after taking the exam and receiving their test-taker score report. info[at]insead. while we wait for the officials scores to arrive, we can access edu Once we have the official results from the test administrators, we will replace the test-taker score reports.

Any standardised score reports that become available after we submit the application files and before the committee makes a decision will be sent to the PhD Committee by the PhD Admissions Office. Once they have the results, the committee will review these applications once more. As a result, we strongly advise applicants to check in with the test administrators to see when their scores will be available and to send them to the PhD Office right away.

We accept the TOEFL iBT Home Edition, GMAT Online Exam, and the GRE ® General Test at home. Please confirm the terms, conditions, and availability of the tests with GMAC and ETS for your city.

Use the following codes to send your scores to INSEAD PhD: 3244* for GRE/INSEADs PhD in France, 7324* for GRE/INSEADs PhD in Singapore, and DL3-S8-08 for GMAT. TOEFL code is 3244. GMAT or GRE scores should be no older than five years, and TOEFL scores should be no older than two years. *If you are taking the GRE and applying to either campus, please use only one institution code. We have access to both.

Without the open one-way interview, applicants may submit their applications online. Nevertheless, throughout the review and admissions process, the committee will take into account the online application and the recorded one-way interview. Therefore, we strongly encourage applicants to submit both.

Visit https://inse. The deadline for submitting both online applications and recorded interviews is on the ad/phd/admissions page.

In the first week of January, the online application deadline will take place. To view the latest deadlines, please go to https://inse. ad/phd/admissions.

Please be aware that you will receive a confirmation email with the URL to access the open one-way interview once your online application and supporting documents have been submitted. The recorded interview deadline follows the online application deadline by just a few days. In order to give yourself enough time to complete your recorded one-way interview, we advise you to submit your online application one week prior to the deadline.

Before being accepted, applicants are not required to speak with faculty members about their applications or research interests in an effort to find a research supervisor.

The faculty at INSEAD regrettably cannot reply to all of the hundreds of emails that they receive from prospective students. Additionally, the Academic Director selects faculty advisors following admission and throughout the first year. In the second, PhD students can select their advisors. Therefore, potential applicants are encouraged to read up on faculty members’ work by visiting the area and faculty pages.

You must also complete the Open One-Way Interview for your PhD application. Applicants respond to a set of three questions that will enable the selection committee to learn more about them and their potential for conducting high-quality research.

Insead Phd Acceptance Rate

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Life as a PhD Student — A Commitment to a Lifetime of Excellence in Research


How hard is it to get into INSEAD PhD?

Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree, meet the minimum educational requirements for admission, and have a valid GMAT or GRE score in order to apply to the INSEAD PhD. Applications are accepted from final-year undergraduates and recent graduates, with or without work or research experience.

How much is the PhD stipend at INSEAD?

INSEAD PhD Fellowship: Stipend of €2,500 per year for Singapore students and €2,000 per year for Fontainebleau students, plus full health insurance for the student, their spouse, and their children.

How is PhD from INSEAD?

Leading business schools and universities worldwide accept the INSEAD PhD. Additionally, as evidenced by our impressive placement history for more than 30 years, hiring business schools recognize our students’ caliber and competitiveness as management professors and academic researchers.

Does INSEAD offer PhD?

The five-year, full-time INSEAD PhD program lasts for the duration of the program. Core and advanced courses are the sole focus of years 1 and 2, while research, the completion of the doctoral dissertation, and job hunting are the sole focus of years 3, 4, and 5.

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